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In this house all furniture is reused

In this house all furniture is reused, but the house is no more than four years old.

In this house all furniture is reused

Skipperhus på Hvasser

Who: Erik Asmyhr (62).

Works like: Teacher and Driver Fears Sheep (Sheep Sheep. no) together with Terje Bjerga.

Family: 4 adult children, dog: Rim (Alaskan Malamute).

What: House built in 2012 (and approx. 1850). Rented out on weekends and holidays.

If you come here as a guest, you would think that the house is old. But it was completed in 2012, built in skipper house style from about. 1850, and all fixtures are reuse. The items have their own patina that gives a warm and cozy atmosphere.

It’s not until you really look that it might be the staircase that reveals it all. It is from the 1920s and had to be cut in two to get an angle and a repos. Then you discover that this is a new house with recycled materials.

Here lives Erik Asmyhr and Malamutunden Rim. And here are the days at the sea, with the silence that only 500 inhabitants can give.

– Hvasser is a gem. Quiet and quiet for 10 months of the year. With the world’s best bakery, the sea bakery. There are people in the holiday months in a long queue before opening to get a beautiful organic backing. In addition, Hvasser has lots of beautiful nature. When the bathers come, I travel to the mountains. Imagine being fortunate enough to live here by the sea at the rocks, and then just flee to the good silence on the mountain when “everyone” will be here.

The story begins with Asmyhr building a house. He walked around Hvasser and looked for a blanket. Eventually he noticed a plot in the middle of the shore that was out for sale, and no one seemed to want. A plot he had gone by with his students every week. After a year he called the owner, and the plot became his.

Reuse and interior

What do you do when you find the plot no one wants and that does not cost much. Yes, you have to draw the dream house. But how does that look and how do you go? Asmyhr tells with a lazy smile in the eye.

– I brought me a tape measure and measured it on Hvasser I think was the best. Climbed even on the roof with a headlight in the dark in the middle of winter! Had to have accurate angles. The house is used as a cottage, so nobody was there. And then I shrunk the house a bit, and whipped, I had the plan ready.

A construction company set up the travel agency, but everything else he has done himself. It was no problem to use all the materials that had accumulated over the years. These were already planned at the drawing table and looked perfect.

He has collected doors for 25 years. The finest have been adorned with the house, some have been to beds, others for benchmarks in the kitchen. The house is on the rocky mountains, and the mountain acts as in front of the entrance.

– Here I also fill up in small balls for grandchildren and small birds. They act like small pools. The kids can stay there for hours.

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In this house all furniture is reused

HOMEPAGE: Here is all the home page of recycled materials. The long table has been with Erik for 35 years. The blue long bench is made of old floorboards. The carvings on the bench are copied from an old stool. The tove board on the wall and the glass lamp above the table is inherited. The decorative growth in the vase is Strandkvann. As far back as in the Viking age, women were used as vegetables and spices. The earliest chair by the fireplace is Eriks favorite spot. Photo: Inger Marie Grini

Where Asmyhr grew up there was a big barn filled with scrap. It took a few years before he realized the value in it and that the barn was really full of taxes. There was no one else who shared his opinion about this, so everything was his.

– I was the only one in the family who liked old things. When relatives and others discovered that, I only got more.

These came along when he finally built the house he wanted. Floors, bricks, windows, doors, lamps, roof beams – everything is spared.

– It’s a bargain when you buy windows for a whole house for a few thousand flaps. 20 windows for the price of one to be precise. Then it does not matter that you have to drive all the way to Stavanger to pick them up, smiles Asmyhr lurt.

Why reuse?

– Materials produced nowadays often do not target. It will be a pleasure that you have to change outerwear after 10-12 years at new houses. And travel is often as easy as poplar. The craftsmen are good now, they, but the quality of the materials and their sorting was better before. This has enough to do with today’s strong self for profit, not quality.

Asmyhr is also concerned with what’s good for us. Inner cladding is a new perlestaffpanel that has been treated with freshly produced linseed paint, from Swedish Allbeck.

– They have a stunningly beautiful color chart with traditional colors. Molo in Bygdøy allé in Oslo leads the paint. Cheers a bottle, but is definitely worth it.

Farries Getting

At Hvasser, Asmyhr works as a teacher at camp school. There he teaches in life at, in and on the sea, from ice to day. A day 13 years ago, a new teacher started out on the islands, Terje.

– He was as interested in sheep like me. I had dreamed of starting up with sheep, but found that the white sheep was a bit too big and tall. Terje is from western Norway and was familiar with the wild seaweed. It took a few weeks, so we were going. Now grazing Old Norse spælsau close to my house, and overlooking the Farmer lighthouse.

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In this house all furniture is reused

In the kitchen there is a beautiful Hvasser fireplace burned up.

In this house all furniture is reused

Also in the bathroom, a kitchen interior can be quite nice. The mirror is from a prayer house. It hung over an organ so the organist could lift his eyes and see the church.

In this house all furniture is reused

The bed was bought in Gudbrandsdalen when the children were small. With a little gold paint it became a princess bed.

In this house all furniture is reused

The wall panels at the grandchildren’s guest rooms are painted old pink. The door closes in the wall is a shop when there are small visits.

In this house all furniture is reused

The chest is practical as a table and provides extra storage. The skirt from the mother’s aunt is painted in a gray-green.

In this house all furniture is reused

The bed has Erik caressed himself and the materials are old doors.

In this house all furniture is reused

On the beautiful door to the glass porch, Erik has hung up yarn from his own wild sauces.

In this house all furniture is reused

The stairs were originally in a 1920s house. It had to be split so that it got a repos and an angle.

In this house all furniture is reused

The glass front in front of the house serves as a greenhouse in the summer and extra cold in the winter. An old beer bottle decorates on the bench.

In this house all furniture is reused

The entrance door towards the porch is blue-blue mixed with a little white. Here, the swab works as well. Absolutely beautiful when the sun warms up the mountain in the summer and the kids splash in the nature-shaped pools.

In this house all furniture is reused

In the garden outside the glass porch there are more nice seating.

In this house all furniture is reused

Erik has collected almost all of his life. It is useful to build all the inventory of recycled materials.

It’s no wonder that skins and lambs go away like hot wheat bread. Ulla spins at Hoenfeldt Lund in Grimstad and turns into beautiful yarn where the lanolin is not taken out. This allows the garments to withstand more moisture. When it gets properly cold, ulla shrinks, and the garment becomes like a shield against the cold. The yarn is not added to color, it only keeps the color of the animal so the variety is large.

– Now we have found someone to market and sell the yarn, and we will try to further develop new products that fit the yarn’s properties, “says Asmyhr..


– Life is often rock hard. Both here with us and out in the world. Looking for the beautiful has become more important over the years, necessary to find some kind of balance. To see children and people how they can be good to each other in the simple little, the beautiful in good crafts, colors, flowers, birds and landscapes. It helps me with all the hesitant in the world. You need it beautiful.

The case was first published in Lev Landlig.


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