How to paint wooden floors

It takes a little bit of preparation, but paint of the floor is easier than you think.

How to paint wooden floors

How to paint wooden floors

URGENTLY: When the wood floor is painted, you’ll see big changes quickly. Photo: Liva Golberg

How to paint wooden floors

CORRECT MILLING: Use oil-based floor paint on the wood floor. Photo:

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Remember that the floor you are going to paint must be matte and free of dust. The grinding can be done with a small grinding machine, or you can rent a large grinder at a construction store. You can also get professionals to grind the floor for you.

After first stroke, notches and scratches appear better than when the floor is untouched. Use sparkle (either water based / quick-drying or oil-based filler) to level off damage. Large tablecloths can be sealed with suitable latex sealant, which is elastic and impermeable.

Old floors have their charm because there are cracks between the tables, but it’s up to the individual how to want it. Spread the sparkling lots with extra priming before adding three to four coats of strong oil-based floor paint. There are also special lacquers that provide a protective sliding layer over the floor paint. It is recommended when decorating the floor with painting techniques and the like.

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A painted staircase changes the entire interior. Stairs are exposed to greater wear than floor. Consider whether the stairs should have a stairway as a treadmill. Such are made of aluminum, brass and stainless steel.


Painted wood floors should not be washed with alkaline detergents, such as green soap. These detergents tend to matte the paint.

Which paint?

Always use an oil-based floor paint on the wooden floor. So-called floor paints are especially durable paints. Floor paints can be broken in very many colors at the color retailer.

On a painted floor you can use the same stencil techniques that many today use on the walls and in the ceiling. You can also use sponges or rolls to get special patterns.

In the case of decorating the floor (lasers, stencils or stretch decorators), it is advantageous to use regular oil paint for both the bottom coat and the decor, followed by three coat varnishes. A floor paint is not suitable for decorating, and the surface becomes so hard that the paint can have trouble fixing.

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