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It is not just the power that should be disconnected

Lightning blows can destroy a lot, but insurance usually covers the damage.

It is not just the power that should be disconnected

Summer is a thunderstorm, and the Meteorological Institute sent out thunderstorms at the beginning of the week, especially in Central and Northern Norway, but also in Eastern Norway.

Lightning that plays over the sky can be fascinating to look at, but not very welcome if it breaks into the home. And even if you’re careful, the damage can have financial consequences.

According to Finans Norge (FNO), there are generally minor injuries caused.

“Enjoy electrical items like TV, radio, PC, modem, fax, phone, freezer, fridge, etc.. “they write on their webpages, and emphasize that damage often occurs on the oldest and worst electrical item in the home.

Not expensive protection

However, measures to protect against lightning damage do not have to be costly. Most damage is caused by overvoltages due to lightning in the environment.

– It must be said to be quite courageous to protect against overvoltages by lightning strikes, “says Torstein Hervland.. no. He is the author of the book Lynvern Handbook.

He emphasizes that there are not many people who need to protect the entire home from direct cuts because this happens very rarely.

Protect the electronic equipment

It is not just the power that should be disconnected

Put your jewelry in the freezer

According to SINTEF, the frequency of lightning is highest along the coast from Vest-Agder, all the way up to Eastern Norway and further inland and up to Central Norway.

In these areas, however, they will experience even more lightning in the years to come. “Met. No analysis shows a probable increase in lightning speed of 25% by 2050 for the country as a whole, “writes the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) in the analysis Lynstudien.

In a lightning strike, the voltage will be generated at several thousand volts, but over a very short period of time.

Torstein Hervland says that it is primarily the electrical plant and other wire connection (landlines and antennas) that are most exposed.

– But in all new systems it is now mandatory with so-called surge protection in the fuse cabinets, or the primary protection as it is called emphasizes.

Such a surge protector will take most of the voltage created by a lightning strike, but Hervland says that there will always be some residual voltage that will disappear into the system.

– Therefore, it will always be sensible to unplug all electrical devices that are sensitive to overvoltages, “he stresses..

– Buy Norwegian manufactured surge protection

To ensure the best possible electronic equipment, there is a surge protector that can also be plugged into the electrical outlet, known as the finer. Hervland emphasizes the importance of this equipment being manufactured in Norway to work in the Norwegian grid.

– Many of the cheap protectors that are on the market today, which are claimed to be approved, work poorly in Norwegian outlets, he says..

– My recommendation is therefore to buy a finery produced in Norway.

The insurance companies require that the pluggable surge protector be FG approved to meet the requirements of so-called secondary protection.

“Plug-in surge protector will take care of all types of surcharges and must be placed in close proximity to the equipment to be protected”, writes Finance Norway on its websites.

Grounded contacts

Chief Engineer at the Directorate for Social Security and Preparedness, Jostein Ween Grav, emphasizes that it is crucial that the financier is placed in grounded electrical outlets.

– If they do not, they will have a marginal effect and the electrical equipment could still be damaged. In general, I would have put the finer in all contacts where you have PCs and similarly vulnerable electronic equipment. It is also important to be aware that a plug-in machine should always be used with a coarse protection in the fuse cabinet, otherwise it will have a short life and then no function.

Digging points out that surge protection is not only appropriate for lightning strikes, but also in cases where the power company switches power out for various reasons.

– Such sudden voltage pulses could also damage the electrical equipment.

– Can not turn off switches

Many today have plugged into the socket boards. These boards with a varying number of electrical outlets for connecting multiple electrical products are often equipped with a switch. However, one mistakes if one thinks that it will stop zeroing.

It is not just the power that should be disconnected

Do you think this is dangerous?

– These boards are mainly manufactured abroad for foreign power grids. In short, it means that even if the switch is switched off, the surge may come through. The switch will therefore have limited power because an overvoltage can jump over the contacts and damage the electronic equipment anyway, emphasizes Grav.

– Unplugging is the only thing that really helps.

Cities Safer

Digging points out that the areas most exposed to lightning shocks are where the electrical wires are in the air.

– Where the wires are dug into the ground, they will be better protected against overvoltages. And if you live in a block building, you will consistently have the best protection against lightning.

The insurance covers most of the time

If your home is hit by a lightning strike, it is good to know that your insurance will cover the damage that may occur.. And even when you have not done anything to avoid the damage, the company will pay out money.

“If you do not pull out the plug and get damage due to lightning loss – this is still not to be considered negligent. In other words, you do not get a shortage in the claims claim, “FNO emphasizes on its web pages.

It is not just the power that should be disconnected

This extension could be your

This is confirmed by a professional consultant at Tryg forsikring, Monica Gangstø.

– I have never heard that there have been abbreviations in such cases, she says to clicks. no.

– In general, ordinary insurances can cover damage caused by lightning strikes.

Check hidden damage

When lightning strikes, in most cases it will be about hits outside the home, but where the electrical discharge will follow the wiring system into the housing. This means that the electrical installation inside the home can damage.

The challenge is that the damage is not easy to spot. In such cases it would be advisable to use vision and sense of smell. Check electrical outlets, switch boxes, switches and cables for visible damage. Discoloration and / or burned spots can indicate damage. Also, check if the equipment is abnormally hot. Testing that the electrical equipment works may also be sensible.

– In case of a lot of damage, you should have an electrician to check the mains in the building because there may be damage to hidden facilities, such as wall and ceiling cables, even if they work, Monica Gangstø expands.

It is not just the power that should be disconnected

That’s why you’re getting more bumpy in winter

– It may be sensible to have the electrical plant under special care a couple of weeks after the shutdown, to check if the electrical equipment has had a weakening that did not show up immediately, Digging Digging.

Age Allowance

The only thing that can essentially reduce your insurance payment in case of lightning strikes is the so-called age deduction. This means that you will not get full coverage on equipment that has a few years on the back.

– Age deductions will always be a discussion in such contexts, says head of department for injury prevention at Sparebank1, Fred Nilsen, to click. no.

Therefore, our advice would be to try to be ahead of a thunderstorm and make sure to disconnect electrical devices and antennas. Particularly exposed are computer equipment, television, radio and freezer box.

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