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How to remove 9 common spots

You need carpeting, a good impregnation and stain remover. And you have to spend time.

How to remove 9 common spots

Many people hold on to the routine with full blast – either folding up their sleeves and taking washfila themselves or paying someone else to do it. Dust must be dried, the vacuum cleaner must be carried out and you are good, please take a round of the floor with the wet mop too.

But how good are you really when it comes to the floorboards? Do you belong to those who take the least resistance and vacuum clean? Because then the laziness can cost you a lot in the long run.

Vacuum clean regularly

– Cleaning the carpet floor or carpet regularly is alfa and omega for the life of your carpet, get Bonytt. no explained at Teppeland at Alnabru in Oslo.

– The more traffic in the zone where the carpet is located, more often it is required that you clean and vacuum the carpet.

According to the Real Simple website, dust and dirt that are allowed to penetrate the carpet can damage the fibers.

How to remove 9 common spots

WHEN ACCIDENT IS OUT: Relax; stains and spills do not mean the end of your carpet. Photo: Thinkstockphotos

– A powerful vacuum cleaner, preferably one with a moving brush, is best, explains the site.

– For carpet flooring with extra deep fibers, remove the head of the vacuum cleaner and use only the nozzle to get firmly into the carpet.

Take good time when vacuuming the carpet, especially the deep fiber carpets, where dust and dirt are extraordinarily firm. A good tip can be to vacuum over the rug twice, in different directions, so you’re sure to bring down dusty dust.

It goes without saying that areas with a lot of traffic and movements – especially where wearing shoes and footwear – require more and more cleaning than carpets in other areas of the house.

This should be done regularly:

1. Turn the rug down

Place an old clean sheet on the floor and turn the rug so that it is lying down with the front. Vacuum the backside carefully, be sure to bring all dust deposits on the back of the carpet – as these may be lying to rub streaks in your floor. Then turn the carpet over and vacuum the front side as well.

2. Wash with damp sponge

Use a clean sponge to moisten with clean water. Touch areas that are visibly dirty or stained. Switch between mushrooms and wipe with a towel, be sure to keep moisture to a minimum.

3. Use a blanket brush

Brush gently over the damp areas with a soft carpet brush to lift the bust again and make sure that air may penetrate between the fibers in the carpet. Brushing will help dry the carpet faster and will also recycle remaining dust particles.

How to remove 9 common spots

So easily you get new floor

The vast majority of carpet dealers recommend that you clean the carpet annually, either by renting equipment and doing this yourself or getting experts to clean the carpet.

Be lead where

– There are three things you need to keep a blanket clean, explains Stine Johansen at the living room Living to Bonytt. no.

– These are carpets, a good impregnation and a stain remover.

Johansen explains:

– The carpet support provides air circulation between the floor and the carpet to prevent dirt and dust from being rubbed against the floor. Also be warned with an impregnation spray, which makes the carp fibers resistant to both water and oil spills. Such a spray will also prolong the life of the blanket. And should you be so unlucky to get a spot, it’s important to take it right away.

Different carpets require different cleaning

Carpets and mats in natural fibers such as sisal, hemp or bamboo fibers – and also natural fibers – should be equipped with a backside that prevents dust from falling through – which makes it easier to clean the carpet by regular vacuuming. To clean carpets in natural fibers, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner without brush, as this can damage the fibers in the carpet.

How to remove 9 common spots

THE SMARTEST YOU DO: Regular vacuuming is alpha and omega for your carpet. Photo: Thinkstockphotos

Most carpets of high quality natural fibers are fitted with a stain repellent, which protects against dust and dirt and extends the carpet’s life days.. Ask your dealer what products are recommended for your carpet as a natural fiber cleaner.

How to remove 9 common spots

Toothbrush trick saves the joints

Carpets made of wool are also cleaned regularly to stay clean and clean as long as possible. The vacuum cleaner is your best friend also in this case, but do not be too hard-handed, as wool fibers require a little more careful treatment than synthetic fibers such as acrylic or polypropylene.

Harder to work with carpeting

There’s a day when your carpet most likely will need a more thorough cleaning than a round of the vacuum cleaner. Voting these for your rug, it’s probably time with a deep clean:

1. The carpet looks muddy and it feels like stuck in it when you get down?

2. The carpet is no longer the same color all over the surface?

3. There are clear marks around the areas where you have had furniture standing?

4. Does the carpet smell bad?

You can call the pros to clean the rug or you can fold your sleeves and do it yourself. Deep penetration of the carpet involves shampooing a shampoo into the carpet fibers, to be cleaned with a machine – which also draws dust and dirt that is collected down the carpet.

But be careful: Should you clean the carpet yourself, it is recommended that you color tester the shampoo on the carpet first so that you see that it does not pull the color into the rug when removed. Do the test on a corner of the carpet that is slightly visible.

Always vacuum clean thoroughly before cleaning and pre-treat any stains.

Carefully wipe the rug before moving furniture back.

How to remove 9 common spots

So often, change your towels

Remove spills as quickly as possible

Most people will find that someone on some occasion spills something on the rug. But before panic, bring these tips:

– New spots are easier to remove than old, explains Johansen.

– So the most important thing you can do to prevent the stain from getting is to be as fast as possible to dirt and dirt.

Ikea Siv Elizabeth Egger agrees:

– Wipe up the most spills as quickly as possible when someone has spilled, explains Egger.

This way you avoid the stain being able to pull deeper into the carpet.

Egger explains:

– Dry spots are removed immediately by scratching gently to the middle of the stain, whereas if you have a wet stain you should avoid rubing, or let the liquid pull in a little dry wool before wiping with a cloth and mildly soapy water.

You take what you have

Kitchen paper works well to get dried up as quickly as possible, and you have some vinegar at hand, you can prevent many disasters.

If you have fun on the carpet, try feeling:

1. Remove as much fluid as possible using a sponge. Then spray on a mixture of water and vinegar. Let the mixture sit on the stain for 2-3 minutes. Then wipe it up using a clean sponge or cloth. Repeat as needed.

2. If the carpet has become slightly discolored and dusty, the color may be fine again if you brush it over with a mixture of water with a drop of vinegar. Always try this on a tab of the rug that does not seem so good before you get started.

How to remove 9 common spots

This is the reason for bad smell in the bathroom

Another household tip is to use corn flour against dirt spots. Sprinkle the flour on the stain, then pull down and vacuum over the stain. The powdered flour will help lift dirt and dust from the rug when vacuuming.

To remove these spots

Johansen at Living, who has the experts at the Norwegian carpet supplier Lone Tepper in the back, suggests what eliminates the most effective spots:

1. Ink

Start with cold water and soap. Then you can use acetic acid and ammonia alternately. Sparkle beans are removed with alcohol.

2. Blood

Rinse with cold water, add a little ammonia or use enzyme-containing detergent.

3. Fruits

Rinse with warm water if the stain is new. Use a lint-free cloth or paper to remove moisture. Moisten the stain with glycerol and wash with lukewarm water after 10 minutes if stain is old.

4. Coffee

Rinse with as hot water as the fabric can withstand. Rub gently with a clean and lint-free cloth that is dipped in heated alcohol, optionally added a little soap. Rinse well in the end and remove all moisture.

5. Red wine

Use hot water if the stain is new. Use a lint-free cloth or paper to remove moisture. Moisten the stain with glycerol and wash with lukewarm water after 10 minutes if stain is old.

6. Stearin

Stirred stearin can be peeled off. Moisten with whitesprit and suck the solvent with clean and lint-free cloth or paper towels. Repeat treatment if necessary.

7. To

Use lukewarm water or wash with enzyme-containing detergent.

8. Chewing gum

Cool down and wipe away. The rest is removed by lifting with turpentine or white spirit. Rinse and remove moisture.

9. Beer

Carefully rub clean, lukewarm water.

Test yourself: Do you have a normal relationship with cleaning?

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Clean with lemon

How to remove 9 common spots

SLEEP AND FLEAKER: This is what you do if the accident is out. Photo: Thinkstockphotos


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