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It removes one of the worst spots!

This genius trick you must be able to.

It removes one of the worst spots!

Who has not experienced blowing out light that has been burning for a while to send a whole spray of liquid hot stearin over the table, the new cloth or the candlestick?

It’s a pesky job to try to rub or pick away melted or dried stearin from almost any surface, and many give up and throw what’s been grinded.

But stop half, here’s the trick that will save you both tears and tears:

Warm up with the hair dryer

According to the Wikihow website, the best thing about removing stearin is to warm up the adult. This makes it far easier to remove from hard surfaces such as table, wall or the actual strike.

– This method is not as good to use if you have spilled stearin on textiles, advises the site.

– Especially if it’s colored wax that is spilled. Because then you can end up melting the wax into the textile again and the stain can spread and grow bigger.

But if you’ve spilled stearin is a hard surface, this method is both fast and efficient.

And all you need is actually just a hair dryer.

Here’s how to do:
It removes one of the worst spots!

COLD: Living lights belong to Christmas. But how do you really get rid of stearin beer? PHOTO: Trine Jensen

1. Find and plug in the hair dryer

Remember to plug the fender into a connector that is as close to the place you have spilled stearin that you blow directly on the spot.

2. Blow the adult until it melts

Set the sensor to “warm” on the setting and blow to warm the adult. Try to blow so you do not start spreading the stain out, it is easier to wipe away if everything is gathered in one spot and not spread out.

3. Wipe away

Use an old washcloth or kitchen paper to wipe away the molten stearin. But keep in mind that it may be difficult to get stearin beer out of the cloth you use to dry with, so maybe do not use your finest kitchen towel.

4. Get rid of everything

It removes one of the worst spots!

BLUE: Use the hair dryer to blow hot air on the hard stinging spot. PHOTO: Trine Jensen

It removes one of the worst spots!

DRAW WEEK: When the steary starts to melt, just wipe away with a cloth. PHOTO: Trine Jensen

It removes one of the worst spots!

WASHER: Perfect for wiping out the last candle holders. PHOTO: Trine Jensen

If there is any kind of skin or thin surface after the wax spot, remove this by using a little spray detergent and a damp cloth or sponge. Remember to not choose a sponge or cloth that is so rough that it damages the surface you are cleaning.

5. Repeat if needed

In some cases, even after drying and scrubbing, you may still have some stearin beer left. Then you can repeat the whole process of feeding, drying and scrubbing until you have rid of all leftovers of stearin.

Works fine

Researcher and cleaning expert Ingun Klepp at the Norwegian Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO) is not surprised that the hair dryer triggered so well.

– No, the theory when it comes to removing stearin is usually one of two, she explains to Click Housing.

– Whether to cool down to be able to pick the frozen or completely stale of, or to warm up to dry off, as we see here.

The researcher explains that another method many people try to heat up is to use the iron.

– Add something that sucks in between the iron and the stinging spot. Wipe paper or old filler. Then you iron to soften or melt the stearin. But protect the ironing board, “she says.

Freeze down

When it comes to removing stearin beer from textiles like cloth or clothes, it’s often more efficient to cool down than to warm up to get away from the wax.

Here’s how to do:

1. Put the cloth or the garment with stearin beer in the freezer.

2. Leave a few hours until the stearin is completely frozen in the textile.

3. Remove the garment from the freezer again.

4. Scratch away it reaches completely dry and ice-cold stearin oil.

5. Wash the garment by machine or by hand to remove all residual stearin.

It removes one of the worst spots!

NOT GOOD: If you did not get all the stearin’s in the first place, just repeat the process until everything is gone. PHOTO: Trine Jensen


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