How to make a walk-in wardrobe

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How to make a walk-in wardrobe

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

DYRSIK: Decorative details like this beautiful leather adorns in the closet space. Photo: Nuevo Estilo

Do you dream of more space for your clothes and system in the wardrobe? Then you are far from alone.

Now there are walk-in closets that apply, and it’s becoming increasingly poetic to give their clothes their own room. And this not only applies to spoiled Hollywood princesses and frustrated women. Neida, Norwegian ladies want the walk-in closet as well, shows a survey done by Finn. no.

Becomes more popular

Walk-in wardrobes provide you with convenient storage and convenience around dressing up in the morning. It also allows you to experiment with exciting lights, mirrors and textiles.

Air around your clothes makes them fresh when you use them. And it’s not advisable to walk under a chair that a walk-in wardrobe also of course gives your home a certain touch of luxury.

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

GOOD PLACE: It’s luxury to be able to dedicate an entire room to clothes. Photo: McAdams Kitchens

Gender Differences

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

THINK SMART: Smooth shelves can be used to store shoes. Photo: Siri Møller

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

THE ONLY IS THE BEST: IKEA has many smart solutions with its PAX series. Photo: Ikea

Men and women have different views of home priorities in terms of decor and interior, we will believe the new survey.

It came out that while the girls want to have wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw, the boys dream about gymnasium or more space for lounge chairs and flat screen.

– For us girls it is associated with something luxurious to have a room dedicated only to clothes, says Tine Reuterdahl, Marketing Director in FINN assignment to Click. no.

System in the wardrobe

The survey, conducted last December, showed that 23 percent of Norwegian women dream about the walk-in closet.

For women, wishing to have their own walk-in wardrobe is reasonably justified, as women tend to wear more clothes than men, but they are also inspired by TV and fives like “Sex and the City” and Carrie Bradshaw’s wonderful and well-stocked walk-in closet, you will probably not be allowed to laugh, Reuterdahl laughs.

Having an overview of their clothes is a practice for a busy day.

Everyone has felt that there is constant danger of rash in the closet, that the favorite jean is never to be found where you think it would be the day before. So yes, if not walk-in, then the system in the wardrobe is another dream for most families with children.

Take advantage of space

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

SKYDERS: Skill of the bedroom with sliding doors, and make walk-in gardrobe of the smallest part. Photo: Storage Solutions

After choosing the room you are going to use, the challenge is to design the actual wardrobe solution.

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

SMALL AND SMART: Even a long narrow room could be used if you fit smartly. Photo: Nuevo Estilo

There are about as many possibilities as wishful dreams.

The key to success is often the use of a modular wardrobe, such as the Ixa Pax series.

If your budget is higher, it may be an idea and get the special characteristic of a solution for your room – local wardrobe or kitchen retailers can help you.

Remember that it’s not necessarily important to have awesome space – the crucial thing is that you’re able to take advantage of the space efficiently.

You can choose your own corner module for corners and arches in the room. You can also choose remodeling solutions.

Find your style

In the walk-in wardrobe, the big wall mirror is also a must. The mirror also makes the room appear bigger.

One good tip is choosing neutral colors in the room so that no screaming textiles compete with your clothes. Carpeting with tasteful and muted motif fits well, the same can be a great so wallpaper make.

Never before has it been so easy to build the perfect wardrobe solution. The old, unmanageable wardrobes that you often have to pay attention to have been replaced with modules that make you use the space in your room efficiently..

Now the wardrobes can follow the corners of the room, and materials selection and execution give you plenty of choice.

Smarter storage

Trend expert in Ikea, Camilla Gjerseth, confirms that Norwegians, and especially women, have become very busy with retention in the past, probably because of the fact that we live more tightly than before, so smart retention becomes more important.

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

HIS AND HER: If you have an entire room available, you can make each side in the wardrobe. Photo: iStockphoto

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

OVERVIEW: Shelves like this make it easy to find the right shoe for the outfit. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

Now it’s for most people to take advantage of the place you have in the best possible way in terms of storage, “Gjerseth explains..

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

ROTETE DAMES: With a lot of clothes and shoes, chaos can quickly be chaos. Photo: Colorbox

Whether it’s under stairs, back or under the bed, or in the form of functional wardrobes, and perhaps especially the dream for many, a separate closet.

Expensive Dreams

Several wardrobe dealers confirm this trend.

At the chain Wardrobe Men, they have also noticed the growing demand for walk-in solutions.

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

STRAMT: Walk-in wardrobes need not be romantic and feminine. Photo: Nuevo Estilo

– In US homes this is commonplace. More and more Norwegians get their eyes up for it. Norwegians have got better advice and have the opportunity to invest in something like their own closet space, “says Tor Arne Westlund, chain manager..

How to make a walk-in wardrobe

CARRIED AWAY: Carrie started the trend!

Find. No, its survey was carried out by Norstat for FINN Mission in December 2010.

Sources: Stavanger Aftenblad and Finn. no

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How to make a walk-in wardrobe

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How to make a walk-in wardrobe

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