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How to do the cabin cup

If you want to buy or sell a cabin in Sweden, read these eight points.

How to do the cabin cup

How to do the cabin cup

– Norwegians have got their eyes up for Hemnet. see, says Mari Jankovski. Photo: Sjur Kvamme

How to do the cabin cup

Cabins on offer

Buying a cottage in another country can often cause problems and surprises. There are many things that differ from home purchases than what’s used to at home.

Here you will find out what you need if you consider buying or selling a cottage in Sweden.

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It is up to you and decided that if you are going to find a home in Norway, you go to Finn. no. The Swedes have their own search service for homes, sheltered. see.

– Norwegians have begun to use Hemnet more and more. You can find some Swedish holiday homes on Finn. No, but there is a much larger selection on Hemnet. Now about half of the Norwegians who approach us have found the cabin on Finn, while half have found it at Hemnet, real estate agent Mari Jankovski says in Real Estate Agency to Nettavisen.

First bid is to click on at home. look and begin the search for dream cabin there.

Another tip is to keep track of the Swedish cab market through Swedish online newspapers, real estate broker Johan Siborne emphasizes in Swedish Real Estate Agency for Nettavisen.

You can read what is currently happening with the cabin market in Sweden here.


How to do the cabin cup

Fjällbacka is popular with cottage buyers. Photo: Sjur Kvamme

In Norway’s coastal municipalities, Strømstad and Tanum, well over 50 per cent of all holiday homes are sold to Norwegians. But what do we really look for when buying a cottage?

– The most important thing is the distance from your own home. After about 2.5 hours of driving there is a magic border. At this time, the children in the back row do not rule out to kill each other, “says Real Estate Agency Sven-Olof Jacobsson in Real Estate Agency cheerfully to Nettavisen.

Priority Wishlist

He can tell that as with most residential objects, it is the location of the cottage that counts. But location relative to what? Jacobsson sets up this rated list for what we look for when buying a cottage:

1. View to the sea

2. Short walk to seaside resort

3. Mooring

4. Road

5. Uses / Private Location

He further explains that those who are 55+ would like to buy an apartment or villa with full-year standard and live the majority of the year while spending the winter in Spain.

– Younger people buy more vacation homes and are more concerned about being close to the sea, says Jacobsson..

These places are the hottest now

If you are looking for something hottest along the west coast of Sweden, real estate agent Johan Siborne has a clear idea of ​​where it is most popular to have a cottage at the moment.

– On top of people’s wish list is Fjällbacka, while Hamburgsund and Grebbestad are in second place, he says.

Siborne says that the most exclusive places to have a cabin are in the archipelago itself on islands such as Öddö, Rossö, Tjärnö and Resö.


If you look at any Swedish cottage prospect, you will quickly notice the usually very big difference between the cab’s fare and price estimate, something we are not used to in Norway.

How to do the cabin cup

The rate of Swedish housing is often far lower than the price trend, says Fredrik Källén. Photo: Sjur Kvamme

Fredrik Källén in Real Estate Agency explains:

– The state has initially set a price for all properties in Sweden, and the location has nothing to say for this tariff. Thus, it is largely the value of the housing that is reflected in this sum, “says the real estate agent.

The sources say that the tariffs are rarely changed at specific cabins, but that the state can increase it if they over time find that a residential area is particularly expensive.

There are no taxpayers in Sweden

In Sweden, there are no taxpayers in the same way we have in Norway.

– We real estate agents do not care about the state tariffs when we put a price tag. You can say that we are both brokers and taxpayers in one, “says Fredrik Källén.

Thus, the stated rate in the prospect in Norway and Sweden is two different things. The Swedish fare can best be compared with the term “equation value” that we have in Norway.

– Your fund is based on this value, “says Kjell-Ove Engeseth, Attorney at Nettavisen..

The Nordmann has had a cottage in Sweden for 34 years, working with, among other things, the generation of Swedish homes.


The rate is not only used to calculate the value of the property.

It also helps determine how much you have to pay in annual tax on the use of the property, “says Engeseth attorney.

How to do the cabin cup

Lawyer Engeseth often guides people in the tax jungle when taking over housing in Sweden. Photo: Sjur Kvamme

As previously mentioned property tax has now been replaced by a municipal fee. This is an annual amount of 0.75 per cent of the house’s rate, but a maximum of 6000 kroner a year.

Gains Tax

If you are ever going to sell the cabin, you should know that you have to pay 22 percent in profit tax no matter how long you have owned it. But of course only if you get more for it than you once did.

– If you are selling or having inherited a cabin in Sweden and wondering how to best manage this tax, you should speak to Norwegian lawyers who know Norwegian tax law. Not a Swedish real estate agent, Engeseth advises.


As a cabin dealer or buyer in Sweden, there are several fees you have to consider.

Seller pays the broker. The commission is usually between 5 and 7.5 percent of the sales price. At high sales value, the percentage will be lower than at low sales value.

Buyer must pay a registration fee of 1.5 per cent, in addition to NOK 821 in document fee.

Annual cottage fees

In cooperation with real estate broker Sven-Olof Jacobsson in Real Estate Agency we have set up a calculation of what to expect in annual fees as cottage owners in Sweden.

Annual Swedish Fees

Water and sewer






Power and heat (May-August)




Municipal fee (property tax)



18 600

Per month


The prices above can of course vary. Not least, the price of electricity will depend largely on how much you use the cabin.


When the dream hut is found and you’re ready to take it closer, there are a couple of things it’s ok to be aware of.

In the absence of a separate tax manning system, information about the state of Swedish housing can be thrifty.

– There are rare objective state reports. The seller writes down what he knows is missing, but then it is the buyer who is responsible for what he is buying, “says Sven-Olof Jacobsson in Real Estate Agency.

How to do the cabin cup

The Swedish Real Estate Agency and Johan Siborne, in cooperation with Anticimex, provide a state report on the property. Photo: Sjur Kvamme

Thus it is very important that you do a thorough review of the housing you are considering buying. It’s never stupid to bring someone who knows more than one, even though the quality of homes.

Many select condition report

There are real estate agents who offer an objective and thorough review of the property.

Swedish Real Estate Agency is working with the company Anticimex. For NOK 16 700, the seller can buy a combined condition report and insurance – called “Goods Declared”.

Anticimex then goes through the dwelling for errors and flaws in the building construction and points out what they find.

In this way, the buyer knows that the property has been carefully reviewed and should there be any shortcomings, he will be advised of these. This security can be decisive for whether the buyer wants to invest in a property or not, says real estate agent Johan Siborne in the Swedish Real Estate Agency.

In addition, the seller receives an insurance with the purchase.

– Usually, the seller is responsible for errors that include the house for ten years after the sale has been sold, but by purchasing a Goods Declaration, this responsibility is transferred to Anticimex, says Siborne.

He says that about 70 percent of their sellers choose to draw such a state report / insurance.

If the seller does not do this, the buyer can buy a report afterwards. In that case it costs 9000 kroner, but does not contain any insurance.

– We are the only broker who has this collaboration with Anitcimex, but I know that some have similar services, while others are still working to get it, says Siborne.


When the view is completed and you are ready to bid a bid, one of the biggest differences between the Norwegian and Swedish markets will be.

Bid not binding

– Bids are not binding in Sweden, says real estate agent Sven-Olof Jacobsson.

This means that in theory you can place bids on several properties at the same time and, if necessary, withdraw from one if you receive a bid for both homes you have bid for.

How to do the cabin cup

Source (t. v. ) and Jacobsson say that there are other rules that apply to bidding in Sweden than in Norway. Photo: Sjur Kvamme

– But I do not experience this as a problem. It’s an honor to stand up for its bid and I do not think it’s serious to offer more cabins at the same time, he emphasizes.

Jacobsson thinks it’s good we have binding bids in Norway, and it should also have been introduced in Sweden.

Nothing clear before the contract has been signed

The lack of this rule can have consequences for you as a buyer.

– If you have made a bid and accepted for this by the seller, another buyer may still be available and after more. This is important to know. You have not got the cabin before you have signed a written contract, says Johan Siborne at the Swedish Real Estate Agency.

Uvant with deadlines

Sven-Olof Jacobsson says it is unusual for Swedes to set deadlines for their bids, but it is still possible to do this.

– We often explain to Swedish cabin sellers that this is common in Norway, “he says.

If you end up getting a cloak in your dream cabin, you will now also get printout of contact information for all other bidders who participated in the process.

– This law came from New Year and is designed for buyers to be able to contact them and to know that your bids were real. There were earlier some episodes where some sellers submitted fake bids on their own cabins so the price was pushed up, “says Jacobsen’s colleague Fredrik Källén in Real Estate Agency.


The cottage is purchased and the loan will be made. But where should you borrow? Norway or Sweden?

Borrow money in Sweden

– If you buy in Sweden you should also raise loans in Sweden. Then you have the value in Swedish kroner and the loan in Swedish kroner. This minimizes the risk, “says Money Publishing Expert on Private Economics, Rune Pedersen, for Nettavisen.

The reason is that if the exchange rate in the country changes, both the debt and usually the value of the housing will change at the same rate. He therefore believes that there will be more speculation if you borrow in Norway. Then you risk more that the loan goes one way and the market price of the home another.

If there were very different rates in the two countries, or the financial market was much more unstable in the country you buy, it could be different, says Pedersen..

How to do the cabin cup

As a general rule, you should raise loans in the country in which you buy a home, “says Rune Pedersen. Photo: Sjur Kvamme

Mortgage bond is worth money

But when you are going to borrow in Sweden, there are other things to deal with than in Norway. There, they have mortgage bonds linked to each individual home in the country. Let’s take an example to illustrate how this works in practice.

You buy a cottage of NOK 3 million, which has a mortgage bond of one million linked to it from earlier. That is, you have the right to borrow one million kroner in a Swedish bank with certainty in the cabin.

If you need to borrow the remaining two million in a Swedish bank, you must sign a new mortgage bond on this amount. It costs you 2 percent of the bond amount and is paid as a one-time fee. That is, in order to be allowed to borrow the last two million you have to pay 40 000 kroner just to raise the loan. We do not have such a percentage fee in Norway.

This means that the mortgage bond of one million that already existed in the cabin has a value of 2 percent of the denominated million, ie 20,000 kroner.

Therefore, you should keep in mind what types of mortgage bonds are found in the cabin you are considering buying, as this in itself has a value if you have to borrow money to buy the cabin.

– Norwegians tend to take advantage of the mortgage bond that may be found in the cabin, and then they borrow the rest at home in Norway safely in their house, says Sven-Olof Jacobsson.


Residence requirements

There is no residence in Sweden for houses and cabins. You can therefore safely turn on a villa that is basically not a cottage, but only use it for example in the summer.

Please note that some apartments have been booked, but not huts and houses.

Licensing Requirements

Before there was a license requirement for Swedish cabins, you have to be affiliated with Sweden to be allowed to buy here. This provision disappeared about five years ago, according to Sven-Olof Jacobsson at the Real Estate Agency.


It may be smart to check with a broker if it is allowed to build on the cabin you want to buy.

Broker helps you

Initially, the real estate agent will naturally ensure that all papers are signed and that everything about buying and selling is going well, so you should be as confident of a purchase in Sweden as in Norway.


There are much fewer pearls with shoreline in Sweden than in Norway. This is due to a much stricter regulatory policy.

Current Links

At Hemnet. see the fullest overview of all homes for sale in Sweden.

On Merchant Statistics. see the overview of price statistics in Sweden.

At the Swedish Tax Agency. see you can find laws and regulations around the taxonomy by owning a dwelling in Sweden.

The facts in this article were correct in summer 2008, but can of course be changed with time and time.

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