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– It was with horror bliss I took over

BoligDrøm readers have chosen the winner, see Elise Sælid Fjøsnes dream home on Tværdalsøy outside Arendal.

- It was with horror bliss I took over

We have previously given you an insight into the home that won the competition Norway’s Dream Residence 2013. This time we will give you full access to the residence which was transformed from an old, worn house into a modern housing.

– I’m not interior-free, but keen to honor what someone has built before me. This makes me occasionally choose what I think is the best and takes what the house deserves, “says Elise Sælid Fjøsne, 36,.

She talks about the skipper house from 1873, which is so nice that BoligDrøm readers in March considered the deserved winning place in the competition. Elise herself was not so keen to show it and was persuaded by a friend to take part in the competition. Now she is pleased with both the credit and the prize.

– I think it’s fun that readers voted for me, says Elise, who is more keen to keep it old than trends.

The prize of $ 25,000 from the interior chain Palma has Elise used, among other things, a new armchair for the living room and hugging the bedroom. The weekend trip to Oslo with accommodation at Guldsmeden Hotel and dinner for two at Relaxo will Elise and Anders take in the fall.

Returning to Childhood Home

The white painted wooden house is located on Tverdalsøy just south of Tvedestrand. In the garden grows pears, plums and apples, and the house is literally just a stone’s throw from the sea. Elise lived here until she was 13 years old and the family moved to Ås in Akershus. It was just the good childhood memories that made Elise want to return.

– I can not remember a single winter since I was little – just summers. There was sea, boat, fishing and crabs and we were out all the time. In fact, the summer down here is longer than other places I’ve lived.

- It was with horror bliss I took over

HISTORY TRUST: The old timber wall is retrieved and painted in the color thin from Butinox, but in linseed oil. The wallpaper is from Glue & Handprints with the hand print pattern from around 1850. Ikea’s decor and cooker hood in contemporary style. Porselenshøna and Elise’s mother’s old breadcrumb with herbs combine perfectly into the nostalgic kitchen. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

- It was with horror bliss I took over

HORRIBLE EATING CARE: The Newly-Loafed Loire from Ulfven harmonizes with the style and color palette of the house.. The table is a gift, the chairs are bought at Home & Cottage. The lamp has hung at Elise’s mother-in-law. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

- It was with horror bliss I took over

EATING CARE: The oven and dining room furniture came with the house when Elise’s parents bought it in 1976. Elise keeps them both because they are good memories and she thinks they fit even after refurbishing with new colors. The chandelier is purchased used for a five-piece. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Large Refurbishment Needs

- It was with horror bliss I took over

From steinhaug to garden idyll

When Elise and the family moved in, it was 19 years since someone had lived here permanently and it was barely maintained in these years. Although Elise knew how much work she expected, she did not spend much time deciding when she was offered to inherit the house.

– It was with horror bliss I took over – most horror really. But I wanted my children to experience the same childhood like me. The kids fly in and out with each other and we never know how many we are going to dinner. It’s nice, says Elise, who works as a flight attendant in SAS.

The man Anders (36) works as a teacher in upper secondary school in Tvedestrand, the youngest girl Agnes (2) goes to kindergarten while Ola (8) and Anna (6) attend school – with only 12 students in each class.

When we moved down here, we took the time a little back, explains Elise.

The big grips

- It was with horror bliss I took over

GOOD THAT: The new coke oven from Cronspisen in Sweden is diligently used, because the old house is called. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

- It was with horror bliss I took over

MERCHANT PROPERTY: One of the finest in the house is the stencil ceiling in the living room. After many months of exploration, Elise found a craftsman who could restore the roof as it was original. The sofa group from Ikea has the company of a table bought and the chandelier, which is a gift from Elise’s mother. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

- It was with horror bliss I took over

TRIVES GOOD: Anna (6) and Ola (8) lived their first year of life in a townhouse at Heimdal in Trondheim. Now they have plenty of room and short distance to the sea. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

The first step of the renovation was about the big grips: they changed roofs, cladding, pipes and windows, drained, refurbished walls, ceilings and floors inside and replaced kitchen and bathroom.

- It was with horror bliss I took over

GOING ON THE COUNTRY: The Sælid Fjøs family is spending a lot of time by the sea and the sailboat. From left Anna, Anders, Agnes, Elise and Ola. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

– We have taken many choices based on our life situation. I’m concerned about the old, but it must be adapted to a modern family. I will by no means live in a museum.

Now Elise is in the process of refurbishment number three. At first she painted all white, but she saw that it was not right for the house.

– I get hurt in aesthetics! My motto is that if it’s not real, I’ll either leave it.

It has meant that she has spent a long time getting the house back to its original style and condition. After a few months, she found a craftsman who could restore the beautiful living room roof to old techniques. And just the roof has ruled the color choices in the rest of the house.

– I have done a lot of research online and read many books. Now I have found the right color palette closer to the original one.

New Projects

Yes, the house is a true southern particle hill, but Elise does not hide the fact that it has her chal- lenges to live in a 120-year-old house.

- It was with horror bliss I took over

USER COUPLE WITH STRAIGHT: The bed and bedside table in the parents’ room has been bought. no, and the lamp is from Ikea. The carpet cost under a dog rack at the used store. Since there are very few cabinets in the house, Elise has hung up many knagger. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

- It was with horror bliss I took over

GUTTEROM: Ola, 8 years old, has been given his own room, since he is the only boy. The map from Ikea is eye-catching and fits the blue wall color. Elise has pulled over an old chair, like the family’s other cat, Josefina Barbara, thrives well. The night table is a find from Finn. no. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

- It was with horror bliss I took over

PIKEROM: The rooms of Anna at the age of 6 and little sister Agnes on 2 years is liberating enough not pink. The carpet from Ikea gives warmth to the gray walls. Grandpa has caressed the bed in the playroom. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

– The wood is an important theme in this house – not for the hygiene, but because it is a virtue of necessity. When we have been away and come home, it is often so cold that we escape to the warmest room of the house: the bathroom. There are heating cables in the floor.

- It was with horror bliss I took over

Apartment with blend of retro and romance

The list of new projects is long. The garden is to be restored in an old, mecanical state, and in the basement there will be a bakery and a party hall. In addition, stair in to get a coat of paint.

– This house is a life project. I will never be done completely and it feels just fine. There is always something that can be done better or more correctly.

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- It was with horror bliss I took over

MODERN STANDARD: Two old bathrooms plus part of the hallway were merged into a large bathroom. Bathtub and shower cubicle from Philippe Starck / Duravit, tile from Tiles and washbasin and decor from Ikea. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

- It was with horror bliss I took over

WITH OUTDOOR TO THE HAGEN: I am most pleased with the light in the house, says Elise. When they built, they had room for a big time with access to the garden, and an open kitchen solution with dining area. The console table was in the attic of Elise’s parents. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

- It was with horror bliss I took over

MORGENSTUND: The little patio located right outside the kitchen in the house is a perfect place to enjoy the morning coffee. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

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- It was with horror bliss I took over

Modern with rustic, industrial and romantic elements

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