How to destroy the drill

Here you get the short version of what you do not have to do with the battery thrill.

How to destroy the drill

Steinar Grønvold at Grønvold Maskinservice is still getting drilled where the engine is burned.

After countless battery tricks, there are three things he says you must avoid to destroy your battery trick:

1. Drive Hoax at Highest Giving

How to destroy the drill

Remember the correct gear when using the bug Photo: Producer

A drill has two gears – 1 and 2.

Do you run a hole in 2, which causes you to damage the engine on the drill?

– It’s about taking a start in 4 gear, then the clutter burns, “says Grønvold to

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2. Use concrete whip

Concrete whip is absolutely forbidden.

How to destroy the drill

Steer away from the concrete wiper Photo: Producer

With the exception of the most powerful 36v professional machines, the load becomes too big.

In addition, these machines are not properly geared for the purpose.

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3. Charge the battery for a long time

For faster machines that do not have a smart charging function, pull out the connector when the battery is fully charged. If not, you risk the battery running hot and at worst it will melt completely.

– With the exception of lithium batteries, be sure to use the drill on a regular basis. If not, the battery will lose power. The battery should be emptied and fully charged approx. every other month, Steinar Grønvold says.

How to destroy the drill

Carefully align with the battery Photo: Producer

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