How to draw the dream house yourself

Build houses? “With the network it has opened up opportunities for those who want to design their own house.

How to draw the dream house yourself

How to draw the dream house yourself

Extreme transformation of old villa

How to draw the dream house yourself

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How to draw the dream house yourself

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How to draw the dream house yourself

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With the internet, house buyers have been given the opportunity to be their own architect when building houses, either through interactive customization of a workshop or using drawing programs available on the internet.

– Every week, we have around 1000 people on our website to try our interactive service, says Marketing Manager at Systemhus, Anders Paulsen, to click. no.

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Quick Pricing

The champion group today announces its service Clear House.

Here the customer can choose from nine models with a set of standard variants and options for each of the house types.

– Through standardization, we have been able to develop software on the internet that makes it easy for customers to make choices by clicking through a menu and at the same time visually viewing the changes in 3D on screen, explains chain director Arve Solheim to click. no.

Once the customer has made his choice, the project continues into the system and after a few minutes, the customer receives the price of the delivery.

Dialogue with Customer

Systemhus has a slightly different version of its concept, which they have had in good and well a year.

Your service is available on all models they have, and here customers can enter and make changes to both the interior and exterior. However, on the condition that the adjustments must be approved by a seller first in relation to the technical regulations.

– We tell the customers that the changes they make may affect bearing structures and the technical so they must have a dialogue with a seller to determine if they are feasible, “says Paulsen in Systemhus.


How to draw the dream house yourself

DESIGN SELV: Systemhus and Mesterhus offers its customers interactive services to customize their own houses. Photo: Screenshot from System House

For the one who wants to be completely independent of a manufactory manufacturer, the Google SketchUp service is available. Here you can draw their own 3D models, as far as possible, not just houses.

The model to arrive at a could form the basis for a further dialogue with an architect or contractor.

Signs Software

On the net, many drawing programs are also available, designed to design their own house.

In the Forum for Construction. No mention is made of several programs and services, such as punch software, Autodesk Revit, and Plan3D (subscription-based system).

Must be approved

Basically, only approved companies can project and build a house.

However, in the so-called case processing regulation, it opens up to be able to act as a self-proponent for parts or the entire project.

However, it implies that you must demonstrate to the municipality that you have the necessary knowledge.

– This means, among other things, that you have to show that you have basic knowledge of the building engineering requirements and regulations that apply, explains senior advisor at the State Building Engineering Agency, Karl M. Johnsen to click. no.

He emphasizes that the municipality may not approve building drawings if they consider that the drawings are inadequate in relation to, among other things, design and layout.

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