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It may look like an ordinary bath

But the bathroom designed by Sverre Fehn is a true design gem.

It may look like an ordinary bath

Sverre Fehn is the only Norwegian and other Scandinavian with the Pritzker Prize, the Nobel Prize of Architecture. This bathroom explains some of Fehn’s unique position.

Sometimes you visit rooms, cottages and houses that have a very distinctive radiance, personality and power. An example of this kind of originality and architecture is the incredible medieval farm Gammel-Kleppe in Vågå. Ditto with the clean-cut mountain lodge in Valdres designed by architect Atle Aas. In the same class, the tough Oslo villa in concrete will sign Knut Hjeltnes.

Sverre Fehn is the greatest

In addition to these examples, there are a number of original projects in Sweden, drawn by Sverre Fehn, one of Norway’s and the largest architects in Norway.. The way he built the interior and this bathroom in Villa Holme in Holmsbu on Hurum gives us some explanation of why Fehn has become such a big name, far beyond the country’s borders.

It may look like an ordinary bath

A LARGE ROOM: From the bath there is a magnificent view of the hills around Holmsbu. Sverre Fehn designed absolutely all the details in this room. No thing was left to chance. Photo: Espen Grønli

The bathroom is set to high altitude

It may look like an ordinary bath

See why this is the world’s best building

This bathroom with shiny brick walls at all sides is on the second floor – at the brightest spot in the massive concrete house with sea views. “Where most other architects and laymen wanted to go to the living room,” said the builder, the painter Ingolf Holme to Bonytt in 1998.

A place in the sun

The bathtub is located diagonally in the middle of the corner room, a solution that is rarely seen. It causes the evening sun to fall into the bathing zone. It also means that in addition to enjoying the sunshine in the middle of the room after working hours, you also have full views of the low hills around Holmsbu.

– The room and the bath have the right direction when you are bathing. This gives a sense of freedom, although the room is not so big, commented Fehn.

A strict and clear style

The crisp white bath is covered in reddish brick and is complemented by a corner shower cubicle. It has high, swingable glass walls that can be folded together so that this shower zone takes minimal space when not used. Two sets of dishwashers, also the crisp white emphasize the strict style of the room.

The house as conversations with the mountain

– I think it was right to draw the bathroom this way, in this case, Sverre Fehn told us 1998. The red brick takes up the red color of the steep mountain wall just behind the house. And both the bathroom and the whole house are thought of as a conversation with the mountain rising up behind the home, deepening the architect who spent many years of his career on this project.

It’s the authenticity that matters

The advantage that all the walls in the bathroom are built up of whole bricks is that when the wall work is done, the work is done, explained Fehn. It may cost a little extra initially to do the bathroom in this way, but this is taken later because you do not have to clad the wall with tiles or other materials, said the architect.

It may look like an ordinary bath

Wallpaper shelves Norwegian architecture

Durable materials give home life

The floor is coated with Otta slate, in a mixture of ordinary gray and some rust-colored floor tiles. This combination provides nice shutter and life in the room. The wet zone is molded, like the one in the kitchen on the floor just below. Benches and cabinets are also drawn by Fehn and made in pine. Here in the house, you should look further for standard solutions.

It may look like an ordinary bath

GLASSED TEGLSTEIN SKINNER: The bathroom is located appropriately, both in relation to the view and to the two bedrooms to each side. The solid soaking tub is the center of the room. Photo: Espen Grønli

The top architect took the entire drawing process

It may look like an ordinary bath

Under the steel dome is Norway’s coolest bath

– When I chose an architect of Sverre Fehn’s caliber, I had to give him hands free, said Ingolf Holme to us in 1998.

He experienced this bathroom as a large, beautiful piece of furniture. This design task could not be solved in a better way, he meant.

It may look like an ordinary bath

ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE: The bathroom with tiled walls and slate floor has a corner where the large glass surfaces are glued together. Thus, you released a center pole that prevented the light from entering. Photo: Espen Grønli

It is both a responsible and enriching task to preserve this wonderful Sverre Fehn house for the future, says the widow of Ingolf Holme, Hanne Bukkstein to

It may look like an ordinary bath

Sverre Fehns highlights

She often receives inquiries, especially from abroad, from people who want to see this building with her own eyes.

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It may look like an ordinary bath

STEEL AND CRITERIA: The two square washbasins are on steel columns. Photo: Espen Grønli

It may look like an ordinary bath

DETAILS: The interaction between the glazed brick on the walls and the silver gray slate floor tiles gives a nice effect. Photo: Espen Grønli

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It may look like an ordinary bath

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