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– It should be a day before the first bid

The deadline is short, so you have to do a proper homework.

- It should be a day before the first bid

On the other hand, home purchase is the greatest deal you do, but it is also the purchase where you have the shortest consideration. Only half a night if you have a bad luck.

This means the Consumer Council is a paradox and wants the politicians to change it.

– Today, bids must “stand” until the 12th day after the last impression, the Department of Housing, Consumer Affairs, Thomas Bartholdsen, says the Department of Consumer Affairs, clicked. no.

Thus, home buyers must bid in a reasonable amount of time before this to ensure that the bid is considered and thus they only have the time between when the views closed one evening until the next morning to make consideration.

– Many people have a sense that the bidding round starts at. 1200 days after viewing. But it never actually starts. That’s when it ends !, he points to his blog.

– Therefore, we believe that there should be a full day between the view and submission of bids and that politicians should adjust the regulations that regulate this because it gives home buyers a greater opportunity to area themselves. And for the seller it is obviously very unfortunate if interested house buyers drove to bid for the home because they were unable to read everything or were practically prevented from joining the bidding round from next morning, Bartholdsen explains..

Consumers’ Council thinks a change of regulation may be introduced within three to four months, whether there is political will for it.

No political support

However, support from the seated government can not be considered by the Consumer Council. State Secretary Kjetil Lund believes that the rules as they are today work by the way well.

– Still, after the last impression, the interested people will literally sleep on the matter. Then they can set up strategy and find final offers. This time should be enough, he says to click. no.

Lund emphasizes that the Ministry of Finance recently established changes to the Real Estate Regulation, requiring bid rounds to be written.

– Written documentation in the bid round will contribute to a safer process for consumers in the purchase and sale of real estate. It can also help to slow down the pace of bidding rounds.

– Finish Financing in advance

- It should be a day before the first bid

CRITICAL FOR ACCEPTANCE FRIENDS: Consumers’ Council and Thomas Bartholdsen believe that home buyers have a short period of time to bid. Photo: Kjell Håkon K. Larsen

However, until the politicians think about it, the recommendation from the Consumer Council is that, as a home buyer, you make the most of your preparation for the bid round.

– We find that home buyers have very little time at hand, so here it is primarily about financing, emphasizes Bartholdsen and advises home buyers to contact current banks and obtain a loan offer.

– With a financial statement in hand, you have a much greater control over how much bids you can give and how far you can stretch in a possible bidding round. Because it is also the case that the brokers are not particularly happy with the reservation of funding in the bids.

Bartholdsen further advises home buyers to think well through their own needs and wishes, to orientate themselves about prices in the area where you want to buy and read all the information provided.

– It is also important to take into account likely refurbishment costs.

– Seller-friendly law

Bartholdsen says that their demand for extended deadline is about giving the buyer a decent time to check out important housing issues, to fix their funding, and to ask for ambiguities, contact professionals in uncertainty and evaluate alternatives.

acceptance deadline

Section 6-3 of the Real Estate Regulations Regulation regulates the relationship between acceptance deadlines. It states: “In consumer relations, the contractor shall not communicate bids with a shorter acceptance deadline than at noon. 12. 00 first business day after last advertised view. Saturday is not counted as working days.

In further detail, if the bidder has said that my bid “stands” less than 1200 the first day after the show, the real estate agent is not allowed to inform the seller that such a bid has been received.. The real estate agent will then usually explain this to the bidder. And in ordinary cases, one who has submitted bids will accept shorter than at. 1200 does not go and then extend its own deadline.

However, even if the buyer can not submit bids with a shorter time than the law states, the seller is nevertheless free to accept any bid before that deadline.

Source: Consumer Council and Real Estate Agents’ Association (Eff)

– What is critical is that you as a buyer comes on views in the evening, you get a lot of information about the various residences watching and will take a position on all sales functions and options just overnight. For the morning, please call a broker to hear if you are interested, he emphasizes.

Our opinion is that you should not only have the night but also a whole day to decide.

He further claims that they perceive today’s legislation as merchant-friendly, including in relation to the buyer’s duty to investigate.

– And for us, there is a further argument that the buyer should take the time to do the necessary investigations and think through his possible housing purchase. The short deadline is therefore also problematic because it can put the buyer in a situation where he or she has to take chances and make a purchase on a multitude of grounds.

Bartholdsen believes that this is clearly emphasized by the fact that the owner-shift insurance companies report that complaints are made on every fifth home purchase.

– We mean the deadline is sufficient as it is

The real estate industry has a different opinion than the Consumer Council. Your understanding is that the buyer will not earn if the deadline is extended one day.

Our experience is that the deadline as it stands today works satisfactorily and we have not received any complaints from home buyers who find that the deadline is too short. In addition, it is our impression that most buyers are prepared and have already cleared the financing before they go to a show, says head of department for Oslo and Akershus at Eiendomsmegler 1, Line Rollve Røstad, to click. no.

– What we experience that people experience difficult are the short deadlines that are set when the bidding rounds start. But these are the deadlines set by the bidders alone.

Rollve Røstad further believes that a prolonged statutory deadline will cause more buyers to go directly to the seller when it comes to attractive objects.

– And we are experiencing that unfortunate, because, among other things, salesmen are not getting the funding checked to the same extent.

According to the general manager of the Real Estate Brokerage Association (Eff), Hanne Railo, there is already an increasing tendency for buyers to go directly to the seller and that the purchase is decided without the broker having substantially participated in the negotiations.

– So we think that a longer deadline will not matter, because it is ultimately the seller who decides. The provision as it is designed imposes restrictions on the bidder, while the seller is completely free to accept a bid at any time in the process, she expands over the click. no.

Be careful of the


It is known that not only are the purely practical and basic needs that determine a home purchase but also socio-cultural factors play in, such as location, environment and expectations.

Our advice to home buyers, in addition to preparing for financing, is to go through their preferences, check out what you are looking for, says Bartholdsen.

- It should be a day before the first bid

Light chandelier follows the house when you sell the home

On their websites, the Home Owners’ Association has set up a list of advice for those who will buy housing. One of the tips is about being thorough on the view.

As a buyer, you have a duty to look carefully at a feasibility study of the house. Relationships detected or should have been discovered on display can not be invoked later as a defect. The seller knows the property best, and is obliged to disclose anything he knows that may be important, “they write.

Be aware of danger signals

The homeowners are advised to read brief papers and prospectuses thoroughly. Because although the tariffs are not very informative, they say something about construction years and construction.

“Note the amount of deduction the taxpayer does in the value of the property for age, indefinity and the like”, they elaborate and draw out danger signals that should be noted:

“If you find any circumstances that may indicate something is seriously wrong, you are obliged to conduct a further investigation as a buyer. If you are informed that there is “some moisture measured in the bathroom wall”, you are obliged to disclose the relationship and can not indicate as a shortcoming since the entire bathroom had to be installed “.

- It should be a day before the first bid

Avoid the megler jobs

Bring a professional

The crowded council when it comes to impressions is to bring a professional to the show. NITO Takst is advised to include a valuation officer on display, if available.

– It is actually very rare that the buyer brings a valuation officer on display and it amazes me that there are so few who do so considering the big investment it is to buy a home. It will definitely be an additional assurance for the buyer, but at the same time it reduces the complainant’s complainability, “says NITO Takst, Kai-Haftor Olsen, General Manager at the Association’s website..

According to Huseiernes, the home buyer is not obliged to bring a professional on display.

“Unless the seller expressly asked for it, or there have been alarming findings, they write.


Thomas Bartholdsen believes that if any questions arise, the buyer should send these by e-mail to the broker.

This writing is also highlighted by the Houseowners, because there is often discussion about what information sellers gave on the display: “For example, ask your salesman if there is a lot of noise from the highway nearby and get assurances that it’s practically not is audible, it may be ok to have it written “.

Just one bid at a time

The relationship to public plans is also drawn out by the Homeowners, and the council is to check with the board office in the municipality. Because although the broker is obliged to pay attention to final public plans, there will be projects that are not finally approved.

- It should be a day before the first bid

One key press reveals whether the apartment has a closing price

Finally, the organization provides clear advice about just entering ONE bid. “Bids are binding and you may risk being seated with two properties. It can be expensive, “they warn.

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