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How to win the neighboring ranking

Shadows the neighbor’s hedge for the sun? Here’s how to resolve the conflict.

How to win the neighboring ranking

The relationship with the neighbor sips quickly when the wild growers shake the shadows of the sun and unlawful extras are set up.

According to Anders Leisner, a lawyer in the Homeowners’ Association of the Homeowners, most trees, hedges, shrubs and fences are arguing.

Particularly the tsunami causes many conflicts.

Here you will find tips for which hedge you should choose.

Information Manager at the Conflict Council, Gro Jørgensen, adds loud music and noise, animal rights, illegal buildings, parking, caravans and boats that are stored on the plot and block the view as examples of typical neighbor conflicts.

How to proceed

It’s seldom a good solution to take the case in your own hands and sow down the neighbor’s tree or tear the enclosure. This can lead to major compensation claims.

However, if you have come into conflict with your neighbor, it is important to try to resolve the war as soon as possible. If it is long-lasting, it may be difficult to find back to the good neighborhood.

How to win the neighboring ranking

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How to win the neighboring ranking

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How to win the neighboring ranking

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And there is a proper way to go when it comes to resolving a neighboring conflict, according to Anders Leisner.

– If you respond to a neighbor’s location by a hedge, fence or whatever it should be, the first step should be to determine if you are right or wrong. Check with a lawyer who is well acquainted with the Neighborhood Act, he recommends.

Are you cuddling with your neighbor? Tell me about your neighbor conflict in the comments box below.

The neighborhood law states, for example, that a tree must be injurious or disadvantaged, and that the tree must not be closer to houses, gardens, tuna or farmed land on neighboring property than one third of the tree height.

If you appear to be entitled to your site, the next step should be to kindly contact the neighbor and hear if it is not possible to do anything about the problem, Leisner says.. no.

– Ask if the neighbor can not crop the tree or fence. You may possibly offer yourself to pay to get it removed. The goal should be to reach a friendly solution, “says the lawyer.

The Conflict Council can mediate

Needs the neighbor to listen to you, judge if you want to sue.

Many people complain to bring the case to the judiciary because it often costs more than it tastes.

But before you take legal action, it may be an idea to contact the Conflict Council in the municipality. Here the parties have the opportunity to discuss the matter with a neutral broker, which may be useful. The service is offered in all municipalities.

In the conflict councils, parties get the opportunity to enter into dialogue with a neutral broker.

Information manager Gro Jørgensen in the Conflict Council thinks more people should make use of their offerings:

– It’s quite possible to take the matter first to conflict and then proceed if there is no solution here. You do not risk anything – and it costs you nothing, says Jørgensen to click. no.

– Since the broker is impartial, the conversation is different. The broker asks questions, sums up what is being said and draws the conversation forward, explains Gro Jørgensen.

The goal is to set up an agreement that both parties can agree.

Difficult Conflicts

But Jørgensen does not hide the fact that neighbor conflicts are difficult things.

– Often because the conflicts have been going on for a long time. It is important to try to solve the arguing at an early stage, if not growing the misunderstandings and frustration.

Last year, the Conflict Council received about 500 cases of neighbor conflicts. The figure is actually higher, because once there are threats and violence in the image, it is considered a crime and not a neighbor conflict..

Boasting more than it tastes

If you do not get a satisfactory solution in the Conflict Council, the next step will be to get a lawyer and bring the matter before the Conciliation Board.

In many cases, it is a matter of how much resources you are willing to spend on pursuing the matter.

– Nabot disputes do not spend more time in the judiciary than other cases, but many are complaining about bringing the case to the judiciary because it often costs more than it tastes, “says Leisner..

– But some are willing to spend a lot of money claiming their rights in a conflict that others do not see the point of.

And there are several examples of. A professor in Bergen has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of his life winning a neighboring radio about the location of a radio aerial.

Kills Threats and Blotting

And it’s not the only example of neighboring roles that take off.

Pets have been abducted, killing threats given and a man reacted to appear in front of the neighbor after a quarrel about a hedge and garden shack.

Leisner says that most neighborhood disputes are not as spectacular as you can get an impression in the media. It is usually about quite ordinary conflicts where relatively small values ​​are at stake.

– But I do not want to call the conflicts of trifles. In most cases, I understand why people react as they do, he says.

The reason why many respond so strongly, if you feel a strong urge to protect yourself and your own property, feel free to feel that your neighbor is “taking care”.

The feeling that someone has committed an injustice against you, whether it’s just an apple tree that comes into your property can put strong emotions into play. Many are also worried that the neighbor’s intervention will make one’s own home less worthwhile, explains the lawyer.

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