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How to become a winner in the rental market

In the big cities there is a high temperature in the rental market, but for it with initiative and creativity there are opportunities.

How to become a winner in the rental market

Helpful websites and resources

Consumer Portal

Provides a detailed introduction to the topic of rental of housing. Extensive useful information, including suggestions for lease.


Interests for tenants. Lots of good information.

www. eviction. no

Website for help if you risk being thrown out. Developed by the Leieboerforeningen in cooperation with the Housing Bank.

Housing Buildings

Rental price advisor for Oslo.

Bergen Students

Advisory office for housing-seeking students in Bergen.

Student Housing Help

Housing assistance for students in Trondheim.

Leieboer Bible, Rights and Obligations for Renting a Residence – Handbook in Rental Law

Available b. a. in the Leieboerforening online shop. Koster 150 kroner.

How to become a winner in the rental market

Now your house will be rated

How to become a winner in the rental market

Sweep into cottage rental

How to become a winner in the rental market

This must be included in the lease

How to become a winner in the rental market

U-value, hexagon, matric, cold bridge?

According to Dagbladet, there is a rough struggle on the rental market today. It requires endurance and creativity to rent an apartment, but first and foremost it is about visiting websites.

Our experience is that it’s the web that works best for those on housing habits, says housing manager at Student Union in Trondheim, Synnøve Hammer Våbenø, to click. no, and mention, among other things, the websites iBolig, Hybel. no and Finn.

Local newspaper ad

At the housing advisory body BergenStudenten in Bergen, you are also advised to place an ad in the local newspaper.

Then you can meet some older people who may have a small living room in the basement because they rarely use the internet, project manager Gunhild Brubakken explains. no. “And often they rent out at a lower price than the market price.

Social Media

According to Brubakken, there are also many who get apartments through, among other things, Facebook.

– They post a message that they are on a home hunt, and then they meet with friends’ friends.

In collective

Brubakkens advice to those entering the rental market is to decide where they will live; in the center or outside.

– We especially recommend those who are completely fresh on the market to consider collective, because they quickly get friends and experience living with others, and that you get some share of the expenses with. And then, once you’ve lived in a collective for a couple of years, you can find an apartment for yourself.

Get well

The council on Bergen Student’s blog is that you are well-dressed when you are on display.

“Whether it’s homeowners or other tenants you should meet on the display, you should present yourself properly,” they write in the blog, adding that one should be gentle and attentive and greet with handshakes and present themselves even right away.

Create an entry letter

In addition, BergenStudenten’s recommendation is that you write an inscription about yourself, with a picture, contact information, a little bit about where you are from, what you have done, what you study and what you do in your spare time.

“Ton down” plays drums “, and focus on more peaceful hobbies. But do not overdo – landlords are not interested in reading your entire movie. Give the landlord to the landlord when you arrive, then he will remember you, as well as avoid looking for the contact information.. You will also seem routine and professional, “they elaborate.

Out of center

Leieboerforening’s tips for housing seekers

Should you study, check with the student assembly.


Find out which local newspaper (s) are where there are ads about housing rentals. Call as fast as possible and no later than the day you see the ad. As a rule, you are invited to view.

House ad

Consider a custom ad in the local newspaper. Enter type of housing, what you do (student, permanent work o. l. ) and where you want to live.


There are a lot of places that advertise rental housing. On the Leieboerforening’s own websites you will find thousands of vacant homes under the RESIDENTIAL RENTAL button.


Striking posters that market you as a real tenant can be hung up on phone posts, shelves, bulletin boards, stores and other places where people travel.

Going Tour

If you like to go for a walk, you can go for a few rounds in the villages. Call on doors and present you and your errand. If you do not get a nap you can get tips.

Out of the press areas

In press areas such as Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim it will be easiest to get a place to live outside the most central areas. In neighboring municipalities, the situation is often better, and prices are also lower.


The way most people settle on are through friends and acquaintances. This way you often get the cheapest apartments as well.

Professional landlords

Call or write to rental companies if this exists. You can find the contact address on Yellow Pages or the Internet. Tell who you are and what you need.

Property Agents

Some brokers have specialized in rental and, as far as we experience, this works well and well.

Housing CV

To stand out on display, you may want to write a written presentation of yourself – a housing CV.

Read more on the Leieboerforening website.

In Trondheim, they find that the option of living outside the center is not so attractive, despite the fact that the rental rates are lower there.

– It is estimated that there are 5000 units that are not rented out in Trondheim, but the challenge is that many of them are outside the city center while students prefer staying within walking distance to the offers, says Hammer Våbenø. – They are willing to pay a lot to live in the city center and spend more money on an expensive apartment than a less expensive one outside but where they also have to pay for a bus card.

The records

For students, a lot of help is gained from student associations. They offer display assistance.

– We do not recommend anyone to sign rental contracts before they have seen the apartment, so we offer viewing assistance to those who do not have the opportunity to view themselves, “says Brubakken..

Bad deals do not apply

It is an indisputable advice to enter into a written lease agreement, but equally important is to be aware that a bad deal is actually not valid.

– As a tenant, you should enter the Housing Act because it is a consumer act that gives rent very good rights, emphasizes the communication adviser at the Consumer Council, Martin Skaug Halsos to click. no.

– And the law is such that if the single items in the agreement give inferior rights than the law, the point of agreement or points will not apply.

Check the apartment

On their websites, the Consumer Council has a separate section for rent where they provide additional information. One of the tips is to check the property carefully before entering into an agreement, so that all deficiencies are cleared in advance.

– We also recommend taking pictures of the apartment, explains Brubakken at BergenStudent.


In case of disagreement about the rental, the lessee may complain to the landlord. When he or she does not appear there are two possibilities. You can either complain to the Consumer Council or to a complaint.

In Oslo there is a so-called housing committee committee, and soon there will be a selection of committees in Bergen and Trondheim.

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