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Inviting bathroom

From cotton to cotton soap dispenser in steel.

Inviting bathroom

In the bathroom we have chosen the same green color as in the bedroom. We have picked out objects in both wood and metal. And then we have chosen a bathrobe in cotton. The products cost from below the dog lobe and up to 400 kroner.

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New bath for 3000 kroner.

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Inviting bathroom

LAVBUDSJETT: Bathrobe in cotton from Ellos, kr. 299. Bathroom mat from Åhlens, kr. 99. Personal weight Grundal from Ikea, kr 179. Mirror Fräck from Ikea, kr. 69. Photo: Frode Larsen and the producers

Inviting bathroom

LOWBUDSJET: From left: White, gray and dark gray towels, 50 x 70 cm, kr 79, Hemtex, off white towels with stripes, 50 x 90 cm, kr 70, Kid Interior, staircase Comfortable, kr 129, Ikea, green scrubber, kr 38, Åhléns, soap dispenser, kr 59, Hemtex, Bar Toilet Brush, kr 59, Ikea, Aroma foam bath, large, kr 65, small, kr 28, olive soap, kr 50, Åhléns, brown soaps, kr 25 pr . $ 50, Åhléns, zinc bucket, kr 135, Work Interior, washcloth, kr 16, Kid Interior, off white towel, 50 x 100 cm, kr 59, beige towel, 50 x 100 cm, kr 59, Ikea, brown towel, 100 x 150 cm, kr 199, hemtex. Molger Knaggrekke, kr 19 pr. piece, scrub brush, kr 90, Åhléns, off white towel with stripes, 50 x 90 cm, kr 70, Kid Interiør. Color code wall: NCS S3020-G50Y Photo: Frode Larsen and the manufacturers

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