How to repair the lawn

This way you fix damage and stains in the lawn.

How to repair the lawn

How to repair the lawn

How to disappear weed

There are many different injuries and challenges with a lawn, here we go through some of the most common:

Yellow grass

Yellow grass tells you that the root of the grass is poorly developed and can not provide the plant with water and nutrition.

It will be fertilized, which will strengthen the root system.

Water abundantly until the area is green again.

Yellow grass spotting can mean that dogs or cats have been on the ferry.

If dogs get rid of the lawn, water immediately.

If the damage has occurred, it’s foolish to remove the dead grass and then again.

Yellow grass that gets dead can also be due to hard fertilization without enough irrigation, so the grass has got pale damage.

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Dead spots

Dead spots in the lawn may be due to oil or gas spills from the lawn mower, herbicides and other spraying agents, fertilization without watering thoroughly, extreme drought, uneven surface area that causes the area to be scaled by cutting.

Dog races also make just spots. Use the procedure as for repair repair (see below).

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Search the lawn

After a few years, the lawn can act as a roller coaster.

You easily repair the lawn by replenishing with soil and so if the bed is very deep.

If it’s relatively shallow, it will keep using top dressing as the grass grows gradually.

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Dumps in the lawn

Cut a cross into the dump with a crescent cutter or sharp spade.

Cut under the grass roots so you can lift the four tabs that appear and carefully retract them.

Dig away excess soil and evenly.

Press the soil down to level it with the lawn and finish with a layer of topcoat. Water well.

Worn areas

In some places, the lawn is more loaded, and these areas require a little extra care. A topcoat treatment, ie peat and sand mixed, spills out on the spot and the grass will quickly recover. Alternatively, try again locally if the grass does not get.

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Tip: Do you see that there is a steady step over the lawn, it is advisable to lay in order to avoid planking. Many beautiful trawls are available, and you can also cast yourself for a very personal touch.

Damaged Squares

Cut out a square of the lawn where the edge is broken, first the edges then cut the lawn loose (cut a piece below the grass roots). Turn the square so that the injured edge turns inwardly into the lawn, and the lace edge becomes straight. The broken area fills you with sandy soil up to the rest of the lawn level and sows with grass seeds. Water well and keep wet until the seeds germinate.

Repair Seeds

To repair smaller areas in the lawn, use the same type of lawn seed as before. If not, you risk both differences in color and structure. Remove dead or broken lawn material first. Use camp ground with sand (see top dressing), and then in the usual way as in new construction. Water well and keep wet until the grass has sprouted and is growing well.

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