HPL10RSK Small bayonet case

This saga would not give the testers back. Simply because it is very handy.

HPL10RSK Small bayonet case

In short:

HPL10RSK Small bayonet case

History is so good that the tester would not return it

– We used it for all kinds of small tasks, whether it was to cloak different types of pipes, or small woodcuts, explains Mats Eriksen.

For the smaller tasks, you release the board to add to the big bayonage story. It’s also nice when you’re going to chop in a crowded place or work in height, the carpenter believes.


Ergonomics are good, the possibility of angling the shaft is okay, but not something we’ve used a lot. It has rubber ring in the right places and buttons and switches are well placed. Leaf change is okay and toolless.


History is suitable for sporadic cutting of smaller dimensions and pipes of all types. Intensive use over time becomes too much for this saga.

We draw an important thing: it comes with only one battery. Should you get full use here you should buy an extra.

Build Quality

There is no point in postponing building quality during the test period. The material selection otherwise works perfectly.


LED worklight illuminates the area when working

Adjustable Leaflet

Toolless Leaflet

Voltage: 10.8V

Stroke / stroke length: 0-3000 stroke / min and 16 mm stroke length

Battery: 1.3 Ah Lithium Ion Battery

30 minutes with power save mode


Producer Black & Decker Price 1399


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