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Interior Architects in Oslo – Part 1

Here are some of the best interior architects in the capital.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 1

Do you have vague ideas about how you want it at home, while you’re not creative enough to get it?

Then an interior designer can be the thing for you.

Bonytt has found good interior architects for you, the other things in Oslo, Drammen, Tønsberg and Bergen..

Here is the list of favorites in Oslo.

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Hanne Arvik

Born: 1962 Interior Architect MNIL Exam at the Art Academy in Oslo 1994, Faculty of Design with major subject in furniture and interior architecture. Practice: Started own company after graduation.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 1

– We work within the entire interdisciplinary aspect – from detached house to public building. As a customer, you are the one who knows the limits and prerequisites for the daily use of the building, and to get a good process and an end product in line with your wishes and expectations, we are keen to be responsive.

Our multidisciplinary experience from various projects has given us a broad understanding and ability to experience, which enables us to create good projects in collaboration with the builder and other users.

Honors upon further notice.

Contact Info: Metropolis Architecture & Design AS, Maridalsvn 29 0175 Oslo. Phone. : 40 0 ​​06 333/400 06 334. Mob: 90 68 8724. Email: [email protected]. Website: www. Metropolis. no.

Wenche Aursland

Born 1964 Interior Architect Exam at Istituto Europeo, Italy, Master 1999. Own practice since 2000.

– Whether I work with private homes or public spaces, I emphasize who will be staying in these rooms.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 1

The end result should be functional, innovative and at the same time be able to maintain a shelf life for several years to come.

I work a lot with colors as a tool for changes in the room’s character. My assignments also include the construction of trade shows, courses / lectures and teaching. Has for several years worked for the Information Office for color and interior and for several interior magazines. “

Honors (ex. VAT. ) hourly rate NOK 650. Price upon further agreement on large projects.

Office: AWA Interior Design Rosenhoffgata 12 B, 0569 Oslo. Mob: 909 65 732. Email: [email protected]

Elin Skjeseth Bashevkin

Born: 1960 Interior Architect MNIL and Civil Architect MNAL Exam at the School of Architectural Science in Oslo, 1988. Practice: Worked 15 years at Yran & Storbraathen, 1 year at Scenario Interior Architects, 6 years of practice in Cadi as.

– Has primarily worked with interior projects throughout my practice. Everything from all ships, such as small towns, from floor plans down to the smallest detail to interior projects at home for private clients.

I also have good experience with schools, day care centers, rehabilitation of office space and other types of jobs.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 1

My strength is good planning, effective land use, rugged color use. I have good material knowledge. I emphasize to find the right solution for the customer while maintaining an aesthetic overall. “

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Hourly rate approx. NOK 750-810 depending on the type of work assignment. Estimates with a fee frame are always prepared.

Office: Cadi as, Briskebyveien 48, 0259 Oslo. Phone. : 23 27 40 40. Fax: 23 37 40 49. Email: [email protected]. Website: www. Cadi. no.

Kathinka Dalseg

Interior Architect MNIL and furniture designer Exam at SHKD 1988-93, also has an elementary art history. Own practice since 1994.

Kathinka is skilled in both rooms, lighting and décor, and is concerned with color use in interior design..

– Colors make me upset and happy, I see no reason for using only the gray part of the color palette. My strength is to combine colors, materials and lighting in a playful, balanced way without drawing the focus away from the good space experience.

Kathinka is responsive and customizes decor according to customer wishes and needs.

– A room should work optimally, both visually and functionally. I take large and small interior design, public and private.

The assignments range from rehabilitation and new coloring of three stairwells in an older city hall in Oslo, for pre-design and interior design solutions for single-family homes.

Honors: By appointment.

Office: Anthon Walles Road 34 A, 1337 Sandvik. Phone. : 67 53 72 99. Fax: 67 53 79 85. Mob: 901 79 039, Email: [email protected].

Kine Dyvi

Born: 1967 Interior designer Exam at Palazzo Spinelli, Florence 1992. Own practice. Previously worked at Heiberg Cummings Design, Von der Lippe Interiør.

– I want to help the customer get a home they can enjoy regardless of trends and latest fashion. Emphasizes that the interior should reflect who lives there, and to combine the aesthetic with the practical. Inspired by designers from bl. a. Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

Also offers online-based interior assistance with everything from color selection and textiles to finishing the entire room.

Honors by appointment. Online assistance is at a fixed price of NOK 3500 / room.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 1

Primary Role. The bathtub has the venue in the large, airy bathroom. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Office: Idea design, Erling Skjalgsson’s street 24, 0268 Oslo. Phone. : 917 86 499. Email: [email protected]

HAEG HOLM Interior Architects

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 1

Comprises Helene Holm, born: 1970, and Nina Hæg, born 1969 Both are Interior Architect MNIL Exam at SHKS, Department of Furniture and Interior Architecture, 2000.

– HAEG HOLM was established in 1999 and has assignments for both public and private homes. We want to awaken feelings and reactions, that no one is indifferent to our products and interiors.

We create interior design and good design with a conscious and holistic thought behind.

The interiors and products are functional, innovative and appealing. For HAEG HOLM it is important to offer a comprehensive identity for the client.

Honors upon further notice.

Office: HAEG HOLM Interior Design Furniture Design MNIL, Sofiesgate 11, 0170 Oslo. Tel: 91198966 E-mail: [email protected], web: www. haegholm. no

Linda Lien

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 1

Raise Holm interior artist Photo: Espen Grønli

Born: 1972 Interior Architect MNIL Exam at the Bergen Art Institute, 2001

– Assignments both for private homes and the public environment (shops, cultural institutions, office space, special design). In the private market, I work with everything from small compact apartments and cottages to total rehabilitation of homes.

With my professional competence, I want to create the optimal room or environment in response to the needs, dreams or expectations of a particular person or whole audience.

Depending on the customer / group, focus may be on strict features, playfulness, harmony or exciting and memorable experiences. Emphasizes good dialogue throughout the process to do work with efficient progress and good results.

Honors upon further notice.

Office: LIEN DESIGN, interior design and furniture design, Jørgen Løvlandsgt. 22 b, 0569 Oslo. Email: [email protected]. Website: www. lien design. no

Peder Olimb

Born: 1964 Interior architect / architect. Examination at the Norwegian State Crafts and Art Industry School in Oslo, 1999. Practice: Formerly own builder company, Snøhetta sheet. office. Own interior and architectural office since 2002.

– Each customer is unique and therefore has different wishes and needs based on where and how to live, live, family situation and what style you want to surround.

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 1

All these aspects are therefore taken into account at the beginning of a project. My task is to create good rooms and environments with optimal functionality tailored to the customer’s wishes, needs and dreams.

I work both with interior projects and architecture design including construction cases for the municipality. I prefer to work closely with the customer to achieve the best possible overall and detailed solutions.

Honors (ex. VAT. ): Hourly rate NOK 700. Architectural tutors for house design and construction: Fixed price by appointment. Central approval.

Office: Peder Olimb Design, Maridalsveien 3, 0178 Oslo. Mob: 916 98 798. Email: [email protected]. Website: www. olimbdesign. no

Interior Architects in Oslo - Part 1


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