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“I understand people are curious

" Hobbit cottage " has Sverre Mørk himself designed and built from the bottom.

The cottage of Sverre Mørk is said to be an original cottage project with a distinctive architecture.

The cottage on the mountain can be interpreted as a modern crossing of a strawberry and a Viking house. It is self-constructed and self-built from the bottom of the construction work he himself has picked up in the forest by hand. The hut made Sverre out of his own mind and the experience he had previously from hand-smelling of log houses.

– I knew the Vikings used to put houses on pillars, so that idea comes from there, he says to Hytteliv. He had to deduce the roof structure himself. He made a model of sticks 1-25 cm, moving, testing, cutting and gluing to the shape, as well as the lengths and thicknesses of the different logs. Then he went to the woods and handpicked pine trees to the 54 different logs. These were pulled by hand and by scooter.

The building itself started in 2012. The counselors in the municipality scratched their heads a little while the drawings dumped into the inbox, but they could eventually find out that the cottage was the cleanest engineering.

Earthquake became a tourist attraction

The cottage is located between Oslo and Bergen, more specifically in Sudndalen, which is a small mountain village at the top of Hallingdal. Here is Hallingskarvet National Park nearest neighbor and it is a great area for hiking, skiing, cycling and fishing.. It is not so rare that tourists stop and enter the yard to study the cottage closer.

Sverre has therefore had to set up a sign where it says “private”.

– I do not think it’s so weird that people are curious, it’s a bit sensational. But the idea was to create a small and intimate cottage with the possibility of total silence. A contrast to the impersonal, big luxury homes in populated cottages, he explains.

"I understand people are curious

ORIGINAL HOUSE: The cottage looks almost like it has grown up from the ground, and as in the traditional soil, the wood is covered with soil where natural growth grows from the forest. The roof is a natural forest floor that was laid on the excavator. During a couple of summers, this will coincide to a firm peat roof. PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen

"I understand people are curious

PLACE FOR THE FAMILY: In the cottage there is room for a family of four. The children sleep on the couches. The double bed of the mother and father is located on the other side of the room. The special construction with columns of wooded logs is integrated into several of the furniture and gives the interior a very special touch. PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen

"I understand people are curious

OPEN REMOVAL: The cottage is 30 square meters. The toilet and shower are screened with a wall in the back of the kitchen. On the other hand, the gray firewall towards the living room is an integral part of the kitchen. PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen

"I understand people are curious

PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen

The cottage has all facilities

The cottage has all facilities; floor heating, water closet and tiled shower with hot water. The kitchen decor and the beds he has designed and built himself. He has also used a large amount of old materials that are freshened up to decor.

The cottage is 30 square meters, and absolutely everything is self-made; foundations, ceilings, windows and doors.

During the construction period, Sverre spent 130 days in a hammock on a plot. Now he can relax and enjoy the dream cottage. Through the windows he can stretch his arm out of blueberry from his own roof. It will not be more short-lived than that.

"I understand people are curious

COVER OF EARTH: A gamme is a simple, ancient form of farmhouse. It has a work of wood that is covered with soil or peat. Gammer connects primarily with Sami, but has been used as a dwelling across the country. Generally, one gamme had one room, but it could also be divided into several rooms. Sverre Mørk built the cottage and fully insulated with rock peat in walls and roofs before land was laid on. There are used peat cuts, that is, pressed peat that can be laid on steep walls without significant signing. PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen

"I understand people are curious

OWN DESIGN: The interior and bed furniture have Sverre designed and built. The picture shows the “master bedroom” with space for two adults. PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen

"I understand people are curious

GUTTEN IN THE SMOKING: Every day, cottage owners run Sverre Mørk ambulance in Oslo. In his spare time, he has built this impressive farmhouse. PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen

– What made you start this project?

– I work daily at an ambulance in Oslo city center. When the sun hits the hut, it is perceived as a huge delicious contrast to the city’s shadow sides.

Here it is completely quiet, rural and free. In addition, the motivation was to rent it out. Now people who are not used to being so close to nature can get an opportunity for it.

The cottage has also got its own page on Facebook; turf hut. no.

"I understand people are curious

BODY WITH VEDOVN: It does not take long to get warm in the cottage, which is well insulated with soil and peat. Old ski and Ludvik sack contribute to the nostalgic interior style. PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen

"I understand people are curious

EFFECTIVE PLAN SOLUTION: Both the shower, toilet and washbasin have been placed under the sloping walls. The bathroom is separated from the rest of the room by means of one bearing column that can be seen in the interior of the kitchen. In addition, two “fake” columns are set up in the same logging style, forming the other two corners of the corner of the shower. These two columns are therefore not necessary for the construction. PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen

"I understand people are curious

IMPLEMENTED INTERIOR: The kitchen interior is in keeping with the rest of the cottage. The low gray logs have had the same spotty effect as the main structure. To get this effect on the logs, Sverre Mørk took off all the bark by hand with a bark knife instead of using a motorized gear. They then got some of the same expression as when we peel an orange, and some of the white in the shell is sitting again. PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen

"I understand people are curious

EARTH GAMES WHAT HAVE ALT: Year built: 2011-2013. Thanks: Earth and peat. Floor: Tiles with heat on all floors. Wood burning stove: Dovre. Kitchen is self-catering. Size: 30 m². Architect: Drawn by cottage owner Sverre Mørk. Room sharing: A large, open room with living room, kitchen, bathroom and bathroom. The kitchen part shields from the toilet. Facilities: Power and water included. Shower and toilet. PHOTO: Sveinung Bråthen


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