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Inger and Bjørn Nome live in a house a little out of the ordinary

The Nome family built an eco-house on the grounds of the 1400s.

Inger and Bjørn Nome live in a house a little out of the ordinary

Inger and Bjørn Nome live in a house a little out of the ordinary

KITCHEN: The kitchen contains everything you need and is part of the large and bright room on the ground floor. Photo: PHOTO. Liv Sandvik Jakobsen

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Inger and Bjørn Nome lived in the prestigious estate down the center of the village. He was a minister and she worked as a teacher.

They lived close to both work and school, but the house was not theirs. The family began to wish something they could own.

Hope for refurbishment

On their way to one of their countless berries in the woods, they drove past the Rinden.

Bjørn says that the hamlet has received attention for its cultural landscape and on the Rinden it has probably been settlement since the 1400s.

– When we contacted the owners, they were interested in selling and we were divided by 10.8 goals, he smiles satisfied.

On the property was an old house, a staff cage and a firehouse.

– We first hoped to be able to brush up the old house, but it was so ruined by emptyness that we decided to tear up and build new ones, explains Inger.

When this provision was finally taken, the couple was not in doubt. They wanted an eco-house.

After just over a year of planning and contact with architect, they were ready to get started. In spring 2010, the family could move into their own homes.

Energy Saving

Bear shows around and eagerly says about the benefits of an eco-house.

– It breathes through the insulation of flax and wool, which provides a fresh indoor climate. Eco-houses are both healthy and environmentally friendly. It is a warm house and the energy consumption is considerably lower. Although it costs a little extra to build, you get the gain in terms of, for example, lower power costs, he says.

In the middle of the large room on the ground floor, the couple has built an oven with an open fireplace facing the living room, the oven and the fireplace in the kitchen.

Inger and Bjørn Nome live in a house a little out of the ordinary

OUT ON THE VERANDAEN: The glass door leads out to the breakfast terrace and the herb garden. Notice the refrigerator that is filled into the wall. Photo: Liv Sandvik Jakobsen


WHO: Bjørn (41), Inger (41), Simon (15), Mikkel (11) and Milla (10).

YRKE: Bjørn works as a priest and Inger as a teacher.

ANIMALS: Two farm taxes.

BOR: In an eco-house in Åslandsgrend in Fyresdal in Telemark.

INNOVATION PHILOSOPHY: Having what you need to live well on as few square as possible.

DREAM: Make a ceramic workshop in the firehouse. Make the garden more lush.

BLOG: the arena round. blogspot. no

– In addition to waterborne heat in the floors, this is actually the house’s only heat source. It keeps firing up here in the evening. Autumn and spring usually last with every other day. Inside the oven, the heat is transported through several compartments and it stays impressive for a long time. The heat is spread throughout the house and makes the rooms comfortable.

Short between inside and out

In the summer there are open doors that apply. Large windows leave the summer light in and wide-open glass doors wipe out the distinction between the outside and inside.

– On multiple walls, we chose together with the architect to replace windows with doors, explains Inger.

– We wanted easy access to the yard and the large garden from several rooms in the house.

Inger’s breakfast room is right on the outside of the spacious and open kitchen.

– I often sit here with the coffee cup!

On the way in, she may bring some goodies from the herb garden close by.

On the same level as the floors inside, there are also floors on the porches and the greenhouse.

– This is perceived as an extension of the indoor rooms, smiles Inger is pleased and smears on her shoes as she walks out with a large tray of cups and tubs. Outside the garden is the table covered with a mixture of delicious and old porcelain finds.

– I think it’s so cozy to cover up with grandmother’s old plates, smiles Inger and adds that the food tastes almost better.

On the long legs are soft blankets and pillows. Under the tall and lush birch, today’s dinner is supposed to be taken.

The new garden

Behind the white gate in the fenced garden, the family has plenty of space.

Inger and Bjørn Nome live in a house a little out of the ordinary

DRIVHUSET: This is built up of windows from the old house and school in the village. Here there is room for both food and play. Photo: Liv Sandvik Jakobsen

– Unfortunately, there is not much left of the old garden, explains Inger.

When the house was built, there was naturally some digging. Therefore she appreciates the two old cherry trees that throne in the middle of the green. With their beautiful white flowering, they appear as jewelry on the property.

– I have many plans for the garden, Inger smiles eagerly, who wants to create more rooms out of the “football pitch”.

There is space for the kitchen garden. Rips, strawberries, potatoes and several types of salad are already in the ground. Having the opportunity to grow yourself and bring in healthy and short-lived ingredients makes Inger and the family appreciate.

– It has been my dream, explains Inger, who is actually a city girl. She came to the village together with Bjørn when he thanked the priesthood and the couple was set to stay for a short period of time.

– Now we have been here for 15 years and we have even built houses!

The simple and good life

The couple thrive in their breathtaking eco-house and, although they could not keep the original farmhouse, they have spared many of the materials.

– We used as much as we could from lists and details. Among other things, old wall panels were made for practical and fine bookshelves between kitchen and living room.

Inger and Bjørn Nome live in a house a little out of the ordinary

OPEN: The open solution gives room feeling, good air flow, heat to all rooms and, not least, the possibility of contact with each other. Photo: Liv Sandvik Jakobsen

Together with the architect, they decided not to build larger than what a family of five strictly needed. It is also a part of the environmental thought behind such houses, and it suited the family well.

– We want to live easily, says Inger, adding that the architect was good at thinking creatively and providing smart room solutions.

– We are very pleased with the results. We have space for everything we need and a little more.

Early in the process, Inger and Bjørn also decided to prioritize space for a greenhouse.

– We used windows from the old house and the school in the village. This room we have so much enjoy! In here they are happy to sit on late summer nights and look over the hamlet they have become so fond of.

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Briefly about the eco house:

ACTIVITY: An alternative to the new building / passive house. Active house has breathable construction without ventilation.

AREAL: Calculates 25 m2 per person versus new standard in central areas that have 50 m2.

ISOLATION: Follows new standards in quantity and thickness, but with flax and wool that is climate-friendly to produce.

HEATING: Wood fired oven, solar water heater collector and water-borne heat in the floors.

ARCHITECT: Rolf Jacobsen from Gaia Tjøme has long experience with eco-house.

SUPPLIER MASSEOVN : fire / about us

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Inger and Bjørn Nome live in a house a little out of the ordinary

USE: The living room is cozy furnished with furniture the couple had before. Photo: Liv Sandvik Jakobsen

Inger and Bjørn Nome live in a house a little out of the ordinary

INNOVATION: Toner from the piano and guitar often fills the house. The bookcase is made of materials from the old house. Photo: Liv Sandvik Jakobsen

Inger and Bjørn Nome live in a house a little out of the ordinary

SOLFYLT: The view of the hamlet is impeccable. Here they have sunshine from morning to evening. Photo: Liv Sandvik Jakobsen

Inger and Bjørn Nome live in a house a little out of the ordinary

UTEVASK: Outside the new playroom there is a hanging clothes line. Nothing is like laundry in the open air! Photo: Liv Sandvik Jakobsen


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