How to put granite in granite

Simple procedure on how to lay granite bricks in the garden.

How to put granite in granite

Once you have laid a nice lawn it does not take long before you want to make some nice places where you can set up a bench or some good chairs.

This is not the correct method to follow if you are going to lay granite bricks in ramps or elsewhere where there is a heavy load; then we are talking about a more comprehensive approach.

Landscaping Svein Dalen has added countless square meters of cobblestones. Here he gives you the steps of laying granite ceilings in the garden:

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Add granite tiles

Start with dig down until you meet solid masses, minimum 10 centimeters. Put on non-woven fabric and then sand (here you can use plain cast iron or subbus, also called stone flour). Then compress all the sand. Here you can easily make a pestle or rent a plate vibrator.

When all the mass is compressed, the height should be such that when setting the stones they should have one to two centimeters of height. That is, they are going to pop slightly above the level you want them to end.

Do not sort the stone in advance. Then you get a smooth, yet coincidental touch on the surface. Use a heavy rubber hammer or butcher and put the stones as closely as possible. Build and remove underneath the stone so that they get a level of height.

It is advisable to set up cords for each row (or shift as it is also called). Let the cord control the height. In the long run, the stone will control the string on average. This means that you displace the edge of the stone slightly aside for both sides of the string, depending on the size. If you do not, you will get the correct joints that destroy the overall feel.

When all the stones are set you will be looted in the joints. Here the subbus is ideal. Then pull back the stamper again and knock the rocks down until they get a smooth surface at the right height. Finally, sprinkle more subbus over as you crash into the joints and end up with watering.

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How to put granite in granite

GRAV OUT: You’re going down to what’s called solid masses. At least 10 centimeters. ILLUSTRATION: Øivind Lie

How to put granite in granite

COMPRESS: The sand compresses you with a plate vibrator or pestle. ILLUSTRATION: Øivind Lie

How to put granite in granite

FOLLOW SNOW: The stones will follow snora, on average. ILLUSTRATION: Øivind Lie

How to put granite in granite

YEVN OVERFLATE: Once the stone is finished, put the stamper on again. ILLUSTRATION: Øivind Lie

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