How to paint the bathroom tiles

How to paint the bathroom tiles and everything else you should know before painting the tiles in the bathroom.

How to paint the bathroom tiles

Does your bathroom need a makeover, even though you do not have the time, money or energy to mess up? There’s a quick solution that most people can master; to paint the bathroom tiles.

However, it may pose a few challenges, especially in the wet zone of the bathroom.

– Waxing in the wet zone can be a big strain because there is a high chance of The painting does not last so long, points out the technical service consultant and painter in Jotun, Erik Bryng.

Male tiles in bathrooms

– Many painters the tiles as a reasonable, temporary solution and as long as the basic work done properly, it’s no problem, says painter champion in Regnbuen Malermesterbedrift in Oslo, Marius Davidsen.

To paint the bathroom tiles:

1. Wash and scrub
The most important thing is to remove all the silicone residues from the ceilings and corners, which can be done with a silicone remover.

Wash the tiles thoroughly with the dishes and rinse with won afterwards. Then go over and drop the tiles with a good hard-wearing paper – not sandpaper for woodwork.

Wipe clean with a clean microfiber cloth so the dust is completely gone.

2. Priming
After a thorough washing and scrubbing, you can start painting with priming and the most important thing is that it should not be oil-based.

Soak up and cure for a day before you can start painting.

3. Paint
Finally, you can go over paint, where you can choose what you want. But since it is wet room, it is recommended wet paint. Also, do not hesitate to contact the store.

Bryng explains that different special washes have been developed to be applied to the substrate before painting. And because there are many different types of tiles, it’s good to investigate what products to use in advance, and inquire about the paint you should choose for your tile.

– For example, tiles that are high gloss, glossy and smooth, it may in some cases be a good idea to grind them matte, Bryng points.

He adds that the substrate must be completely clean, dry and dry before painting.

Male tiles in the wet zone

Davidsen explains that paints should initially be clean in the wet zone if you take any precautions.

What happens when painting the wall tiles in the shower is that they become clogged and the water will largely stay outside. If you paint full coat in the shower corner, preferably three layers, it will last for as long as there is no scratches and damage in the paint before it dries, he explains, but points out that nothing is 100 percent waterproof.

Bryg supports To this, and think that the reason why paint in the bathroom can be problematic is because the tiles and joints consist of different materials.

– Tiles and joints work differently in terms of temperature and humidity. With paint over it can break up, moisture may be exposed to the paint and it may flare off, he warns.

And although in the usual modern bathroom is not so much water beer, he still recommends that you

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Painting on the floor tiles

In the wet zones, like the shower area, if not necessary. Basically, it is not advisable to loosen the floor tiles, as they must withstand a different mechanical strain than the wall tiles.

– We are treading them both barefoot and shoes, so in case of custom floor paints, emphasize Bryng.

David Davids emphasizes that the tiles do not recommend that the floor tiles be painted, although it may work.

– If you still want to paint the floor, choose a paint do not slip so easily. Also, ask the dealer to be on the safe side, he says.

Duration of painted bathroom tiles

But painting the tiles is just a temporary solution if you want to renew your bathroom and you can not expect the paint to be well

The tiles are not broken, but the change is also not reversible, informs Bryng.

The paint sucks well into the joints, and it does not go away . That is, the room can not be fixed again, and a complete renovation will be necessary after a while.

– It’s a form of quick fix, with a not too long duration, he says.

However, he adds that there is no great danger that the paint flares elsewhere than at the wet sows.

– It’s not the biggest mechanical strain on the bathroom walls outside the wet zone, so Normally it goes very well, he concludes.

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