Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

The Finns throne at the finishing touches.

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

A PLACE FOR DRUMMER: From the built-in verda there are panoramic views and the sea. Photo: Timo Laaksonen

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

OPEN OPP: With the shelter of wind and fire and fire on the fireplace, this is an outside interior. Photo: Hans Koistinen

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

A BUILDING: A small cabin / sauna like this enjoys all outdoor enthusiasts. Photo: Hans Koistinen

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

Cohabitation with horses

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

Bug kitchen for the drowning

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

Norway’s most exciting mountain hotel?

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

This house is voted England’s coolest

The architects Plus in Helsinki have been working since 2007 to develop a whole series of skills in line with other advanced Nordic skills models.

Plus bases its five designs on tripod modules from the Honkatalot factory in Töysä district in the middle of Finland.

Roots in the sixties

The shape of these funky houses has solid roots in Finnish summer homes from the 1960s and 1970s.

This style, suitable for large small buildings, is uncompromising. But such a superficial form of expression matches as many types of surroundings as well, and naturally natural scenery with a little character.

From small sauna to megavilla

The size of the Honkatalot construction houses varies from the small, neat sauna buildings of fifteen square meters to villas of over one hundred square meters.

It is also possible to get tailor-made accommodation according to your own wishes.

You can participate in the drawing of the house with a 3D program online, and the building process itself can be followed – even by others – via a blog service with pictures..

Delicious and delicious

The Fasade Dresses on the Plus Houses are made of Siberian Noble Grains and the interior is lined with light plywood.

The result will be clean and elegant, as we gladly know Finnish design and architecture.

Timeless Style

– These are exciting types of houses that reflect an important era in Finnish and international architecture, says Jan Förster, director of Finnish-Norwegian cultural institute in Oslo.

– Formal speech is timeless and it is perceived as equally relevant today as when it was launched ten years ago, he believes.


The concept of Plus Architects is honored by a second prize in Fennia Prize 2007, a competition organized by Design Forum Finland.

In 2008, the system received the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

In 2009, the project was exhibited at the Musee des Arts decoratifs in Paris.

Cultural Expressions

– These are buildings in classical Finnish modernism.

It is argued that the reason why this language of speech has been so widely spread in Finland is that this is a young nation that opened up new international ideas last century, commented architect Tord Kvien in HRTB Architects.

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Here the bedroom hangs in the ceiling

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Staying in an old moneyhouse

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

OPEN TO THE FOREST: PlusVilla 80 has an open, light decor and a large screened room. This is a house with good contact with nature. Photo: HIS CUSTOMERS

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

VIEW OF NATURE: With maximum view of the sea and lace, this is a sofistically designed room. Photo: Hans Koistinen

Is this the northernmost cruiseship?

SOV SEARCH: Typically Finnish – simple and clean design. Photo: Studio Toiskuva Oy


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