How to use the big trendy tiles

Now the bathroom must have large tiles, but how do you fix it on a small bath?

How to use the big trendy tiles

When Norwegians are going to brush up, there is a kitchen and bath that is at the top of the wish list. Bathroom trends have changed in recent years, in line with the manufacturers’ development of tiles. Now more and more will have big tiles in the bathroom, and the tiles will only grow bigger. The large tiles provide a cleaner, quieter and more minimalistic expression, with fewer joints.

– It also gives a greater room feeling, especially when choosing rectangular tiles, says Patrik Björklund, store manager at Höganäs for ifi. no.

Larger tiles

– In the last five years, we have seen a noticeable change in the market, and today’s ceramic tile producers, from Italy, Germany and Spain, now make larger tiles, says Viggo Rangnes from Bergersen Flis as a click. no. But they have completely different considerations regarding the characteristics of the tiles than our Norwegians have. They mostly relate to tile to be laid on concrete structures, larger bathrooms and a warmer climate. In Norway, we must mostly relate to woodwork when building a new bathroom. In addition, most Norwegian bathrooms are smaller in size, and with completely different requirements for fall-off, since we have to pay attention to moisture problems that are much larger in that type of building.

– For example, in Norway, 20×20 tiles on floors have been very common and it has been a typical Norwegian phenomenon, explains Rangnes in the magazine Murmesteren. The tiles are easy to lay cases with even in small bathrooms. The challenge in recent years has been that producers have increasingly ceased to produce small floor tiles like 20×20. These tiles have largely been ceramic tiles manufactured according to old technology. Today’s producers take no account of Norwegian construction practices when they are to produce their new series. More and more tiles come in porecellanato quality, and in large sizes like 45×45 and 60×60.

However, most people do not have such a big bathroom that the tiles can be in large sizes. Provided you do not have a shower cubicle but want large tiles, you must think differently around the drain.

– It will be difficult with the traditional sleep. Large tiles until round turn off is technically impossible. You do not get a nice fall, because the tiles can not be bent, says Björklund.

How to use the big trendy tiles

BIG IS TRENDY: Still more people choose big tiles on both floors and walls in the bathroom. In the shower you can use mosaic tiles of the same type as on the floor otherwise. Photo: Bergersen chips

Mosaic in the shower zone

If you want to have the same tile throughout the bathroom, you can choose mosaic tiles in the shower zone from the same series. If you do not want this, you can use the pebble or glass mosaic for example.

The advantage of large tiles in porcelenato quality is that they are also often cut down to modules in 15×15, 10×10 and in mosaics. Many therefore choose larger tiles on parts of the floor but smaller tiles in the shower zone. If the customer wishes large-format tiles, it is first and foremost important to think that choosing a tile from a quality producer. This, of course, applies to both floor and wall. Such tiles should basically be of porcelenato quality, says Rangnes.

“Combining with mosaics in the shower fall can be a detail in itself too,” says Andersson Henrik Andersson, Sales Manager for Golvabia in Norway, to ifi. no. Although large tiles are a trend, mosaics still sell well.

– Not all series have mosaics as well, but then one can find one that is very similar. It may be ok to know that floormakers often pay double when laying mosaic tiles, “explains Björklund..

Alternative Solutions

How to use the big trendy tiles

GLASS MOSAIC: You can mostly get in mosaics or other smaller sizes in the same series as the main chips. If you do not wish this, you can use glass mosaic. Photo: Professional chips

How to use the big trendy tiles

RULLEST: An alternative to mosaics is the pebble or pebbles. Photo: Professional chips

If you do not want a zone with mosaic tiles, you can choose another drainage solution. For example, rectangular runs that come in different colors and designs can be an option.

– Not everyone knows that there is elongation. They are laid to the wall so that you get a more even fall. Due to the shape it catches more water and can be laid to large tiles, “says Björklund.

Decreased shower zone

Another alternative solution by traditionally switching off is to lower the shower zone.

How to use the big trendy tiles

UNIDRAIN OFF: In this shower, the case is made in a direction towards the Unidrain drain. Craftsmen have lowered the area slightly from the rest of the floor with a fall towards one end of the shower zone. Photo: Professional chips

How to use the big trendy tiles

Catches more water: With a round off, the waterfall comes from all teams. With this type of elongated extinguisher, more water is extinguished. Photo:

How to use the big trendy tiles

DISCONNECT OFF: This shower has turned off from Unidrain. Such a solution enables the use of large tiles in the bathroom. Photo:

How to use the big trendy tiles

FALLS WITH GREAT FLIES: Another example is a solution where the craftsman has made cases using 60×60 tiles. On the floor you can see joints that go diagonally in the room, and fall to the drain lies on the entire half eighth edge as these joints form. Photo: Professional chips

– With this solution you still need to fall, but then you can have large tiles in the rest of the room. If you want big tiles, always clear with a tile, “Björklund emphasizes.

– Tiling of tiles in so-called shower pits is also a solution, explains Rangnes. With an edge facing the other floor, it is ensured that the water stays in the shower zone and does not move towards other areas. There are currently several prefabricated shower pits from the plumbing suppliers that provide good solutions. A solution that is also very elegant is Villeroy & Boch’s downturn tiles.

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How to use the big trendy tiles

BUILD UP: In this bathroom the shower is built with an edge around the shower zone. Photo: Bergersen chips

How to use the big trendy tiles

REDUCED: Decomposed shower zone is another alternative to a traditional, round-off. Photo: Bergersen chips

How to use the big trendy tiles

NEDTRINNS-FLIES: Villeroy & Boch from Bergersen Flis has very good shower solutions with modular downturn tiles. With module tile you can also combine many different sizes. This is a very good shower solution with regard to the immersion and size of the tiles. Photo: Producer

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