Is this the northernmost cabin?

Skjærgårdshytta has its own fireplace in the middle of the huge “dancing” " right in front of the view.

Is this the northernmost cabin?

Is this the northernmost cabin?

Is this the country’s coolest cabin?

Is this the northernmost cabin?

Dream hut that takes your breath away

Is this the northernmost cabin?

Do you want to live in a barn?

Is this the northernmost cabin?

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In spring 2004, the Finnish architects Huttunen / Lipasti / Pakkanen strolled around the archipelago south of Helsinki. Thus they also learned to assess the possibilities that existed in the site they had at their disposal.

And the fruit of this thorough preparation we see in this modern, innovative and modern-time hangar-ship-like cabin.

Is this the northernmost cabin?

A FRISTED: The cottage with the name “Villa Mecklin” stands on poles so that almost floats above the ground. The incredible, slick streamline is signed Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects. Photo: Marko Huttunen

Is this the northernmost cabin?

KVELDSSTEMNING: In such an open but equally well-sheltered place, the archipelago night is extra intense. Here the limb over the square seat with the fireplace is removed and the flames are allowed to take over the stage. Photo: Architect

Special Class View

Although the state-of-the-art “Villa Mecklin” cabin has a sundeck that reminds of the landing on a hangar ship, it is dominant and does not seem to be a stranger in the terrain.

The reason for this is, among other things, that the architect has retained all the trees on the site, and with its simple wedge-shaped profile and untreated wood material, it almost disappears in the dense pine forest.

Aesthetics determines

Is this the northernmost cabin?

WOW! On the sundeck, just indulge in nature. On the roof are galvanized steel plates. Photo: Marko Huttunen

– The Finnish archipelago is so beautiful that it wakes up our conservation instincts, “says Jan Førster, director of Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute to Click. no.

– And it is this commendable attitude that has ruled the architects’ work in this project, says Førster.

The house is hidden in the line, but the building offers the residents a panoramic view of the sea..

The mattress terrace means that a lot of activities are concentrated to the house, which saves the area around for funnel and unnecessary wear and tear.

Architects own project

– “Villa Mecklin” was built by ourselves, says architect Pekka Pakkanen. Therefore, we did not need so many drawings, simply because we took care of the practical issues directly on the spot.

Is this the northernmost cabin?

NATURAL FINISH: Finnish pine is used in both facades and interior. The materials are untreated, and eventually they will have the natural, gray color of nature. Photo: Marko Huttunen

– And that we simplified as much as possible, ranging from travel to detail, significantly facilitated the construction process, “he said..

An example

– This is an amazingly beautiful cabin. I would almost wish I had designed it myself, “says Cecilie Wille in Morfeus Architects to Click. no.

Firstly, this is a dream home with an exemplary, humble location in the vulnerable terrain just off the sea. In addition, the way the building is situated on beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, says the former forefront of the Oslo Architectural Association.

Is this the northernmost cabin?

ELEGANT INNREDET: You enter the cabin from the back, and already in the moment you enter the hall you look out to the patio with the fireplace and further back, the blinking blue sea. Photo: Marko Huttunen

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Is this the northernmost cabin?

PROPOSED: – It is a archipelago cottage with good architectural qualities, says Cecilie Wille in Morfeus Architects. Photo: Nils Petter Dale

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