Is this Norway’s most rude bedroom?

The sparkle brick, a sexy Kate Moss and a dead death make this bedroom something out of the ordinary.

Is this Norway's most rude bedroom?

Is this Norway's most rude bedroom?

CAMERA CAMILLA: Camilla Berntsen in a Kate Moss-like position in the leather chair she has taken home from a Paris market. Textiles from Missoni. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Is this Norway's most rude bedroom?

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Is this Norway's most rude bedroom?

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Is this Norway's most rude bedroom?

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Is this Norway's most rude bedroom?

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I avoid what is mainstream

Most people want the bedroom to have as few disturbing items as possible. But Camilla Berntsen is not like most people.

She is one of the women behind the distinctive interior shop Millas Boutique in Oslo. And she is also not afraid of distinctive homicide at home. On the contrary.

Her bedroom offers a wealth of impressions. The room is both fireplace, bathroom and bedroom in one.

There are no clean surfaces in here. The walls consist of exposed bricks of the rough battle, and are decorated with ancient Indian mirrors and a challenging picture of the supermodel Kate Moss.

The glance does not migrate freely, but leads here and there, between glamor and death, from palette-clad cushions to the mount with animal shells, via a stuffed raven.

The woman against the power

– I like what’s different and avoid what’s mainstream, “says Camilla Berntsen to the magazine Bonytt.

But what if this style one day would become one of the great trends?

– The rough and glamorous will probably always lie in the bottom of me, but I will let it be expressed in other ways.

In addition, there is still renewal going on. Camilla also changes time, not big grip, but small details.

Is this Norway's most rude bedroom?

KUE KATE: The motif of the supermodel is well known. Upon closer inspection, you discover that the artist has painted directly on the iconic photograph. The picture is a wedding gift. Bed linen from Missoni, Milla Boutique. Pillows from Missoni, Dis in Stockholm and Fretex. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Right now, there are particularly macabre props that dominate. But she does not go over the level to get what she wants.

Is this Norway's most rude bedroom?

MEMENTO MORI: The window frame is decorated with effects like memories about the perishability of life; a stuffed raven and skull from a reef, a squirrel and a hare from a store in New York. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

– I love weird and it’s nasty. I once bought a real skull, but let it be. The border goes well there.

Pros and Cons

The rough expression not only makes sense. It also offers practical benefits.

– We do not have to be careful in here. A scratch or a chin will not be sighted anyway. In itself, something is relaxed.

Although the bedroom offers a lot of impression, Camilla does not experience the room as chaotic. The phage is limited – it is mostly in soil colors.

The result is that things seem to suit each other rather than competing each other.

But distinctive does not come without any disadvantages. Particularly the combination bathroom / bedroom offers everyday challenges.

– We have to sit and shower, and yet there will be water spills on the floor. That’s probably why we think it’s extra delicious to be in a hotel, Camilla admits.

The style is rough at the edges, but it is not masculine.

Is this Norway's most rude bedroom?

KOMBIROM: Bathtub with eagle’s dress, leather chair from a Paris market and a walled fireplace are unusual touches in Norwegian bedrooms. The open The closet is partially hidden behind a velvet curtain from Moltex. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

From the ceiling hangs a chandelier with dangling prisms and the bed is filled with pillows. Bags, jewelry and cosmetics are part of the decoration.

We must look for a moment to find that there is also a man living here.

– At the waiter there is a shaving costume belonging to my husband. It is admittedly not him who is most involved in the decor here, but he loves our room. He too.

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Is this Norway's most rude bedroom?

URGENT AND FORFIN: The classic porcelain servant is in stark contrast to the framing, which is characterized by unpopular masonry. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

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