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It can cost you life

Are you a little handy, there are many things you are allowed to do yourself when you’re kidding up.

It can cost you life

Nobody in the world is building, fixing and kissing up like us Norwegians. This autumn, four out of ten Norwegians are planning to make improvements at home, and in fact, according to the magazine Dine Dine, we norwegians will spend a total of 60 million kroner on the puzzle before this year is over.

And if you are going to renovate and refurbish, you may want to keep your tongue straight and know what you can do, what is strictly required and what you should call the professionals to do for you.

In theory you can do a lot of yourself

The theory is that you basically have the opportunity to do almost everything when it comes to refurbishment at home, explains Civil Architect and Senior Adviser in Sintef Building Research, Anders Kirkhus, to Bonytt. no.

– Except when it comes to electrical, here it is legally required to have someone who is certified to do the job.

It can cost you life

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The problem is when it comes to the practicality of which the paper mill often takes over.

– In practice, when you brush up or plan to brush up, follow a comprehensive regulatory framework that even the professionals struggle to keep track of, explains Kirkhus.

– This regulatory framework includes both formalities such as application to the municipality, technical requirements and also documentation requirements.

You can do this without help

But most of the surface work on your home can be done by yourself, without calling for the help of professionals or having to apply for permission to do so.

Basically, it means carpentry, paint, flooring, tiles and interior.

But when it comes to pipes, heat and electronics, there will be gray zones.

Even though there are very few concrete laws on what you can do yourself and what you need to get into, then work can lead to major problems including insurance.

Most of what you do inside does not require building authorities to know anything about. But if you intend to move on bearing constructions, you must apply.

Stay away from doing it yourself-electrically

It is the Electricity Supervision Act that regulates what electrical work must be done by a skilled person. To do work on fixed electrical installations, such as electrical outlets, switch boxes and switches, and wires between them, do not try yourself as a hobby electrician.

Do not do this yourself

If you want to avoid injuries due to mistakes and leave replacement problems afterwards, you should leave the following work to professionals:

Hot water tank installation

Connection of heating cables to the electrical system

Connection of downlights / spotter to the electrical system

Replacement of electrical outlets

Installation of heat pump

Water piping

Switching of power plants

– What you can do, however, is to do work on equipment that is not connected to the mains, get Bonytt. No explained at El-fag on Kvassheim.

– This means that you can, among other things, attach electrical contacts to lamps and mount the power cord on wires.

Since 1999, there has been a requirement that all electrical installations have issued a so-called declaration of conformity. This is a guarantee that the installation is done in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

This statement should be shown if the electrical inspection comes to perform a plug-in check on the electrical installation of the house..

Affect insurance payments

Some types of work you can do at home yourself can have big and expensive consequences if the work is not done 100 percent in accordance with rules and regulations.

If, for example, water leakage or fire occurs, and it appears that your wreckage is a cause, it may cause you a problem with the insurance.

– The compensation will be reduced if there is a causal link between the damage and the unskilled work that would have been done by professionals, explains Leif Osland, Communications Director of the Financial Industry Association, to Bonytt. no.

– Also, when connecting a washing machine or dishwasher, which does not initially require the use of professionals, you can cut the compensation from the insurance company. There are opportunities for amateurs to make mistakes even with such links, and it may be expensive water damage if the machine is in a room without a swallow.

If you are going to do a lot of yourself, it would be worthwhile to put yourself in the procedures for the various jobs, what equipment should be used and how the professionals do it.

– There is often no clear regulatory framework that says something about any sanctions or fines, explains Osland.

It can cost you life

DO IT EVEN: You can do quite a bit when you brush up, but keep in mind that some things are mandatory. Photo: Colorbox

– But you should be aware that if something unfortunate happens, you will be much stronger to the insurance company if you have followed the correct procedure.

It can cost you life

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The bathroom – what’s the law?

One of the biggest and most expensive jobs you can get at home is the refurbishment of the bathroom.

From year-end this year, the Planning and Building Agency slipped down the rules on what was required for work in the bathroom, but as a result of this increased the right of liability you yourself stand as a refurbisher.

– When the bathroom is being built from scratch, you must still search the municipality, explains Kirkhus.

– You can still do a lot of the job yourself, but it is your responsibility to apply for liability and you are obliged to engage a law firm to perform any of the jobs.

The head of the Counseling Committee for Wet Space, Cato Karlsen, emphasizes that even though the rules now say that much can be done in the bathroom without having to apply for the municipality, it is now also more personally responsible for the quality of the work.

– VĂ¥trom is a complicated space to build, and often does not match what you think you can do with reality, explains Karlsen to Bonytt. no.

– There are many building concerns to be taken. One of the most common mistakes that occurs when people do things themselves is that they choose the wrong membrane. This can lead to leaks in the bathroom.

Another problem is that you will not get enough space on the floor.

If the floors become slippery, it will be natural that the water is left on the floor, Karlsen explains..

Still, there are some things about renovating bathrooms that are required to apply:

– If you are building a bathroom from scratch, you must still apply to the Planning and Building Agency in your municipality, “explains Karlsen..

It can cost you life

– All the pipes exploded, so the house was filled with ice from the inside when we got home.

– The same applies if you are going to make major and significant changes to the membranes.

What can you do in the bathroom?

You are allowed to do various surface work in your own bathroom. Demolition, tiling, carpentry, casting and painting are examples of work you can do yourself. There are nevertheless many things to keep in mind and many different moments of work where most people would recommend you to call experts.

– When it comes to the floor, demands are made for the wreck and sufficient case, explains Kirkhus.

– And when it comes to the application of moisture barrier and membrane, you must adhere to the guidelines in the wet norm. This is therefore required by law, which means that you can put diaphragm on the bathroom yourself. But you should be careful, as insurance does not cover water damage to buildings due to incorrect work or unsustainable products.

This means that you want to be on the safe side, you use professionals with wet room certificates.

– It is absolutely worthwhile to have a thorough documentation that an approved wetbed company has been in your bathroom when reselling the property, Karlsen explains..

When laying cables on the floor, all that is connected to the mains must be installed by an electrician. Heating cables are fixed and come under this provision.

Laying tiles you can certainly do the same, the same applies to joining and siliconization. But remember to use tiles that are suitable for wet rooms, and think that there are often different tiles for walls and floors.

Keep in mind that good ventilation is important in the bathroom, therefore buy a fan that the plumber / electrician has to install.

It can cost you life

This means the color codes

In theory you are allowed to tamper with the pipes in your own home, but this can be very risky. Should you meet the functional requirements of technical regulations, it is recommended to hire a qualified plumber to all pipe work.

Application Duty

1. Phase change

Not all changes on the facade require you to submit an application. As a rule, you can change your outerwear, insert an extra window or paint the house in a very special color without having to search the municipality.

If you need to apply, it depends often on the nature of the property.

“Buildings that in themselves do not represent a self-worth should be able to undergo minor phase changes without the building’s nature being considered to be modified,” the State Building Technical Agency writes in its comments on building rules.

2. Balconies and terraces

The vast majority of balconies and terraces can be installed without having to apply for permission from the municipality. For example, terraces lying flat on the ground are not required.

– It’s only if this elevated more than half a mile above the ground that it is mandatory to apply for a law, explains Director of the Department of Building Engineering (BE), Marit Langen, to Bonytt. no.

– What is crucial is whether the project exceeds the utilization rate that applies. For balconies it is also important if it changes the house’s character, in which case it is required to apply.

It is also important that the project satisfies technical requirements.

3. Additions

If the extension or equipment bid you set up is less than 15 m2, you are not required to apply to the municipality for permission to set it up.

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It can cost you life

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