Join the spa to the mountains!

Glitter snow outside and relaxing spa inside. Everything is made for relaxing on the winter mountain.

Join the spa to the mountains!

Join the spa to the mountains!

WHITE LANDSCAPE. The dark-legged cottage in Eggedal is 170 sqm and was built 15 years ago. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

It takes two hours from Hege Kristin Rønning and the family settles in the car in Oslo until they are on the cabin in Eggedal.

– The short way from the stormy mountain to the quiet mountain world is the main reason we bought the cabin.

Before we arrive, we put on the district heating, and when we lock in, we are ready for a good time, “said the hostess.

Enables solid usage

Hege Kristin Rønning emphasizes that the cabin is not an exhibition hut it is used to use. With more teenagers in the family, owners must be able to withstand things.

Pigmented pine walls

The 170 sqm cabin has pigmented pine walls in all rooms.

– Many want the cabin to be light, but I will come from the white landscape into a warm interior that is characterized by dark walls, says Hege Kristin Rønning.

Shielded for access

Recently, the mountain hut got a new extension with parlor, sauna and bath.

– The bath is built up with ledges. As I sit in the tub, I enjoy the view over the mountain world. And if there was a ski pass, I’m still sheltered for insight.

Join the spa to the mountains!

LOCAL. The bathroom furnishings are built by local artisans. The handles are made of leather residue that was left over after the bed was laid. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

Sauna and whirlpool

On the steps there are lights and cube lights. Mosaic steps also work excellent as seating for guests and family members in mountain-free spam mode.

– Here we relax before and after walks in the sauna. The spa area has a door outside to the whirlpool outside. The refrigerator with cold drinks passed by the door is popular.

Removable biopeis

Join the spa to the mountains!

HOT CALCULATIONS. The sauna is part of the cabin’s spa experience, it is built by a local carpenter. The marble tiles are from the Steinhuset in Oslo. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

The bathroom furnishings are specially designed and a removable biopeis gives warmth to the room. It can be brought into the bedroom if needed.

Also in the bedroom are the furniture built by a local carpenter. Nothing is left to chance in the mountain world. The cottage is built for comfort.

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Join the spa to the mountains!

spa waters. In the shower there is a field with mosaic tiles. The biope ice cream is decorative while providing warmth. Lime stone tiles are laid on the floor. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

Join the spa to the mountains!

BUT HI. The goat is drawn with axillary. The bed is like several of the furniture, built by a local carpenter. It has practical storage drawers built-in. The wall lamps are from Lama. The photograph was taken by Tom Sandberg. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

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