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How to clean the jerry pot

All the tips you need.

How to clean the jerry pot

How to clean the jerry pot

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How to clean the jerry pot

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How to clean the jerry pot

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How to clean the jerry pot

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How to clean the jerry pot

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How to clean the jerry pot

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Have you ever owned a jerry pot, you know it’s hard to remove leftovers from cooking, especially if it’s been over night.

Many have also heard that you do not have to wash with soap, just water.

We would like to remove food residues with only water, but the smell from the food that was in the pot does not disappear.

What’s really right?

In the Women’s Forum, there is a user who thinks has a solution to the problem. She is advised to cook the dishes with warm water without soap and then grease it with oil before it is removed.

Jernia has some good maintenance tips for cast iron:

  • Wash the pots and pans well with warm water as soon as possible after use.
  • Do not wash the dish in the dishwasher. The detergent can wipe out the cast iron.
  • Grease the pot regularly with cooking oil and let it dry slightly on the disc before it is removed. This prevents the good frying properties and rust attacks from the cast iron.

On the Food Portal, we found an additional tip:

  • After washing, you should periodically place it on the plate at low heat for about five minutes.

In 80 days. no, we found the most comprehensive tips, both for maintenance, removal of bad smell and cleaning.

Here is also the tip that hot water is for regular cleaning, but the extra here is the tool: A plastic grinder is recommended to remove residues effectively.

Still smelling the casserole, they actually say that you can wash with some soap , but by all means remember to rinse well. And then cook the pot of water. And butter in with oil afterwards.

For burnt dirt they say the following:

Cover the entire frying pan with 1 cm of salt. Put it on full heat and let the burned dirty burn into the salt. Use a metal object to scratch the bottom of the pan at regular intervals to help solve it. (. ) Remove the salt and wash the boiler in warm water. Wipe it well and insert it with grease.

Almost as extensive is also when the stew is full of rust.

They also write in detail about why and how to put fat with fat.

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