Imagine a suitcase in the bathroom

An old brown suitcase and a shipwreck from England were the bathroom cabinet shelves and mirrors.

Imagine a suitcase in the bathroom

When the Sebjørnsen family was to enter the bathroom, it was a little different than other baths. With a good portion of imagination and searching for used things online, everything came in place.

Vidar Sebjørnsen says he started with the aluminum main mirror.

– On the web, I came across a company in England who takes care of ship interior. I ordered a ship window that came with ten millimeters of tempered ice cream. I removed the glass from the frame, and it was used as a template by the glass master when he was going to cut the mirror.

The mirror had rounded corners and was glued where the original window glass was set. It was mounted on ten millimeter plywood slatted out of the wall. Due to the weight of the mirror, the disc is bolted with strong bolts and screws.

Imagine a suitcase in the bathroom

BADEMILJØ. A three-meter laminated kitchen plate from Byggmakker is cut and glued together. The bathroom and bathroom fixture from Bademiljø is called Batcho Castellon and Signero Pure. Photo: Private

With the ship window in place, the pursuit of an old brown suitcase started to be mounted on the top. Vidar Sebjørnsen had approximate goals, and it was found on an online store full of sniper repairs.

Imagine a suitcase in the bathroom

MARITIMT RESPONSIBILITY. The slab has rounded corners like the mirror. The mirror is bolted with rough screws. Photo: Private

– The rest of the plywood was measured, sawed and put together into a simple wooden shelf. The shelves were grounded with a wet floor and painted with the same color as on the wooden board on the wall. They were so glued to the bottom of the suitcase, says Sebjørnsen.

Afterwards, the suitcase was screwed into the same plate as the mirror. The suitcase got new brass hinges, and magnetic fasteners were mounted up and down on the sides of the insides and the lid.

Several old baggage brands from ships and hotels are printed on plastic film and glued to the suitcase lid. In Barcelona, ​​Vidar Sebjørnsen found a knot that glides in the maritime environment.

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Imagine a suitcase in the bathroom

The suitcase is attached to a veneer plate painted with blue North Sea high gloss paint, S 1020-B50G, the suitcase has got the same color inside. Magnetic latches are attached to the shelf edges up and down. Photo: Private

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Imagine a suitcase in the bathroom

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