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Indream Neato XV 25

Fine for cleaning, but can get stuck

Indream Neato XV 25

In short:

This makes it completely clean. The vacuum cleaner leaves a lot of crumbs and struggles to bring everything in the corners. Despite the square front. It is able to get around on long-haired carpeting but with some problems. Ended up eating a solid amount of the long-haired wool blanket. It used about 15 minutes in the test room.

Smart Wall

Systematic approach. Nice arrangement with a virtual wall in the form of a small 4.5 meter list you can roll out over the floor. Then it stays within it. It fits well under low furniture, but due to the elevation on the top it can get stuck. Otherwise, it will get back to the charger once it is finished.

Easy to use

Very silly operation in Asian style. With texts and sounds, but the quick guide will get you started quickly. The battery is fully installed. Press start and you are running.


Producer Price 3990


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