It would be a mistake to mess up here

You should fix this before you sell your property.

It would be a mistake to mess up here

The housing market has experienced strong growth in recent years and autumn is a popular season for sale and purchase of housing.

If you plan to sell your home this fall, it is natural that you want to make the most of it. To attract stakeholders on display, the property should look as attractive and tempting as possible. And to get good pictures, the interior should look presentable. Some choose to pay a home stylist to style before sale, others may consider popping up some rooms.

What should you do before sales?

What does it really cost to spend money before selling your home?

– To produce the house in the best possible way has everything, says Gøran Sørensen, Real Estate Agent in Privatmegleren. to bonytt. no. Pushing up easily with some paint in the bedrooms and in the living room with nice color choices can mean very much. By bringing a warm and delicate room feeling, buyers can come to a dream stage, which in turn makes them a little extra.

It would be a mistake to mess up here

ONLY GREP: Both broker and taxman think it might be well worth the trouble to paint the walls before selling. Should you paint or wallpaper you should choose bright, neutral colors. Photo:

Do you get what you pay in a possible refurbishment?

It would be a mistake to mess up here

«. glance at the beautiful woman, where she tries dress after dress »

– It’s impossible to say how much you get back since it depends entirely on your home, “explains Sørensen.. With larger properties, buyers may have strong preferences as to how things look, and then it may be risky to mess up for sale. Choosing a cheap solution that does not match the property to be sold is quickly revealed. Then you can choose a combination by taking a simple kitchen interior from HTH or Kvikk with a nice exclusive worktop, and spend a little extra on the white goods. Then you spend a little refurbishment and you get value for money.

Paint the walls

Sørensen emphasizes that you should not spend a lot of money in any renewal.

– I do not advise anyone to spend a lot of money changing a solution, with plumber and electrician. It may therefore be better to have a lower starting price for the home due to the fact that kitchen and bathroom may need to be refurbished. Bathroom refurbishment will be a bit like the kitchen. Do you get away from changing the furniture in the bathroom as well as laying the tile on a tile (given that it is tiled from before with the membrane and the valuer has checked that there is no moisture), will you get back for that effort. When the home is 100%, the buyer will feel that they can move right in, some people are willing to pay an extra for. Therefore, new apartments are so much higher than other homes.

“It will no doubt pay off the walls,” he concludes. Keep track of what is the trend and make the rooms as almost new. It can be sales-determining.

Rate each case

It would be a mistake to mess up here

FIXED SMALLING: Things that hang and tie should be repaired before viewing. Such small details can destroy the first impression. Photo:

– What should be done before sales come true, explains takstmann Thomas B. Guard from the taxi environment. no. You must see each item individually and there is not one rule that applies to all cases. If, for example, a sheltered dwelling, you may want to sell it as a total renovation object. People looking for refurbishment objects often want to put their own feel on the home, so you can as easily leave it as it is.

It would be a mistake to mess up here

See what you will require from the broker

Paint the wall and fix small pieces

Is it, however, its own apartment to sell, some simple steps may be taken. Old wallpaper, worn floor coverings and walls that have not been painted for many years can be beneficially renewed. Small details like loose lists, stains and holes in the walls should also be taken care of. Such details may destroy the first impression. Vogt believes that priority should be given to the large, visible flats.

– It’s a relatively cheap expense to paint the wall or replace the floor coverings, he points out. With clean, clean surfaces it’s easier for people to visualize their own things in the room, and the first impression has everything to say. But it’s important to think about what you put in. Do not use the most expensive design losses or distinctive colors. Choose neutral colors and think as basic as possible.

Overall Expression

Vogt does not tend to advise people to exchange a kitchen or bathroom. But again, one must consider each case separately.

– Is the rest of the apartment brand new, but the kitchen is quite old, you can consider buying a reasonably priced new kitchen on Ikea. Then the whole apartment will get a holistic expression. But I recommend no one to invest in a ripe new kitchen before selling, it probably will not be left for sale.

The electrical plant

One last but important advice from the taxpayer is to check the electrical system. This is something many do not think about, but that can be a profitable investment.

– If you have an old electrical plant, I would advise to invest in an electricity check. It does not have to cost a lot to get an electrician on a visit and it is done in two to three hours. This is a good security for those who are going to buy the property and I have a lot to do, “explains Vogt.

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