Good on both easy and heavy-handed, the winner of the test


In short:

+ Good on both easy and heavy-minded

+ Good profile on the shaft

+ Good hook at the end

Handpiece ax with swivel hickory shaft. Learning lesson included. Weight of headhook: 1.5 kg. Shaft Length: 750 mm.

Good shaft

This ax is useful on the easy-clenched wood and good on the heavy cliff. We liked the swivel shaft with a good hook at the end. Otherwise, there is a good profile on the shaft with a good height.


A good ax for big cliff roads, and you can use it for both easy and heavy-splitting.

See more photos of ax further down in the article.


Good on both: Profile gives good qualities both light and heavy-clipped. Photo: Øivind Lie


Swing: Swivel shaft that is useful in the right places. Photo: Øivind Lie


End hook: Good end hook gives a chopped grip. Photo: Øivind Lie


Producer Hults Bruk Price 545


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