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Huge interest around the “bad” cottage for 790,000

Check out these 10 seaside dream cabins.

Huge interest around the "bad" cottage for 790,000

Earlier this year we made a list of which mountain huts are the most popular.

Now Hytteliv has got Finn. no to look into which cabins get the most clicks.

Last year, most people dreamed about Hvaler in Østfold.

While the cabin fox looked for other areas.

This year, however, there is more variation that characterizes the list, but Whales are still popular.

– There are many different areas represented, and cabins in different price ranges. Hvaler and Kragerø are still popular areas, which are also reflected in the search patterns, explains director Eddie Sjølie in Finn property.

The most popular ad is an item on Søndre Sandøy on Hvaler for NOK 6.9 million, which has been named “Sea View”.

The currently deleted ad is separated by 40 meters to the sea and its own pier.

Sea View Deadlines

One of the reasons why Whales is a sought after area is, of course, close to the capital. It’s easy to get there, which means a lot for people who want to use the cabins a lot.

There are also a number of “million objects” on the top ten list, like this gem in Blindleia to 15 million kroner.

Cabin timetables with sea view, 350 meters own shoreline, swabergy and pier.

If the ad for any of the cabins on Finn. No has been deleted, it means that the cabin is sold, explains Sjølie.

Most Popular Vacation Rentals – Lake

1. Whales, Søndre Sandøy (The ad is deleted)

16. 740 pageviews (“click”)

Price estimate: 6.9 mill.

2. Hankøsundet

16. 035 click

Price estimate: 790. 000 kr.

3. Nordre Frogn / Knardal

14. 727 click

Price estimate: 3.95 million kr.

4. Blindleia

13957 clicks

Price estimate: NOK 15 million.

5. Kragerø

13573 clicks

Price estimate: NOK 50 million.

6. Nøtterøy, Hvalø (the ad is deleted)

13240 clicks

Price estimate: NOK 13.5 million.

7. Kubbervik

12871 clicks

Price estimate: NOK 15 million.

8. Kragerø, Kleppa

12225 clicks

Price estimate: 3.15 million kr.

9. Bekkestø, Blindleia

12167 clicks

Price estimate: NOK 6.5 million.

10. Son

12061 clicks

Price estimate: 790. 000 kr.

Period: As of 2012 (b. o. m 1. January t. o. m 8. May 2012). Source: Find. no

The latest analysis of the market for seaside cabins prepared for the Real Estate Association (Eff) showed that the most expensive cabins are located in Sandefjord, where the average price is NOK 7.2 million.

Huge interest around the "bad" cottage for 790,000

LITTLE RED: This cabin at Hankøsundet is the second most used ad this year and has a price estimate of 790. 000 kroner. It can still be yours. Photo: Screenshot / Find.com

Previously, Tjøme has been the most expensive with an average price of 6.2 million kroner.

Huge interest around the "bad" cottage for 790,000

These cabins gave click-bonanza in 2011

Not only expensive cabins

But it’s not just expensive properties we click the most on.

This small red cabin at Hankøsundet is the second most settled, has a price estimate of 790. 000 kroner and can still be yours. Learn more here.

Here you will find a cottage, annexe and outhouse on the purchase, but you must be prepared for renovation work. “F ritid property in bad condition,” reads the heading.

Perhaps the ad’s honesty has triggered pageviews.

Alternatively, this cottage in Son may be something.

Also it has a price estimate of 790. 000 kroner, and has a sunny location, according to the advertisement. It is the tenth most-seated hut this year, according to FINN.

Many millions

As a sharp contrast to these objects, this property in Kragerø is in fifth place.

If you have 50 million kroner to spend, you can beat the cloak in this plot of 650 goals, on Østre Tåtøy. This is the most expensive leisure property at the sea advertised on Finn. no currently, followed by a cabin in Kragerø to NOK 19.5 million.

At 9. space this cabin with views to Blindleia is still out for sale.

The price benefit is NOK 6.5 million. Here you will have your own shoreline, pier, big terrace and southwest facing location with good sun conditions. The entire cottage is over one floor, has three bedrooms and a fireplace, and is well maintained, according to the advertisement.

Many cabin dreamers on Finn. In other words, you often click on Hvaler.

Huge interest around the "bad" cottage for 790,000

BLINDLEIA: At 9. space this cabin with views to Blindleia is still out for sale. Price benefit NOK 6.5 million. Photo: Screenshot / Find.com

Real Estate Agent and General Manager Jens A. Larsen in Eie Fredrikstad has sold many cabins in the area and reports about increased price growth in recent years.

Huge interest around the "bad" cottage for 790,000

Here the majority of Norwegians dream about buying a cottage

– There are many who are interested in Hvaler Cottage, but I currently experience the market as healthy. People take a bit better time compared to earlier. It seems like you are orientating a little more and going on multiple views.

Larsen says that many people put sea views high on the wish list. In addition to the road, parking, boat and water and sewage.

Both dream and reality

Eddie Sjølie, director of Finn property, says that holiday homes by the sea that people click the most on, like expensive “dream objects” or have a very good price and location.

– People are both looking at realistic objects – cottages that they have the opportunity to buy – and beautiful properties that are unattainable to many.

Furthermore, sea views, shoreline and good sun conditions are popular features.

Some are also looking for cabins there is not much work with, for example, just refurbished, he continues.

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Huge interest around the "bad" cottage for 790,000

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