How to swallow yourself?

A sooted pipe pulls poorly, produces poor combustion and increases the risk of a fire.

How to swallow yourself?

With the exception of some municipalities, sweeping and inspection of cottage pipes is not required by law. The proportion of fires that are related to fireplaces is far higher in cabins than in regular homes, according to Geir Sørlie-Reininger, who is the sweeper of Feie- og tilsynstjenester AS.

Run correctly

That’s the way it’s been fired that determines what the state of the pipe is in, explains the Sweeper. Moisturizing wood and low-fired firing provide creations. Beak is in itself flammable, and when lying on the inside of the pipe, this can ignite and become sooty (piping fire) if it takes a fire.

The feces usually occur in the junctions between the fume pipe and the pipeline, and often the soot fire starts. Beksot is the most combustible sauce type. It is a hard and glossy soot coating that is formed by incomplete combustion in the fireplace. Raw fuel, low draft or too little access to fresh air are the common reasons for bone formation.

Fei pipa selv

The actual sweep should be done by the local sweeper, often as a booking service. But are you comfortable walking on the roof, you can do it yourself. Start sweeping the smoke pipe that runs from the oven and into the pipe, you can use a smoke pipe filler. If you have a long smoke pipe with right angles, there should be small hatches in the pipe so that you get the brush. The sauce is pushed inwards into the smoke passage so that it falls into the chimney drain. Make sure there is no soot on the smoke vault and inside the smoke duct. Also check that there are no cracks in the cast iron or leaks at the smoke pipe.

When you are going to sweep, you must use the correct diet. The food is available in different sizes, please check that the one you use is the diameter of the pipeline and the pipe type. Before you sweep all hatches and openings must be closed. If you are open, you must close the opening well. When you sweep, you should do it with buoyancy. That is, the diet should be carefully lowered, so the sweeping itself must be done when pulling it up. Then you prevent soot to squeeze down into the room. If you have a sweep, you empty the soot there after sweeping. Do you have a top-mounted fireplace, that is, the pipe goes straight up from the top of it, be careful not to destroy the fire. It is important that the sauce is removed if the fireplace is top mounted.

How to swallow yourself?

FEIE PIPA: How to sweep yourself? Photo: Illustration: Øivind Lie

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Good reasons to check

– Ovens from the mid 1990s and earlier had no type approval. Many of these furnaces provide a temperature inside the pipe that is many times higher than it is intended for. Here there may be damage to feeding.

– If it is bad or bad, it is likely to be a foul. Special provisions in the transition between the furnace smoke pipe and the pipeline may cause a fire hazard.

– If there has been a fire, there may have been cracking that may be flammable.

Make an inspection

When replacing fireplaces, there is a good reason to do an inspection. Then you can use a small mirror, combined with a flashlight, and peek into the hole where the smoke pipe will enter.

– Check that it is tight in the transition between the smoke pipe and the pipeline, “stresses Torstein Hjelmeland, Technical Manager at Dovre. Up in the pipeline you should look for cracks. If there are scratches and cracks, it’s not serious. If it breaks a millimeter or more, it must be corrected. In particular, the horizontal cracks are badly new. Also check the pipe cover and pipe hat on top of the pipe. On a modern pipe only original parts must be used.


How to swallow yourself?

EQUIPMENT: Top left: FEIE: A sweater kit will cost you around 200 kronor on Jula, Biltema and the big construction stores. To the right: the smoke pipe: For the smoke pipe you can use a smoke pipe brush. Jula, Biltema and the major construction stores have it for around 200 kroner. Under: INSPECT: Use a torch and a small mirror to inspect the pipe. Photo: Øivind Lie

A rehabilitation of a pipe may mean that you need to insert a new feed in the pipeline. This is done by drawing an acid-proof pipe down the pipeline. It must be built-in and carried out by professionals. An unused hole in the pipe must be properly sealed. Steer away from poultry boxes or fools as sealants. It can lead to fire. Here you must use what is called angrelokk.

How to swallow yourself?

Peiskos damages the lungs

The thickness of the pipe wall must be equal over all. If it becomes a hole, it should be sealed with the same material as the pipe initially is made of. That means a hole in a brick pipe with

10 centimeters thick walls, will be walled again with bricks in the same thickness.

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How to swallow yourself?

MUST CHECK: Feeding and inspection of cabin pipes, you must arrange yourself. In most municipalities, it is not required by law. Photo: Dag Thorstensen

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How to swallow yourself?

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