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How to do a good cottage purchase now

Those who spend time and observe the market can buy a cottage at a good price.

How to do a good cottage purchase now

The start of a year is usually the time to look into various crystal balls, so also when it comes to buying and selling cabins.

From a decline in 2008 due to the global real economy crisis, prices for cabins have risen steadily over the last three years, and the brokers still expect a steady rise in prices.

– We see that the particularly expensive cabins have become more difficult to sell, while cabins up to two million have been steady and we expect they will also do in 2012, says General Manager at Eiendomsmegler 1 at Lillehammer, Thomas Heimdal, to Bonytt. no.

And whoever is observant will always be able to make a bargain, even in the most attractive areas.

Slight uncertainty

How to do a good cottage purchase now

Here you will find the cottage-freak

In Heimdal’s crystal ball it is mostly cloudy with sunflower, but certainly not sure the trend will continue as it was in 2011.

The challenge is that Norway is so different to the rest of Europe, so we are a bit unsure of how it will be in 2012. What we have experienced, however, is that the New Zealand has become fewer over the last few years and it is important in the upper part of the market. However, the outlook is generally positive, but without we think it will take off.

The same trend is also by the sea. It is the cabins in the lowest price segment that go well, but in contrast to the mountain there is a satisfactory interest also for the extremely expensive objects.

Many of the cabins that were not sold last year are refurbished for sale this year, because the owners are not dependent on getting sold right away, says real estate agent at ABCenter in Kristiansand, Eivind Berentsen, to Bonytt. no.

He believes that in 2012 we will see a slightly more sober market, where the cabins in the lower price range will still be sold soon and that the cabins in the middle layer will be traded more frequently than last year, but that the most exclusive market with cabins at prices between 10 and 20 million will be able to get a small price adjustment.

– If you rent the cabin realistically, there will always be customers who want to buy.

Nothing new at sea.

What is the challenge for the cabin market by the sea is that there are almost no new cabins built, other than old, decayed cottages that are demolished and replaced by a modern holiday home.

– Therefore, the seaside market is unique because there is no access to new objects. But at the same time buyers will have new cabins because they want a good standard of water, sewage and electricity, and certainly also landfast, explains Berentsen.

The bargains

How to do a good cottage purchase now

EXCLUSIVE: Had you been one of the winners of the last week’s megapot in the Viking Lotto, this property might have been something. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

In times where there is some uncertainty and where the market is on a regular basis, it is usually assumed that it is possible to make a bargain.

How to do a good cottage purchase now

These cabins gave click-bonanza in 2011

“It’s always possible to make bargains, and the one who is good at the market will always be able to blink the bargains,” said Heimdal..

– Occasionally, objects in the market are priced below their real value, but without notice by buyers. However, a buyer who is active in the market and well-oriented will be able to uncover such purchases and be able to make a good trade without special competition from other buyers.

Even though the price level is even higher at the sea, it is also possible to make a bargain, but then, according to Eivind Berentsen, one must accept that the cottage is older with low standard and may not be located in the most attractive places.

– But there are also cottage areas down by the sea, of small huts, where you do not have a shoreline but maybe a boat and have an acceptable price tag.

Alpine resort prices

Those who are looking for a cottage purchase at an acceptable price should probably manage away from the most popular alpine areas.

How to do a good cottage purchase now

SEASIDE: This cottage, which is swept by DNB Eiendom to 825,000, is located in Svelvik and has a short distance to the bathing area and possibilities for boat space. Photo: Screenshot: Find.com

– Nearby infrastructure, such as resorts, will generally be price-driving, and the more organized it is, the higher the price level, Heimdal expands.

How to do a good cottage purchase now

Now, the cool mini-cabins come

He also sees that the areas marked by activity will also be higher in price.

– Where investments are made and the infrastructure is being built, prices also rise.

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How to do a good cottage purchase now

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