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Inn with nature

The vault does not need to hang over the fireplace.

Inn with nature

Inn with nature

BEAUTIFUL KNITTING: The wreath becomes a little decoration on the wall. Photo: Elisabeth Aarhus Hudson

The owner of the white painted bedroom likes to touch with some unusual details for his home.

After the fall hunt last year she got a surprising gift by a friend. Although it had been bad with the foul of wildlife, he had found an old fox in the middle of Hardangervidda.

The ram was cleaned and scrapped free of dirt. Then she painted it with white oil paint, two coats, so it worked well.

It was like decorating on the dining table until she moved into a new apartment.

When the need for knagger appeared, she drilled two holes in the veil and fastened it with screws in the wall.

The elegant sculpture now hangs firmly on the wall of the room, as cleaning aid for chains, scarves, hats and other that deserve a space on the wall.

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