Husqvarna 240 e triobrake

Good case with extra security and good capacity.

Husqvarna 240 e triobrake

In short:

We like this:

Toolless chain tension and simple, and quite foolproof operation of switches. The primer is wrapped in the page, not in the way of anything but easily accessible.

Saga has a good balance, good response to the gas and accelerates quickly on the rpm. Despite the fact that this is in practice the same machine as Jonsredsaga, there was a notch more effect in this.

Saga also has an additional chain brake that is activated by the hand you have on the gas. It provides extra security against backfalls.

We do not like this:

Liftless access to the air filter, first screw three screws, which, though admittedly, lock in the lid. Then you need a screw to open the filter completely. Then you sit with small pieces that can get lost in the heather.

We took off slow start and that saga provoked itself during use, probably a job for the service center.


Producer Husqvarna Price 3300


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