How to mix styles in the bathroom

How to mix different styles in the bathroom interior

How to mix styles in the bathroom

Do you plan to brush the bathroom, but not sure what style to choose? Then it’s good to hear that professionals say you can mix items from different styles.

This bathroom has both modern style elements and Baroque styles. The bath rests steadily on four lions and is the center of the room, and over the tub floats a sparkling prism.

A baroque-inspired flower pattern spreads throughout the long wall. An Italian 17th century prince would probably nod to the description and hardly imagine that we are in a family bath in Drammen.

Mixed style in the bathroom

– Many choose to brand one style: either traditional or modern. It’s safe, but not so exciting. You do not have to choose profiled cabinet doors and brass fixtures even if you want lanterns and chandeliers in the bathroom, says interior designer MNIL Camilla Christensen, who helped the family with the bathroom design.

Christensen therefore brought in elements that testify of our own time; fixtures, washbasins, mirrors and a custom-made décor.

How to mix styles in the bathroom

FRIENDLY INTERVENTION: The interior of walnuts is designed by Camilla Christensen and made by furniture knitter Svend Helge Aagaard. Lighting lists on the underside of the furniture lights up the floor. All lighting is provided by Concept Design. Photo: Sveinung Braathen

Nostalgic and Functional Bath

The house dates from 1923, and residents feared that a state-of-the-art, sterile bathroom could become a stranger in an environment of small windows and profiled lists. Residents wanted to play on the nostalgia while the bathroom should be both timely and functional.

Tiles only on a wall

“Choose neutral tiles and be a little loose in the choice of towels and things that can easily be replaced when you get bored”. This is how one of the most common tips sounds when building or cleaning the bathroom. This bathroom shows how it can go if you listen with half a penny: The lush contrast wall undoubtedly makes sense, but can become expensive to regret.

– It is customary to place a decorative table when tiling. But it is no more drastic to dress one wall, a foundation wall, with decorative tiles, claims Christensen.

By limiting themselves to one wall, they have not only achieved a more subdued visual impression; They have also limited the costs of both materials and work. Therefore, it will also cost less to replace the tiles if the occupants would one day get enough of Baroque. However, some suggest that it will happen with the first: the bathroom has become one of the family’s favorite rooms, and also serves as a living room almost in line with the living room.

How to mix styles in the bathroom

USED: Rectangular Washbasin from Rapsel and wall mounted mixer from Vola, both run by Shelby Technique. The two curtainless windows are coated with a frosted foil that prevents access (and visibility) while the daylight can flood in. Photo: Sveinung Braathen

Aesthetically in front of practical

Toilet, mixer and shower head are built into the wall, pipes and wires are out of sight. It gives an exclusive touch while simplifying cleaning. Equally, the choice of built-in solutions is at the expense of practical considerations. The price to prioritize aesthetics can be high.

How to mix styles in the bathroom

TROPICAL: The shower head from Vola gives an experience of standing in trophies. Photo: Sveinung Braathen

– The plumber does not love built-in solutions. When something needs to be repaired, they have to enter and open the wall, the interior designer points out.

Varies the chip size

Use tiles of different formats to highlight, for example, the shower zone and toilet zone visually.

Select smaller tiles on the floor in the wet zone. While large tiles quickly become slippery, one does not slip as easily on mosaic tiles.

However, the custom-made wall-mounted décor makes everybody comfortable. The furniture extends along one long wall and fills more functions. The left half is reserved for the washbasin and the restroom. The right half, one level lower, serves as a seat bench. Five spacious drawers give the family every opportunity to keep the bathroom tidy and inviting at all times.

How to mix styles in the bathroom

FRODIG: The pattern is in relief and therefore provides a three-dimensional effect. Similar tiles are also available in a less expensive version, as printed pattern. Photo: Sveinung Braathen


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