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How to decorate a perfect girl room

With clear drops and cute details, you make the perfect girls room.

How to decorate a perfect girl room

Not all girls want a pink girl room, and if you think a little different, you might also get a room the girl will be happy with anymore.

Flowers, birds, butterflies, horses and feminine details are hardly tired of the first one.

Then she gets a real dream room.

Think interests

How to decorate a perfect girl room

Interests: Basing on the interests of the child. The hentejenta gets very happy with a room with stallpreg. Photo: www.

– Basing on her interests when planning the girl room, and also looking at what opportunities the room gives you. One can fine-tune a stylish room even though the room is small, says interior designer Tove Meldgaard. To the hubby she suggests that you collect details from the stables. Paint the door like a stable door and decorate the room with posters, bissel and other horse equipment.

– For example, you can make a chair of an old hall, she says.

Paint the walls

If the owner of the room does not have any clear interests, it is still possible to make a nice and personal room for her.

– Paint the rainbow on the wall. It will often be finer if you paint the walls than if you are wallpapering them. Then feast flowers and angels in the rainbow. It will be charming and sweet, says interior designer Signe Schineller.

Is she fond of wild animals, it might also be great to make a proper jungle room for her.

Create your own photos

When it comes to decoration on the wall, Schineller suggests that you make your own images of particleboard and wallpaper. Then you can find beautiful, feminine motifs that are right for her. This can often be a better solution than to wallpaper the entire room with the same motive.

– Over the bed you can hang veil. Certainly with a light loop on top, says Schineller.

How to decorate a perfect girl room

Cinderella Bed: Are the princesses that matter, the fewest can resist this lovely bed. The price is kr. 2890 on www. dream about. no Photo: Dream room

Glass wall with photo

– Today there are countless opportunities to decorate a room. A glass wall with photo art is really stylish and you can also get a photo on the sliding door closet, for example, says Meldgaard. If you are good at taking pictures, it’s only the imagination that limits how the girls room can be.


The way in which the room is fitted depends, of course, on the child’s age. For the smallest it is nice to paint, for example, Disney motifs on the wall. Then they decide adults, but when the children grow bigger they will be happy to decide for themselves.

– Like to dance, sing and perform, it’s nice to use mirrors on the walls. She would also like to have her own scene. It makes it easy to build a part of the room 15 centimeters higher than the rest of the floor, see Melgaard.

Not necessarily pink

Then there was the choice of colors. Purple, turquoise and other shock colors can be great for curtains, pillows and maybe also parts or entire walls.

How to decorate a perfect girl room

Girl Room: Give the house princess its own make-up table with a great mirror. Photo: www.

– Use more color pickers to make it harmonious. You can also choose an additional color that scratches a little, “said Schineller.

It is also possible to change the room with quite simple grip.

Hang it up

– A good tip is to hang as much as possible on the wall. Cabinets, shelves and storage solutions. This releases the floor space, “said Schineller. Nor does it need to be new. Here is the room for reuse.

– An old plate shelf painted in a cool color is great for storage, and canned bags are great for pens and crayons, “she says.

Door Sign to Girl Room

Then it was just the dot over the i-one again – the door sign. Everyone must know where the princess lives, and the sign may be made in the same style as the rest of the room. When you are in the creative corner and want to find something cozy together, this is the perfect activity.

– Kindly make a door sign to the children’s rooms together one evening, says Schineller.


How to decorate a perfect girl room

Great Shelf: With a homemade shelf, the girl gives you a piece of furniture that is unique. Photo: Signe Schineller

How to decorate a perfect girl room

Personal: With a shelf of painted leca, the room gives a personal touch. Photo: Signe Schineller

A shelf can be painted in several drop colors inside and out. This is cool and gives dimensions in the room.

Source: Signe Schineller


Use the carpet tiles on the floor. It’s good to play, light and maintain and dampen noise. It also gives you the opportunity to change a tile if it breaks.

Source: Signe Schineller

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