How to make room for a small bathroom

Furnishing and refurbishment of a small bathroom

How to make room for a small bathroom

Decorating and refurbishing small bathrooms can be a challenge. It often becomes a compromise between conditions such as storage, area and movement.

Many cottage owners are familiar with this problem, and the solutions are almost as many as there are cabins, and they can be a good idea for small bathrooms in homes. And a good starting point will be to think through their needs in advance.

Here are some tips for you to decorate your bathroom, whether it’s a cabin or a small bathroom in an apartment:

  • The space in the bathroom is often limited, so think through what needs you have. In particular, it is smart to think well through the need for storage.
  • Feel free to do (if you can move it) so it’s not the first thing you see inside the door.
  • If the room is large and square, it may be unnecessary amount of floor space, since most of the elements are placed along the walls. Keep this in mind when planning your bathroom; It’s not the size that determines how convenient it will be.

Bad without tiles

  • Bathrooms must not have tile on all walls. It is not the tile itself that prevents the water flowing freely, but the membrane behind. Do you choose tiles, you do it for many years to come. A painted surface can be painted if desired. A shower cabinet can easily be switched off and is such a closed system that basically there is no need for tiles on the walls behind.
  • There are many good alternatives to tiles. Several manufacturers have plates with a membrane layer, with click solution and appearance like tile, concrete and the like. There are similar solutions to the floor.
How to make room for a small bathroom

MANY SOLUTIONS: Tiles in the chest height with rectangular tiles curled give a classic expression. The painted wall can easily get new color if you wish. Drawers in the décor allow for a lot of storage. An interior of wood allows you to paint relatively easily. You may use an old chest of drawers if there is room for the plumbing and drainage, consult the plumber. A nostalgic lamp on the wall above the mirror and open shelves over the closet gives the room a personal touch. This solution provides many possibilities for changing expressions with color, type of mirrors and small things that stand on the shelf.

How to make room for a small bathroom

VARIANT: A variant of tile at the bristle height is the panel. The width of the room is 200 cm, the seat is 80 cm, the remaining 120 cm can be used for decorating. 1. Rustic painted panel with wall-hanging closet and an interior with open shelves gives a tighter touch in the room. The mirror cabinets, which have a depth of between 20 and 25 cm, can be built into the wall if you plan for it. They provide plenty of storage of toiletries and other small items. Large mirror surfaces always give a nice room experience, so it’s a good idea to cover the entire room with mirrors if it goes. Make sure that the lighting is not in the way of the doors that can be opened. The paneled walls can be painted if you want a different color experience,

How to make room for a small bathroom

PLAN SOLUTION: Here the decor is located right on arrival. With the mirror above, this is always a good way to solve the room. The closet should be placed in a corner somewhere slightly away from the door / entrance. Here is the priority of a really big shower, and sliding doors are drawn so that water spills are avoided on the furniture itself.. Knagger or else to hang towels is always advisable to have near the shower entrance.

How to make room for a small bathroom

LARGE DUSS TO LITTLE ROOMS: This room has a 50-60 cm wide decor and a large shower. Some of the shower area can be set aside for storage of laundry / long-term food if needed.

Mirrors can make bigger bathrooms

  • Think through the style you want. Chests of drawers can be used as a washbasin, whether you have a washbasin or a washbasin. The mirror can be bought in furniture stores so that everything does not fit completely. A tight style can be softened with casual accessories and vice versa.
  • It’s more convenient with drawers than cupboards under a washbasin, most drawers now have recess to drains and pipes so they still accommodate a lot. Enough knagger to hang towels and clothes on is convenient.
  • Mirror enlarges – in small rooms it can make wonders. Mirroring the door you come in gives the room a nice effect.
  • Three as materials have many opportunities, but may require a lot of maintenance. Check with professionals.
  • Plan good enough light. With a dimmer you can adjust the brightness.
  • Paint can make wonders. Most surfaces can be painted only using the right paint and doing good preparation. Perhaps that’s just what’s going to make the bathroom new.
  • Sometimes new towels and replacement of small details may be the case for renewal, if your bathroom is of good quality and works well otherwise.
  • Water on the way is an expensive affair, so follow the regulations and rules.
How to make room for a small bathroom

ROOMS MUCH: A mirror cabinet holds a lot and can benefit from a small bath. This is the Hemnes model from Ikea. (PHOTO: Ikea)

How to make room for a small bathroom

To a small bathroom: A cozy, small vanity unit with two drawers that fit well where the space is small. It is part of a series of many possibilities. 60 x 49 x 89 cm. Hemnes / Rättviken, kr 2095, Ikea.


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