How do you spell the bathroom on budget?

How to brush the bath for a cheap money.

How do you spell the bathroom on budget?

How do you spell the bathroom on budget?

NEW BATH: A shower curtain, some plants and perhaps a self-made mirror can make wonders. Photo: H&M Home

Refresh bathroom, but not enough money to complete the renovation? Fortunately, much can be done without the need to crush the piggy bank, and small changes can make the whole bathroom look fresh.

According to Tuva Eikås, the interior designer behind drillog and DIY enthusiast, it’s a good idea to grab the slightly invisible things that help down the overall impression of the bathroom. For example, the ceiling in the bathroom can eventually yellow and the joints can get dirty and dark.

– There are small details that do something about the overall impression in the bathroom, she explains.

Therefore, a tip is to paint the ceiling. You can also use a bird pointer where the joints have been discolored, or simply add brand new joints yourself.

– These are small, simple steps, where you do not need professionals to help you, Eikås points out.

Give the bathroom a personal style

Additionally, there is a lot to do to give your bathroom a more personal style, without having to completely reinvent.

– There is a lot of other things that can help make the bathroom a little more typical, like replacing the knifes and toilet roll holder, and also the textiles. New shower curtains and new towels can also be a solution, she tips.

Do you want a slightly bigger change, the vanity is something that seems good, but does not have to cost too much. Additionally, you can make your own using an old dresser or other furniture (remember treatment and paint that can withstand water).

Create a spa feeling in the bathroom

It is important for many that the bathroom is a room that you want to live in. You can do that too much in your wallet.

How do you spell the bathroom on budget?

PLANTS ON THE BATH: In addition to a variety of green plants, the orchid Phalaenopsis also likes it, whether you want something with flowers. Photo: Master Green

– The spa look is the bulk of natural materials, such as bast, basket, solid wood, while the colors are, for example, beige and off white. Then you can see what you already have at home, “says interior designer Signe Schineller.

Also find things in nature, like rock from the shoreline that you can have in a bowl. Small details can make a big difference. Go for colors that are a little quiet. If you have the opportunity, it’s also smart to have lighting that can be curtailed.

Plants live best in the bathroom

In addition, a green plant or two can do the trick on any bath, but here it is important to choose plants that can stand without much daylight.

– Plants require some daylight, but then it is possible to circulate on them. Replace them on a regular basis, Schineller suggests.

Having daylight in the bathroom, however, is a great place for a variety of plants. Look for those to be showered rather than watered. They need more humidity, and actually have a better bathroom than elsewhere in the house.

– The bathroom is therefore often a more optimal space for a variety of plants. For example, ferns and plants from tropical regions are better at high humidity due to their origin from, for example, the rainforest, says Kari Brekke, a gardener and buyer in Mester Green.

Do you have little or no daylight in the bathroom, aloe vera, seaweed or aglaonema and succulent plants with little sunlight requirements.

Otherwise, it’s a matter of shaking a bit through old things and thinking creatively.

– Think reuse and think smart. For example, if you find an old dull mirror, it can be brushed and freshened with paint or with mosaics.

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How do you spell the bathroom on budget?

GREEN BATH: Many plants have a nice fit in the bathroom. If you do not have daylight and choose plates that need it, you can circulate a bit and put them out in the living room on a regular basis. Photo: Master Green

This can be done with floors and walls

If the walls have become ugly, you can do something about it too, without costing too much.

How do you spell the bathroom on budget?

REMEMBER CLEANING: If you paint directly across the wall, you get a large surface of the same color, you will have a clearer distinction between the tiles, cover the joints and use a poop to refresh them afterwards. Photo: Ifi

– Use the walls you have, and paint paint that fits the wet room, or use existing walls and keep on the wet panel, Schineller suggests.

Do you have water damage to the cabinet doors, you can replace them with curtains, or paint and wallpaper the doors. Keep in mind that it is advisable to treat paint and apply paint that resists water.

If you are going to paint the old tiles, it’s good to know that this often does not last for a long time.

– Tiles and bathroom panels can be painted as a temporary solution, says CEO of the Information Office for Color and Interior (IFI), Kristian Owren.

He explains that it often gets sores in the paint film, which can cause moisture to penetrate. This will eventually cause the paint to shake off.

If you still want to paint over the tiles, it’s important that it’s completely clean. If you want to paint over the joints in the same slurry, this can pose some challenges as they are porous while they need proper cleaning after collecting soaps and lime for a long time. If you dare to paint over the joints, you can cover them and use a poop afterwards. Then you also get a clearer distinction between the tiles. You should also grind the tiles before picking up the meal costs.

New tiles ovr old

Is the budget a little bigger, you can add new tiles over the old ones.

– This does not provide a good solution, but can work well if the substrate and membrane are ok, Owren states..

This can save you a lot of work and from destroying the moisture membrane behind the tiles. However, it is important to check that the old tiles are the way they are going, and that you do not put the tiles over the molten joints.

Also, remember that the shower in the bathroom can pose challenges if you prefer to have bigger tiles than you had before. Then you may need to re-adjust the floor so the new tiles do not break.

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