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Joda, the housing team can deny you this

A housing company can decide how a balcony can be used.

Joda, the housing team can deny you this

There is no place as close to each other as in a housing company or unity, and that there will be neighbor conflicts are not to be avoided.

However, in an apartment complex, trees and hedges are rarely the way they do in the villa and terraced areas, but often about what is allowed to do on the balcony.

– There are no specific rules for what to do on a balcony, says attorney at Huseierlands Landsforbund (HL), Øistein Olsen Krokmoen, to click. no.

– However, both in the Ownership Act and the Housing Act, there are provisions that one’s behavior should not be detrimental to others. On the other hand, there will be limitations on the restrictions that a housing cooperative or equivalent may impose on people’s use of their balconies. Therefore, discretionary assessments will always have to be made.

The same basic principle is found in our neighboring country, Denmark. “The community can not introduce a balcony ban that limits your ownership or your rights over the balcony. For example, there could be rules about when you can use the balcony and who can stay out there “, writes the Danish website bolius. dk about the issue.

And this content management team is increasingly experiencing OBOS.

– We now see that more and more people appreciate the little space that a balcony is and use it increasingly, says the manager of OBOS, Johnny Ademaj, to clicks. no.


There are generally few key provisions that regulate the use of balconies in unions and condominiums, including fire safety regulations.

– But we have cautionary rules that say something about caution with regard to the risk of fire, “says senior engineer at the Directorate for Social Security and Preparedness, Lars Haugrud, to click. no.

Barbecue on the balcony

Joda, the housing team can deny you this

You should only pay for what you are using

Many living in larger apartment buildings know the problem, the neighbor’s grillos that enter through the porch. However, according to Lars Haugrud, there are no general rules prohibiting the use of barbecue on the balcony.

– Borettslag and Sami can make their own rules that say something about grilling, partly because it can be difficult to handle the hot coal safely. But of course also with the background of the barbecue problem.

The problem is known at OBOS, and according to Ademaj, provisions on the use of barbecues are often included in the articles of association and house rules in the housing company.

– Although there are no key provisions about this, companies have the opportunity to incorporate the articles of association or house rules. And we learn that most allow the use of electric grill, and to some extent also gas grills, but the limit goes to coal grills.

With regard to the use of gas grill and possibly storage of gas cylinders on the balcony, there is a general limitation on two bottles of 11 kg per apartment.

Safes with electric grill and gas grill

The Fire Protection Association is more explicit on its websites when it comes to the use of charcoal grill on the balcony.

Never use charcoal grill on the balcony because of a high risk of fire spread. Electric grill and gas grill are safer alternatives because you can control the heat to a greater extent. Make sure the grill is steady and well spaced from combustible material. It is also assumed that the balcony is well ventilated along the floor and ceiling without any type of glazing, so that smoke and any leaked gas are quickly vented (the smoke is lighter than air and rises, while the propane gas is heavier than air and falls) “, they write.

Smoking on the balcony

Another problem that affects many is smoking on the balconies. The Directorate of Health receives many inquiries about the problem.

Joda, the housing team can deny you this

Tenants do not know that responsibility is with them

– We receive regular inquiries about this. The inquiries are not quantified, but we perceive that the tolerance for being exposed to passive smoking is getting lower due to changes in attitude in society while at the same time the health risks, including passive smoking, are well known, says Hilde Skyvulstad, Director of Health, Hilde Skyvulstad. click. no.

She further states that the Tobacco Injury Act does not apply in the private sphere.

– That is, smoking in the individual’s unit, including balconies, is out of order. On the other hand, it could be regulated in the articles of association laid down in the housing association or the housing team. Those who are bothered by neighboring smoking must therefore contact the board where he / she lives to look at the possibilities for determining the rules of order for this.

A housing company in Tromsdalen solved the problem by posting a dissertation. There they asked residents to pay attention and do not smoke on the porches. And the residents followed up the request.

– We have not received any responses to it. There have been no complaints after we picked it up. I imagine that it works quite well, says the housing company leader to NRK Nordnytt.

In OBOS, they are often presented to the issue, and Ademaj says it’s a difficult topic.

– Some housing companies may have rules about this, but there is no law ban in Norway. Our recommendation is that people talk together. One must try to find a solution to the problem. Living closely can afford such challenges, one has to take into account and relate to each other.

Laundry on the balcony

One of the more proseic issues that may arise is the drying of laundry on the balcony.

And according to the Women’s Discussion Forum, laundry on balconies creates great irritations.

Joda, the housing team can deny you this

– Do not bid too low. It is quickly understood as unsuspecting

“Had a discussion in the lunch today ang neighbors who wipe clothes on the porch. The four others liked this badly, they did not like to “have to” look at the neighbor’s briefs when they were out “, writes one of the members in the forum. Even she does not care, and the discussion in the forum shows that most people have the same attitude as her.

At Snarøya unity they have taken action and hung the clothes on the wipe in the articles of association. “Blankets, bedclothes w. v. Do not shake or air hang over the balcony cover. Wipe the laundry on the balcony under the railing height. Use a drying rack “, it is stated in the articles of association.

Satellite TV

You can see it on balconies and porches everywhere, satellite dishes hung up to give the residents maximum TV enjoyment.

This is according to Kristin Sletbak-Larsen one of the few measures one can make on a balcony without having to apply for it. Kristin Sletbak-Larsen is senior adviser at the Directorate for Building Quality.

– Small antenna systems, like a dish, are exempted from the construction rules, but otherwise there is little to do, she says to the click. no.

Joda, the housing team can deny you this

No, no one can force you to adjust to the virtue

– For example, if you want to glaze a balcony, you will need to apply for this. Our advice is therefore, contact the municipality if you plan to carry out construction measures on the balcony.

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