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How to use sparkel like a pro

Reset the wall with sparkle and replace the strip with a clear wall.

How to use sparkel like a pro

Still more people want plain walls, and once the popular tissue and glass fiber strips have to go away. Now the trend is that the walls should be smooth and matte. But the way there is not always as easy.

There are different ways to get rid of walls, and it’s not easy to know which method to use in the different cases. We have asked the painter about where to use health parlor, roller coaster and wall renewer.

– Fungal masses come in several varieties adapted to different surfaces, explains painter Rune Fonder from Buer Group to Bonytt. no. It is important to choose the right sparkle for the correct surface. Roller killer is a form of health parlor, which is light and thin in texture, and therefore easy to apply. Wall renovations can be used as an alternative to health parlor, possibly in combination with sparkle.

How to use sparkel like a pro

DELETE WEIGHT: In recent years there has been a clear trend with plain, matte walls. Photo: Jim Hensley / Jotun

The different methods to get rid of wall

How to use sparkel like a pro

Never more dry sparkle

Healthcare is a good way to reset walls with coarse patterned fiberglass fabric, crushing or brushing on. Wall cleaner is an alternative product for healthcare, which is glued directly to the wall.

Malermester Funds Overview of Methods:

Coarse Parker: Used where there are large roughnesses or holes in the wall. This sparkle fills more and is used for the first time. Here it should be taken care of to avoid too thick layers.

Medium kicker: A light kick that is also the most common. It can be used for joints and staining of plasterboard and other building boards for indoor use in dry rooms. Can also be used for sparkling puss

and concrete, or as a second step over coarse parcels.

Finn Parker: Used when laying a finer structure and a smoother surface. Can be used as a second step over medium parcel to make a nice finish.

Roller Kicker: Is a light and fine grain pulp that is easier to apply. Used on fiberglass or weave and is a fast and effective method. You can paint directly or use with a cloth.

Gypsum plasterboard: Used for splash and staining on plasterboard and other building slabs. It can also be used for sparkling of plaster and concrete.

Wall Renewal: Can be used well if you want to wallpaper the wall afterwards, but according to the paint master is not suitable for glass fiber. It will not give a completely flat surface. Possibly you can spark the wall easily before putting on the wall recycler.

Different methods for healthcare

How to use sparkel like a pro

BREEDING MARKETING: For broad barking, use a wide steel broom for application of the broom mill. The same tool is used to smooth out. For those who are, this is the fastest and best way to spark a wall on. Photo: Jan Larsen

How to use sparkel like a pro

SCREEN MARKING: Is effective on fiberglass fabrics that are firmly attached to the wall. Photo: Jan Larsen / Nordsj√ł

How to use sparkel like a pro

RULLESPARKEL: A light and fine-grained pulp is used here, and the roller application makes it easier to give the spark a even distribution across the wall. Photo: Eric Johannessen Ifi

When you have the sparkling powder ready, it is advisable to look at the different methods of applying sparkle.

Preparation and Postwork

– Make sure the substrate is firmly tied – tear off all that is resolved

– Wallpaper and surfaces painted with glossy paint, ground with oil priming or scratching before sparkling. Remove any fiber removal.

– Remove all dust and dirt.

– Base all faded surfaces before coating

(ifi. dk)

Broadcasting: This can be the fastest and best method for anyone who can. For a beginner, it can be challenging to get a smooth layer of sparkle. For broad-frying, apply the sparkling mass with a wide steel pellet and smooth with the same tool. It may be up to 40 cm wide, but have smaller tools available for narrow hooks and crutches. Work diagonally across the wall and start either up at the ceiling or at the floor, says ifi. no.

Scrap barking: Can be used if you have a glass fiber strap that is firmly attached to the wall. Scrap barking can be used in combination with a smooth tissue with fringing properties. It’s a quick method, which uses less mass of pulp than usual healthcare. At first time, apply the mass to a normal thick layer and smooth out. After second reading, the mass is scraped hard. Hence the name, writes

Roller Kicker: Apply with paint roller. The sparkling mass is fine grained and the rolling application makes it easier to give the spark a even distribution. The sparkle is pulled off with a wide steel pellet. Geir Andor Andersen from Jotun recommends slanting the pattern in the ground for first time. For second-time training, you should tilt the other way obliquely. This will give the smoothest result. Roller kits can also be used with a cloth.

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