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Interior Architects in Oslo – Part 2

Are you thinking about brushing up, we have tips for interior designers you can use in the Oslo area.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 2

Do you have vague ideas about how you want it at home, while you’re not creative enough to get it?

Then an interior designer can be the thing for you.

Bonytt has found good interior architects for you, the other things in Oslo, Drammen, Tønsberg and Bergen..

Here is the list of favorites in Oslo.

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Bernt Pedersen

Born 1966 Interior Architect MNIL Exam at SHKS, Oslo, 1990. Practice: The house Mercatum, Riss Interior Architects. Now your own practice.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 2

– Works primarily with private housing, restaurants, cafes, retailers and shopping malls. Has worked as a freelancer for Bonytt since 1999, in the column “Interior Architect helps you”.

It is extremely important to have a comprehensive plan in connection with refurbishment / planning of houses and apartments, to create a whole, and not least to find a financial framework for the projects.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Hourly rate $ 700. Fixed price on larger projects.

Office: Experience Design, Industrial. 46, 0357 Oslo. Mob: 920 87 733. Email: [email protected]

Trond Ramsøskar

Born 1968 Interior Architect MNIL Exam at SHKS, 1997. Own practice. Chairman of the NIL.

– The work area ranges from concept and identity design for shops, showrooms and offices to functional floor plans and personal design of private homes and recreational properties.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 2

The office is working from the conception of a design idea through work drawings, meeting with suppliers and craftsmen, completion and assistance on construction site, to turnkey projects..

Interior Architect MNIL Trond Ramsøskar has offices with the Flexpod and Hilde Architects offices.. Hilde.

With more than 12 years of experience, Ramsøskar has established a network of skilled and professional suppliers, contractors, craftsmen and consultants.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): At start-up, Trond Ramsøskar provides an estimated hourly consumption and progress schedule at startup. Hourly rate NOK 790.

Office: Interior Architect MNIL Trond Ramsøskar, Wilsesgate 6, 0178 Oslo. Tel: 924 413 05. Mob: 924 41 305. Email: [email protected]

Kari Ruud

Born: 1947 Interior Architect MNIL Exam from BKHS, 1970. Own practice from 1994.

– The office has extensive experience in the design and implementation of projects in housing, health institutions, hotel and catering centers in all parts of the country from Svalbard to Kristiansand.

The goal of each project is to develop the qualities of houses and premises, in cooperation with the client to achieve the desired goals.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 2

Particularly fun is it with restoration missions. There have been tasks ranging from packed houses by the North Sea, Saved Glove Shop to Losby Gods outside Oslo.

Many years of experience provide a good network of contacts with suppliers and craftsmen, so we can find good and economical solutions.

The website displays projects and contacts for references.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Hourly rate $ 550 by agreed amount of assignment and budget.

Office: Kari Ruud int. sheet. NIL, “Elsero” Arnstein Arnebergsvei 3, 0274 Oslo. Phone. : 22 44 04 22. Mob: 22 44 04 23. Email: [email protected]. Website: www. kari-ruud. no.

Tove Seberg

Born: 1960 Exam: NKI – Housing environment, own practice with six years experience.

– Zett Interior Design offers expertise in creating space for well-being and well-being. Primarily we work with private homes and cabins.

We help our customers with different choices, ranging from floor planes, floor selection, ceilings and walls, color schemes, choice of furniture and decor, but also textiles.

Last but not least, we are concerned that our customers have a proper lighting plan, which is essential for a successful room. Our task is to see opportunities and solutions based on our customers’ wishes and needs, whether it’s a whole home or just a single room.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 2

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Hourly rate $ 450. We usually prepare project prices for all our private customers.

Office: Zett interior design as, Harbitzalleen 2A, 0275 Oslo. Phone. : 24 12 99 10. Fax: 24 12 99 13. Email: [email protected]. Website: www. Zett. axis

Kirsti Skulberg

Born 1955 Interior Architect MNIL Education: Master Architectural Protection, Oslo Architectural and Design High School 2008 Own Practice, 25 Years of Experience.

– Special expertise in older buildings, these often require a different angle of attack as to how a project is planned. There are many unknown factors, and several houses have a public safeguard clause – either as conserved or regulated for conservation – and then there are many considerations to take.

Monitoring, for example, is important to start with. Then there will be a balance between what is to be retained by the old and what can be added to new components and features.

This will together give a result that both homeowners, residents and authorities are pleased with, and not least the house itself should be a good and eye-catching product. Collaboration with the client is in focus throughout the process. Good communication with craftsmen and building site follow-up is also important for the result.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Hourly rate $ 750, or by appointment.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 2

Office: Ullevålsveien 91, 0359 Oslo. Phone. : 23 19 74 87. Email: [email protected]

Beba Vaxevanidou-Holoyen

Born 1959 Interior Architect MNIL Exam at the Norwegian School of Professional Education, 1999.

– I have previously been part of Goodlife Interiors, and today I run my own company, Interior Architect Studio Beba V. Holøyen.

Beba performs a wide range of assignments within commercial and private environments. The assignments include concept design and decor for shops, showrooms, restaurants and offices, for functional floor plans and personal design for private homes and recreational properties..

I work with all phases of the projects, from design concept design, technical drawings, detailing of the project to follow-up of the design on the construction site.

Designing any project with personal interest and attention to detail at all stages of the work. I attach as much importance to functionality as on aesthetics and often suggest innovative materials and products, all in close cooperation with the customer.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Studio Beba V. Holøyen provides an estimated time consumption and progress plan for the entire project at startup. Hourly rate NOK 780.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 2

Beba Holøyen Photo: Beba Vaxevanidou Holøyen

Office: Interior Architect Studio Beba V. Holøyen, Darresgate 24, 0175 Oslo, Mob: 928 03 489. Email: [email protected] Website: www. intarkstudio. no

Cathrine M. Vonholm

Born: 1970 Interior designer and furniture designer MNIL BA hons. Examination at Brunel University, England 1999. Own practice in Oslo for the last 4 years.

– Work with housing and industrial projects and special design of furniture. Working for the principle that it is important to listen to the customer; Find out what’s right for them today, but also in the future.

Do not be afraid to work with different expressions and create exciting contrasts.

Honors: $ 780 per hour, excluding VAT, offer by appointment.

Office Anyplace as, Ivan Bjorndal Gate 27, 0472 Oslo. Mob: 924 07 222. Email: [email protected]. Website: www. anyplace. no

Anett Wallin

Born: 1969 Interior Architect MNIL Exam at SHKD in Bergen, Department of Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, 1994 major. Practice: Kreo as owned and operated by Anett Wallin (Interior Architect MNIL) and Kirsti McCarthy (Business Economist).

– Kreo has a unique professional combination that distinguishes us from other market players. We combine creative and analytical expertise in all phases of design development.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 2

We have chosen to specialize in the actual work process. This allows us to work across industries, business and private markets, and projects of different sizes and sizes.

Kreo creates good rooms through a holistic approach to architecture and design.

With understanding of your needs, and through good processes and project management, we develop well-functioning, complete and cost-conscious interior solutions. With our interdisciplinary background and experience, we can take responsibility for the entire process up to complete interior solutions. “

Honors: Kreo works at the agreed price or on running hours.

Office: Kreo as, Tollbugata 8b, 0152 Oslo. Mob: 916 11 843. Email: [email protected]. Website: www. kreo. no

Benedicte Aars-Nicolaysen

Born: 1941 Interior Architect MNIL Exam: School of Interior Design, Copenhagen 1964. Own Practice

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 2

– Emphasizes a good / efficient floor plan. Furnishings must be adapted to the resident – not the neighbor. Great experience in planning kitchen and bath, as well as lighting.

I am most pleased with a result where my work is “invisible”.

Examples of Curious Projects: Skøytebanelysning (lystårn), Spikersuppa, Oslo, Proof that it is the analysis of the task that gives the result.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Hourly rate $ 750.

Office: Hausmannsgt 16, 0182 Oslo. Phone. : 23 32 72 90. Mob. : 994 45 043. Email: [email protected]

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 2


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