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In some places you can bargain on the rental price

How to get the dream apartment

In some places you can bargain on the rental price

Should you rent a property? Check this first.

  • Check that the property is approved for a permanent stay. This should be known to the owner.
  • Take a strict inspection round in your home where you check light, air, smell smells, and if there are any visible injuries and the like. Have a checklist with you. If the accommodation does not pass, go ahead.
  • Please take pictures of any errors and damage when you move in, so you avoid having to pay for that page.
  • Take the time to read the contract. It should be a standard contract without unreasonable terms. You only pay for rent and heating, plus any broadband. For example, there should be no job requirements or dates you can not be in the home.
  • Deposit must be three to six months, but no more. There should also be no major clauses that the home should be in perfect condition when moving. It should be normal wear and tear.
  • Deposit will be set on your own deposit account or with a guarantee scheme, such as via broker. You do not have to put money into the owner’s own account.
  • The rent should never be increased before staying there for a year. Then you can adjust for price increases, while after three years you can make a bigger increase.
  • You must dare to say something about things that do not match. Perhaps due to the fact that the owner himself has no knowledge.
  • The tenant also has a duty. You need to change the fuse if it goes and is responsible for light bulbs, battery in smoke detectors, door handles, cranes and so forth.

Source: Nikolaos Farmakis, Communications Manager at the Rental Broker, and Linda Ørstavik Öberg, Youth Adviser in the Homeowners’ Association.

Right now there are record number of available rental homes.

– The tenant has more to choose from, and also has better opportunity to negotiate on both the price and the date of relocation, “says adviser Linda Ørstavik Öberg in the Huseiernes Landsforbund.

Investigate the market first

CEO Lars Aasen of the Leieboerforeningen would be careful.

– It’s smart to be a knowledgeable homeowner. Find out what the rent prices are and what you can expect in different layers of the market. Go on views and check interest, he says.

Leieboerforeningen has not received feedback that the market is better for tenants. The Aasen therefore emphasizes that a couple of three thousand more vacant homes than normal do not constitute as much of the over 500,000 rental properties that are found in Norway.

– In some places, you may want to bargain on the rent, but it is place-dependent. In Stavanger, for example, the rental market has fallen, but I have trouble believing that the same applies to the press areas in Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. In that case it is stupid to request a refusal of the rent right away.

If you are in a situation where you can choose and wreck you should also acquire knowledge of homeowners’ responsibilities. As a landlord, there are some things you should know before renting out the condo or the cabin.

As it is a good market for tenants, it is also possible to lay down proper conditions for landlords, emphasizes Communications Manager, Nikolaos Farmakis, in the Lessor of Lessons..

Check the fact box for tips on what to check when viewing. And, as always: read carefully before signing up on the contract.

How to find the apartment

There are already many ads for available homes on the internet, but if you are not completely desperate, you may want to try more channels. Perhaps the dream apartment has not been posted yet?

– It’s about using their network. Tell family and friends that you are on a home hunt. And go online, that is where it happens. I certainly think you can post an ad about yourself, tip Farmakis.

For renters, it is usually Finn. no and hybel. no, which are the most important resources when looking for a new place to live.

There are often local groups on social media such as Facebook, where there are continuously vacant rooms and apartments.

There is also nothing in the way of contacting rental agents directly and reporting their interest in an area or price layer.

How to present yourself

Often, you are asked to present themselves before any view.

– In an application, you briefly tell yourself about yourself. Of course, this does not hurt if you are a calm and responsible person who likes to keep it tidy around you, but landlords usually accept a party in new and new. If you have pets and more people living in the apartment than yourself, there are examples of things that you should definitely advise landlords about so that there will be no conflicts later, says Öberg.

Please note that there are many private homeowners in Norway who have their personal criteria for who they want to rent to. Unfortunately, it is more difficult for anyone than others to get housing.

– For those who struggle to find housing, it’s hard almost anyway. For example, people with poor income, NAV warranty or dark skin color. These often experience getting the furthest in the queue. Professional landlords are more concerned about whether you have credit remarks. Professional landlords are often a bit more expensive, but many think it’s worth a few doggies to avoid living in the basement of the landlord, says Aasen in Leieboerforeningen.

To improve your chances, it pays to show you a safe economy.

– Highlight what you think may be homeowners looking for. Are you a Christian, blond woman studying at the Police College, you can draw it up. Please write a little about what you’re doing in your spare time, where you get the money to pay the rent from, if you have good references from before, says Aasen.

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By proving that you have a safe economy, you may get a head start.

In some places you can bargain on the rental price

PROFESSIONAL RENTAL: Apartments like this at Anker Student Housing in Oslo, rented by a company. “Professional landlords are often a bit more expensive, but many think it is worth some doggie to avoid living in the basement of the landlord,” says Lars Aasen, CEO of Leieboerforeningen. Photo: Anker student residence

– Please include a paycheck or contract of employment that can document this. And then it’s very nice with a proper reference, “says Farmakis in the rental broker.

And yes, the reference should be different from your parents.

– It’s very common to use your parents, at least when you are young about to rent for your first home. The best reference is your boss or people you’ve lived with earlier, he tips.

– It means a lot for landlords to be able to take a quick phone to check that you have been a good rental farmer. This makes it safe for landlords and it gives you as a home seeker a head start since there are many who can not refer to references, says Öberg.

Meet up time

If you are invited to view, you should use the opportunity to make a good impression.

– Going on view is like going to work interview or date. You must prove yourself a nice and pleasant person, “says Farmakis in the rental broker.

And by all means: meet up on time.

– It’s very stupid to be sloppy with appointments you make with the owner, such as not meeting up in time for viewing. Then the owner becomes unsure of what this says about the person.

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Beyond this, says Farmakis, people must be themselves.

In some places you can bargain on the rental price

RENTAL MARKET: In August 2015 there are over 9000 available homes for rent in Norway. According to the rental broker, it is record high. Photo: SCREEN DUMP: Find.com

– On display it’s best to be honest and accommodating. Selection of tenants often happens based on initial impressions, so it is important to show themselves in a positive and accommodating manner. Present yourself, handshake at the landlord, and please ask questions that show you are interested, adds Öberg.

Aasen in the Leieboerforeningen says that it is advantageous to adapt to what the owner probably wants in a tenant.

– It may be a good idea to drop nails, leather and safety pins through the cheek of the display. But after you’ve got the apartment you can be yourself, he points out.

This looks homeowner for

But no matter how pleasant you are, most homeowners will be concerned with the practicality.

– The landlord is very concerned with two things: that you pay rent and that you do not break the apartment. It’s about assuring the owner that you can deliver on these things, “says Farmakis.

There are often limitations on what you can do in a rented home, but small changes can make the rental house much nicer.

Öberg adds that it is often positive if you are willing to long term rent so that landlords are secured stability.

– It does not mean that the house is empty between owners, and there is also less work for landlords since he or she does not have to look for new tenants annually.


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