How to build a living room with a roof

How to build your own living room with thanks. There are several different roofs and constructions you can choose from, and here we show you a variation, and how to make it.

How to build a living room with a roof

Building permit?

Such a living space as discussed here will be a typical exception case in accordance with the Planning and Building Act, as it is not larger than 15 m2 and has a height of about 3 meters.

However, regulations regarding building in the coastal zone or local special regulations may result in the permission of municipal building authorities before you begin.

Therefore, be sure to check with local authorities before building a living room.

The cabin owner wanted to create an open, covered patio without prefabricated glass modules and with the most natural materials.

The space should accommodate a dining area, a single outdoor kitchen, a fireplace and a workbench for cooking food.

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Open solution

There are several good reasons for choosing an entirely open solution: the aesthetic or landscape wish for the closest proximity to the environment or to avoid hard modern surfaces like glass and aluminum.

The drawbacks of an open, covered patio with regard to wind and rainfall are quickly weighed up by the good experience of sitting outside in open air during the summer night.

Being too much fun or sunshine, you can easily build your own living space.

When stored under roof, they last for many years – even in a humid environment. To prevent penetration, windows are used in the gable over the kitchen.

Windscreen wiping

Roof structures without underlying walls will be an easy replacement for autumn storms if it is not anchored and built in a solid way.

Here the oak floor with posts is founded on mountains with thrown pillowcases.

The wall construction with kitchen and fireplace also has a stiffening function in addition to the practical. If you do not use fireplaces or other wall constructions for stopping, you must use slanted openings in the openings.

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Saltak or roofing roof?

How to build a living room with a roof

UNDER ONE TAKK: The living room has a long table and outdoor kitchen. Photo: Vidar Askland

Impregnated tables are used as roofing.

With punched, corresponding tracks in the upper and lower lags, this roof is raining outside, despite the fact that there is no ceiling or cardboard.

The roof tiles are visible from the underside.

In order to prevent the roof from roughing in the landscape while achieving a good internal height, the roof shape was carefully considered.

Saltak went back to the nearby buildings and was considered as familiar and pleasant.

The closer to the patio and the cottage are each other, the more natural it is with the same roof angle and roofing to achieve a harmonious whole. Another option is to use a deviating roofing on the outside roof so that the roof surfaces clearly signal different uses.

As the roof over the patio appears as an uninsulated, easier construction, it should be coated with a “light” roofing material. In this case, you have chosen a roof table that gives a tasteful, easy roof.

Ceiling Room

How to build a living room with a roof

EXTENDED IN LE: This outdoor living room has a roof and outdoor kitchen, as well as a fireplace to keep the heat on cool nights. Photo: Vidar Askland

To achieve a good height under the roof without becoming too high, the mason has chosen roof construction as a combination of self-supporting roof and roof rack using a male beam.

How to build a living room with a roof

MURT UTEKJØKKEN: Here is a fireplace, outdoor kitchen and room for attachment walled in a continuous body. Photo: Vidar Askland

This allows the ceiling to be pulled down to f. example. 1.8 meters at the “outer wall” (which is not there) while the rest of the height is 2.2-2.4 meters below the male beam.

Flat ceilings or roof ceilings are also an option. The advantage is that it is barely visible in the landscape – at least when the roof is seen from the front.

A pavement roof is a simpler construction to work with, but you miss the good feeling of space, an open salt shake gives.

Low ceilings and lack of space feeling can be compensated by using polycarbonate or wavy ceiling tiles with milk white or clear plastic. Such plastic sheets are not the aesthetically best solution in all circumstances, but when the roof surface becomes as flat as this, they will hardly seem and the use will often be unproblematic.

A delicious but more expensive alternative is laminated glass.

Social outdoor kitchen

The cabin owner wanted a single outdoor kitchen attached to the patio.

It has therefore been built a combined construction with a fireplace, wood stove and bench. It gives the patio many uses where both guests and hosts can be present while preparing food.

The ultimate solution may be that the entire menu – even the potatoes – can be cooked under the outdoor roof. In addition to the obligatory fireplace and grill there must be a workbench, sink with water and cooking facilities.

A wood stove for baking potatoes, pizza or bread will also naturally fall into a complete outdoor kitchen.

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Outdoor kitchen walling

The entire wall structure with fireplace, grill and kitchen is mashed up with a combination of brick and natural stone.

Building a plant only made in natural stone can pose challenges both in finding suitable stone and not least with the constructive part of the job.

Combining brick and stone from nature makes the construction more predictable and user-friendly while being exciting and varied.

White puss binds it all together to a whole and beautiful kitchen design.

This kitchen is matured directly on mountains, and there is no danger of sentences and cracks in the masonry.

Where there is no mountain, it must be well founded in terms of frost and sentences. In practice, it means digging, soil removal, insulation with pressure-proof soil insulation, backfilling of draining masses and compression.

A fountain tip from the mason Morten Henriksen is to wall pipes directly over the fireplace or grill like here.

This way you save space and stone in relation to the first wall piping and place the fireplace until afterwards, as you often do in house construction.

Outdoor furniture like tables, benches and chairs should be fixed fixtures in a living room.

Fixed fixtures

. Preferably, associated pillows could be stored in a rain-proof cabinet on the spot.

The same is true of single-piece kitchen equipment that can fit into small shelves, crutches and hooks.

It is also possible to have a refrigerator in a living room. None of course, but very convenient some days of the year.

If you have a little height below the floor of the patio, you can also hide a small earthquake for easier access to non-alcoholic beverages.

Murmester Morten Henriksen built the living room, and below you see the construction of how the ceilings should be:

How to build a living room with a roof

CONSTRUCTION: Cut out of the living room. Photo: ILLUSTRATION: Per Chr. Tellefsen

How to build a living room with a roof

PLAN: The construction is simple but smart, with platter, upscale outdoor kitchen solution and thanks. Photo: DRAWING: Per Chr. Tellefsen

How to build a living room with a roof

THE FRAME: Roofs, posts and platting. Photo: DRAWING: Per Chr. Tellefsen

How to build a living room with a roof

SUMMARY: The roof and the posts. Photo: DRAWING: Per Chr. Tellefsen

How to build a living room with a roof


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