Is this the world’s most beautiful spa?

This spa is top class architecture.

Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

There is not exactly a lack of sharp peaks in Switzerland, but as I approach the Bergoase spa in Arosa, not far from the winter sports resort of Davos, it is like coming to another world where alpine peaks and architecture play together.

The spa complex is low compared to the high block it belongs to, the traditional Tschuggen Grand Hotel.

The glass canopy is almost like a sparkling forest on top of the lower floors.

The build was completed in 2006 and Bergoase is considered one of Europe’s leading spa fascilities.

An Architect That Raises The Wing Spin

The first time after the architect of this project, Swiss Mario Botta, established himself in Lugano in 1970, he designed buildings in the southern Ticino part of Switzerland.

With projects such as the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco (with the planned extension of Snøhetta), Chiesa a Seriate in Bergamo and the chapel on Mount Tamaro, Botta established itself as today’s major international architects.

Buildings with strong character

His projects are visually strong, such as this futuristic villa in Holland and the Wallpaper favorite White House just outside Oslo.

Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

COOL DESIGN FROM SWITZERLAND: From a distance you can see only a small part of Bergoase, that is, the sensational glass towers at the top of the spa. It’s otherwise somewhat dramatic, James Bond-like about this environment. Photo: Urs Homberger

Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

ONE EVENTLY FACILITY: Here you see who the largest part of the four-storey building is almost underground. Photo: FORO: Enrico Cano

Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

A TRANSPARENT WORLD: Glasses from the spa to the mother house, the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is also an experience. Photo: Enrico Cano

A spa shaped like a cathedral

– This is exciting, very expressive architecture, says Eirik T. Bøe, editor of architecture in Store Norwegian lexicon to

– It is a project not characterized by traditional modernism. To that’s too figurative.

An architect who inspires

Otherwise, Bøe believes that Mario Botta has been one of the greatest inspiration sources in recent European architecture.

– His buildings are characterized by a monumental simplicity, with geometric forms enriched with delicate detailing and decorations, concludes the expert.

Pedestrian walkway glass

Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

CLEANING ROOMS: The wardrobes are also decorated in Botta’s very clean, almost cathedral-like form. Photo: Urs Homberger

Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

A BEAUTIFUL, MODERN INTERIOR: The swimming pools are located on the top, fourth floor. Here you can see how the daylight floats down the pool through the monumental skylight glass towers. Photo: Enrico Cano

The connection from the wellness center to the venerable Tschuggen Hotel close by is an airy bridge, almost a pedestrian street covered with glass to both sides.

Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

Now, the cool mini-cabins come

The aim of the project was, among other things, to highlight the large building mass on the ground level with nine so-called “skylight” elements.

They rise high in the air, almost like foliage or leaves, and when illuminated from inside, they glitter like shining trees against the mountains in the background.

Four floors of well-being

This module design with separate skylight units laid the foundation for a highly flexible organization of the plant.

The first floor is the fitness room, the other is the treatment rooms, the third floor is furnished with saunas, and in the fourth you will find the swimming pools.

An interior heater

In addition to steel and glass facades, the building is characterized by lunchtime Canadian salary in the interior and a special type of chalk white granite on the walls.

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Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

INTERIOR DESIGN WITH OUTSIDE: You do not suffer from any distress in the bedrooms either. Photo: Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

VEGGER AS ORNAMENTS: The careful way the walls are built, including using white granite with texture, is typical of architect Mario Botta’s worker. Photo: Enrico Cano

Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

FIND THE FORM OF ALPS: Spa Bergoase is designed for a variety of types of massage and treatment options. Photo: Enrico Cano

Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

THE STAR MARKET LETS LIGHT: Architect Mario Botta is known for using advanced lighting of his buildings. And this spa project is no exception. Photo: Urs Homberger

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Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

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Is this the world's most beautiful spa?

LOVE, SHOULD OR LEAVES: An early sketch of the spa in Arosa. Photo: DRAWING: Mario Botta


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