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If you fall down here you may not be insured

If you have done the bathroom yourself and leaks, the insurance does not cover the damage.

The spring is often time to boot for renovation and maintenance. Some may also plan to set up an extension or bodybuilding. Then you will be aware that your insurance does not cover all the work you do and that in some cases you may have a short cut in case of damage.

– If the work has been done and is not properly executed and the damage is also due to the fact that the job has not been performed properly, it can have consequences in terms of shortening of the compensation, “says Communications Director of SpareBank 1 Insurance, Christian Brosstad, to click. no.

He points out that this particular will apply to work requiring authorization to disable.

– What becomes crucial in this context will be the insurance company’s safety regulations and what types of work they include, professor emeritus in insurance law at the University of Oslo, Hans Jacob Bull, outlines clicks. no.

– And if you violate the regulations, it will not be necessary until you can risk insurance for consequential damages.

The safety regulations specify the requirements set out in the insurance agreement for the insurance to apply. “Safety regulations are mandatory in the insurance agreement that the assured must provide certain security measures that the assured must have certain qualifications or certificates or certain procedures for using the insured object”, writes Finans Norge on its web pages.

Worker that requires authorization

If you fall down here you may not be insured

Drop this – properly wash the terrace

There are some works you can not do yourself in the home. First and foremost, this is electrical and plumbing work.

– Work on plumbing installations should always be carried out by a qualified professional. The same goes for electrical installations, says Product Manager in Gjensidige, Linda Engen, to click. no.

– If you do this yourself without being authorized, you can shorten the compensation if there is a connection between your work and the damage.

The same applies also to so-called wetworks.

– There is also very limited coverage through the insurance. Because if you make a mistake in the bathroom and you get water damage, you can be sitting with the bill yourself, therefore you should not do the work yourself, the English man adds.

According to the Advisory Board for Wet Areas, it is recorded annually about 80. 000 water damage, and many of them are due to the fact that the work is not performed properly or that the materials used are too bad.

Regulatory Performance Requirement

In the case of workers who do not require authorized craftsmen, Christian Brosstad says that, in the context of insurance, no distinction is made between whether the work is performed by a self or by a professional, as long as the work is performed properly.

If you fall down here you may not be insured

ERROR: If you forget about tools outside and it is stolen during the night, it will be covered by your insurance, up to a certain limit. Photo: Alexander Berg jr.

– If you have done the work yourself and there is an injury due to the fact that the work is not performed properly, it may have consequences in the form of a shortening of the compensation.

Insurance for Bad Crafts

In cases where the craftsman’s work is due to the damage, insurance companies have insurance policies that can cover consequential damages. But it is usually not included in the basic coverage.

– We have a top cover that will compensate for consequential damage if a craftsman has made a mistake in the work. Examples may be incorrect material use or incorrect construction, “says Linda Engen.

– The mistake is the craftsman himself responsible for repair, but any consequential damage we cover.


In cases where you work with a GS worker and you are robbed of either materials or tools from a private outdoor area, this will be covered by your insurance, even if it was not locked or secured otherwise.

– The amount of money may vary from company to company, but up to a certain amount, theft is covered from outside space, although it is not guaranteed, Engen says.

If you fall down here you may not be insured

– Can you smell it has gone too far

– Includes theft values ‚Äč‚Äčabove this limit, the requirement would be that it should be locked in.

If you are rejected items that you have created yourself, this will also be covered by an insurance.

But you must be able to document the value of the item, “says Christian Brosstad.


Unfortunately, an accident occurs when puzzling. The classic is a fall from rising, and in such cases the consequences can be big. The challenge is that you are not automatically covered, either by residential or villa insurance.

– In such cases, one must have an accident insurance, explains Linda Engen, who adds that travel insurance can also have accident cover, but the amount usually is low.

In the event of someone hiring someone to do the job, any personal injury could be covered by the insurances. But not in all cases.

If you fall down here you may not be insured

Genius if you’re bad to throw

– For example, if the neighbor’s son is allowed to house the house for a few days and he falls down, he will be able to stand without cover and you without responsibility, describes Engen.

This is because work is not counting as significant. But if that time and work had been extensive, for example because the walls had to be scratched first, the situation could have been different.

– In such cases where the work is significant, the occupational injury in the insurances insurance will be able to cover the damage, Engen expands.

“If the insured as an individual is to be regarded as an employer under the Occupational Health Insurance Act of 16. June 1989 no. 65 pairs. 2a, the Company reaffirms in accordance with the terms of the Act against injured parties who, under the section of the Act, are to be regarded as an employee “, in the terms of If’s insurances.

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