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It does not hold one lock on the bike

This way you need to lock to keep your bike away.

It does not hold one lock on the bike

Many Norwegians take advantage of the spring and summer to cycle and have found that there is a bike for every need. Popular rides such as Birken and The Great Strength Test, have helped to increase the interest in cycling and not least for bikes and equipment. And more and more people buy expensive bikes.

– In two years, the number of bikes in the price range exceeds 20. 000 kroner registered in Falck bicycle register increased by more than 50 percent, says head of department Geir Kvamsvåg to click. no.

The bike store at Kolbotn outside Oslo confirms that more and more people buy bikes for 20, 30 and 40. 000 kroner.

– There has been a very strong increase in the sale of the expensive bikes. Looking at the last five years, the trend is a clearly increasing sales of the higher price ranges, says Erik Solbakken at Sykkelboden.

42 bicycle theft a day

Animal bikes are of course more tempting to steal and they are attractive to organized gangs operating in Norway. Every year, it is stealing around 55. 000 bicycles for a total value of NOK 275 million, says Kvamsvåg.

But only around 15. 000 of the bicycle thefts are reported, many do not worry about reporting, since the deductible is often high. In 2012, theft was reported by 15. 365 bicycles, according to figures from the police directorate. That is, 42 bikes every single day.

Use two bicycle locks

So what does it mean to avoid becoming a number in the statistics? How should you lock your bike to keep the thieves away?

Click. The no-editors have tried to open a regular padlock. Even though we were amateurs, we drove the lock in an amazing short time.

– Firstly, I would strongly recommend you to use two locks. It is necessary to lock the front wheel, rear wheel and frame to a fence, a lamp post or the like, says Erik Solbakken to click. no.

The bike enthusiast thinks it’s not advisable to buy a spiral lock. It’s long and can therefore be nice around both the bike and the light pole, but it is too thin and can be easily cut with a pliers.

– Those involved in organized bicycle theft have a good look at locks. They quickly look which ones are really solid and which ones are quick to cut over. I think one should invest at least one thousand flaps in a pair of solid locks when buying a bike.

It does not hold one lock on the bike

SMART AND SOLID: This link lock looks like a brick when it’s merged, but folds out and becomes a solid link around the bike. It costs around 6-800 kroner. Photo: Gro Strømsheim

Solbakken thinks one should go before thick locks and preferably locks like the Abus Bordo 6000 – a lock that looks like a brick, but the link is folded inside the block. When folding it out, it becomes like a kind of link you can attach around the bike.

– This is really solid and will not be trimmed by the bike tide.

He chooses to lock the bike with such a link lock and in addition a more common cable lock.

– This is also a solid lock, but professional teasers with large clippings will be able to cut over this. Most of them can be cut or broken, but the good locks will last much longer and the thief will probably give up. Therefore, it is also very important to lock the bike in a place with a lot of people so that a thief can not work peacefully with your bike, “says Solbakken..

He even prefers to bring his bike wherever he is.

It does not hold one lock on the bike

EASY TO CELEBRATE: With a cable lock it is easy to lock the bike to a fence or the like. But the expert warns that professional gangs often have equipment that enables them to cut over fairly thick locks. Photo: Gro Strømsheim

bicycle theft

It is stolen annually around 55. 000 bicycles for a total value of NOK 275 million.

15. 000 of the thefts were reported to police.

10. 000 bicycles are replaced by insurance companies with a total of NOK 50 million.

10. 000 bicycles are brought to the lost goods every year.

1500 bicycles are handed over to the owner, the rest is sold on police clearance.

Source: Falck Cycle Register. The register was created by insurance companies in 1993 with the aim of reducing the number of bicycle theft in Norway.

– If you have bought a really expensive bike, it is safer to bring it in. But if not – lock it with two locks so that both the frame, front wheel and rear wheels are fixed in a fence, lamp post or similar, says Solbakken.

Check what the insurance covers

Falck Bicycle Register recommends anyone buying a bike to register it in their registry. They think a Falck oblat on the bike makes it less attractive to steal because it is easier to trace back to the owner and is harder to translate to the thief. In addition, you get up to 50 percent lower deductible on the insurance settlement if the bike is stolen.

– It is in and around the larger cities and towns of the cycling theaters. Therefore, people in these areas must be particularly alert, “says Geir Kamsvåg in Falck.

He believes you should include solid locks, registration in the bike register and insurance in the budget before you buy a bike.

– It’s stupid to buy a bike for a four-digit amount, then lock it with a wire lock of the cheapest type. It’s not a fuse, but a clean invitation to the bicycle rig, “says Kamsvåg.

15. 365 reported thefts are an increase of 4.5 percent from 2011.

– We also know that there are heavy numbers in this area, as only about a quarter of all stolen bikes are reported to the police, says Sveinung Sørbye, Head of Action, Do not Steal My Bicycle! (AISSM).

Communications advisor Toralf Rutledal in Tryg Forsikring asks people to check carefully before they take out insurance because it is very varied what the various insurance policies actually cover.

– The insurance industry replaced bicycles for NOK 50.6 million last year, an increase of 3.9 percent from the previous year, says Rutledal.

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